Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I'm moving!!!

Yes I am moving, or my blog is moving to

STDear, you are invited to come along, because it is a free World!

I am having so many problems with photo uploads and what is a blog without photos so I am making the move.  Bear with me as I work through the transition.  Enjoy this awesome weather!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Cafe Knitting trip

Warning: This is a positive blog for my disgruntled followers?  Why would you read something you don't like,  isn't that kind of weird?  or is that stalking?

Yesterday was a great day, friends and I traveled from one outdoor coffee shop to another knitting.  Not to mention we were riding around in a convertible, and just enjoying the wonderful day.  We get those perfect days so seldom,  in Wisconsin, it was great to take advantage of them(positive).  I finished the Smocking Square for the KAL and I really like it (positive)!  I also started the Exploding Moss Stitch square, (another positive, how is my score?)  or is that a minus because it is not finished yet?  We drank plenty of fluids (positive)  and ended up having a great dinner outside.  So the whole day we were outdoors enjoying the sunshine. (positive)  We took a ride through the park and I realized it has been ages since I was on a picnic.  A real picnic with a grill and coolers and knitting or spinning.  I think I need to plan a picnic potluck for fiber friends!  (positive, right?)  I have an idea where it can be held, with a shelter, just in case we get some rain.  (positive planning, veering slightly to the negative thinking it may rain.)  So this event would be open to anyone interested, I just need to find a date.  Wishing you all, today and this week, boundless happiness and peaceful thoughts, and please remember to treat your neighbors as you would like to be treated.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Like I always say...

I would never want to be a landlord, ever.  People do not take care of your things like they would their own.  There certainly are exceptions and yes you can get really good renters but oh the nightmares of bad ones.  The lady that owns the condo next to me rents it out to what I thought were nice people.  I actually have not had problem with them until the kid gassed me with exhaust fumes.  Cuckoo Sue's response was something like, "If you treat your neighbors like you would want to be treated, it would go a long way."  Now to preface this I did not gas them, seriously I did not, so I should be smiling as I am choking on Carbon Monoxide?  I thought she would address the problem and it is a serious problem if he were to keep doing it, but her remarks are..about everything but the issue.  Now I get an email with all sorts of lies in it that I complained about their barking dog?  Their dog doesn't bark, why would I ?  When they first moved in the dog howled painfully for days but I felt bad for the dog and with a big mouth dog like I have I would Never complain about that.   Then I don't like where the kid parks his car?  He isn't parking in my spot so I don't care, he rattled all the neighbors on the east side of the complex, not me, and the kid got really nasty with them on that side.  I know that I probably ticked off the mother, because I am complaining about her adult child that lives in the basement, and she is defending him and the fact that she likes living where she is, so of course, I am going to be made to look like the problem.  Believe me I can handle that!  But cuckoo Sue as she is referred to in our little village, must be off her meds again....oh did I say that?  Anyone have a long hose to gas my neighbors, I guess that is how you do things in her World.  
So on a great note, last weekend I had the dye class and it was a perfect day for it, today it is snowing fuzzies that are actually two weeks late this year ..thankfully.
One of the students that was overwhelmingly happy brought me a dozen roses yesterday.   What a wonderful unexpected gesture.  It made me feel good to know, I can't be that bad.   Maybe it comes in moments!!  LOL

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Things go in Cycles

The World is round, we rotate in a circle, things go round and round.  I have been living in a Condo for 5 years now and have had cycles of problems.  This latest one takes the cake or my breath away.  The kid next door is working on an old car, I think that is great, however when he starts the car up the exhaust fills my condo and shop with exhaust fumes, not good.  I talked to him about it and he seemed to be apologetic, for that day and then again it started yesterday.  He is biligerent and I understand he thinks he owns that garage and should be able to do whatever he wants to do, but when it affects your neighbors, go buy a house.  We are all connected here and that sucks, but you still have to be considerate of your neighbors.  I talked to the owner and her response was "Treat your neighbors as you would want to be treated."  How that has anything to do with this issue is beyond me, but I guess he wants to gas me and I should gas him back?  I wish I could move, I am tired of all of the crap that goes on and we have no control over.  I want to pay rent to someone else that I just need to make a call and it is taken care of.  These places don't sell well but maybe if there is a business in it already someone would want to buy it as is....Doesn't everyone want to own a yarn shop?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Worst Pedicure ever~~

So I stopped to get a much needed pedicure.  I went to a new place on 76th and Rawson, I think the name is CN's nails, I am trying to think of the real name that would use those initials, like Crappy Nails, or Cuticle Nicking!  I get this beautiful and I mean really pretty Asian woman, she has perfect bone structure and a little nose with full lips and smooth skin, her hair is of course long and layered.  I can see why so many men google after Asian woman, that and the fact that in their minds these woman are submissive Geisha girls that will walk on their backs and serve their every need.  Well pretty Asian girl speaks no English but knows how to take a Credit card, with ease.  She points with a grumpy face to the footbath and starts running the water, I put my feet into a Shrimp boil temp...whew I say and retract my feet like it is hot lard...this should have been my first inclination that she is a "mean bitch".  She may be pretty but watch out.  She keeps her head down as she cools the water off and then hits the bath for me to replace my feet.  I put my foot cautiously into the water and then she takes the well loved Asian potato brush and starts scrubbing, she removes the old nail polish and then with lightning speed clips my toenails almost off.  Yeah not all the way off, but almost, and then pulls them when they pick her?  Then she files them....kind of.  She is much better at filing my skin.  I normally can read while I get a pedicure but I am keeping an eye on this one.  So she gets that shovel like clippers for the cuticle and starts pecking at the my cuticle using a stabbing motion, she is cutting and plucking and Holy Crap she nicks me, I retract my foot once again and I see blood, she reaches for a little green bottle...she puts green soap right on it....now I can do an Indian Spirit dance and I am not even moving.  It burns so bad but without even a look she just keeps pecking plucking and pulling at my cuticle.  I am sweating now, I want to go home, but I am not done, my toenails are hanging at 1/2 mast, my toe is bleeding, my soles are burned.  So much for freeking pretty, this is one ornery bitch.   I guess I can't quite believe she is so mean and I here I was going to compliment her cute top, but now I see her little gut roll smushing tight against it.  I start wishing bad things on her, and not because she is so damn pretty but mean.  She starts to color my nails and from where my head is at and that is the other end of my feet I can see she is missing top coat on the edges but I don't care, I hate her now and I am not leaving her a tip.  I am walking out if I can and going home to sanitize my feet.  So I did, and I had to file my toenails to get the rough edges off of them?  No wonder the place was empty when I walked in...and I will never go back there for the Asian torture treatment.

Monday, June 20, 2011

I so need sleep

So yesterday was Father's day and Village Spinners spinning at Fixx. My SIL went with her mom to visit her brother in Minnesota. My brother was up north at their trailer with the dogs relaxing, then my phone rang. I kind of wasn't going to answer it, I figured he was just bored and wanted to chat, but I did answer it and glad I did. He drove or was still driving with a kidney stone attack. I asked where he was and he sounded like he was dying, he said he was trying to get home because he had the dogs in the car. I calmly told him to go to the hospital and I would be there in a few minutes to take the dogs to his house and it would all be fine. I did that and then went back to the hospital where he was in a room on a bed, writhing in pain. When asked to measure his pain it was 12, this coming from someone on two percocets already. It hurt me to watch him suffer so, but I was glad I could be there for him. We got out of there at 9pm where I decided, I would not want to be alone in that kind of pain and his pain had subsided a bit but they told him, if he gets nauseated and feels like he is passing out he should go back in. So I spent my night in a recliner, needless to say I got about an hour of sleep. Iggy was happy he slept with his Uncle. I watched every crappy movie and sitcom there is at that hour. He woke up feeling pretty good, no stone passed. I left took Igster to daycare, dropped off his prescriptions and took a two hour nap. Then I went back to spend some more time with Scott. I left about 3, did some errands came home. He is in the midst of another attack right now but Cheryl is home and at least someone is with him. I am sitting in my living room and I hear a low humming like a boombox car, Mr Fix it next door started his fixer upper up and is gassing me. The house is full of fumes and so is the shop, he had the door open a foot or two. I run out and holler at him that he is killing me and my house is full of gas fumes. He apologizes to me, he didn't realize what was happening. So now I have a migraine the phone rings it's my mom, Scott has a kidney stone, I know mom, I was there,
he said you were, I wish I could do something for him
well unfortunately we can't
what? he has a kidney stone
yes I know
I know, mom (I am now yelling and my neighbors know too)
teeehheeeeee heeeeeeee tteeee heeeee, it must be my phone were you open today
YES, (it's my new canned answer)
I thought you were closed on Monday, How much did that lady send you a bill for
Mom I better hang up now,
Oh I have another call mom, bye...
I am going to bed right now, before my head explodes..

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Traveling Knitters

It has occurred to me that I need to put a map in my shop. I want to have visitors pin point where they have traveled from. This week alone I had knitters from Washington DC, Philadelphia and New York! I think it would be fun to watch the pins dot out across America!! I am thrilled to have such a vast group of knitters come and explore our Village. They are always seeking local dyers yarn, or roving so, it is then that I pull out the Happy Hands to share our little treasure of Kim's yarns. I am selling bags and recycled items also. It is so exciting seeing my creations go to the corners of the States! It makes me create more and be more creative! I am now looking for a cool map...map store here I come...tomorrow on Money Monday

Saturday, June 18, 2011

What a great day!!

Today was the Village Spinners dying class at the shop. There were 18 dyers and we each did three 4 oz rovings. It was great the weather was perfect, there were no mosquitos, wasps, and it didn't snow white tree fuzzies. We had enough tables so there was only one person that had to share. Everyone brought a dish to pass and it was awesome!!! There was help setting up and help cleaning up!! I think we are all pooped. I know I am...but it was a good day!! We have a great guild ...really!!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Nice weather, good book

It sure has been nice and cool here. I love this weather it keeps my Cranky Pants in the closet I do not do well with heat, it really makes me crabby!! Yesterday I ran to Whole Foods, thought I would grab lunch and the milk chocolate covered graham crackers that are to die for. I was filling my bucket with food, they use these paper mache plant holders for their buffet bar, then they weigh it, and I try to keep it under $10.00 but one time with all the heavy stuff it went to $12. As I was standing there debating on my choices, my DIL walks up. What a surprise, she was home from work with a bad cold and came to get soup. We had lunch together it was such a pleasant surprise and a joy. She is such an independent thinking woman, she is also very supportive of her husband my son. She is very good for him and supports him in all of his ventures. She is not the type of person to say this stuff to make me feel good or to "win" me over. She is too confident for that, and not the type to try to impress me, she is far too smart for that. I love that about her. I know where she stands, she is not sugar coated. On the other hand it can be a little off setting because you just get used to people saying what you want to hear, and she comes along and blows that out of the water. LOL. I knit her a cashmere cowl, and, I could see didn't like it, she couldn't hide that. I was a little miffed, but then appreciated that she wasn't just going to take it and put it away and never use it, and me thinking she liked it and showering her with more of the same. It is a win win for us both. I don't feel obligated, besides she has a grandma from Serbia that knits Aran sweaters with no pattern. She is a wonderful lady and doesn't know what they call knitting, it gets lost in translation. It was a very nice lunch that we had, I hope she feels better!!

Thursday, June 09, 2011

What a ride

This has been some weather ride we are having. Yesterday was the end of a three day stretch of hot humid weather. The heat makes me crabby, can't help it, I am miserable. I can't breath and breathing is such a basic function, and when you can't take an easy breath, you just get crabby. Today all the windows are open and I would do coffee on the deck but the chairs are wet. I am still enjoying this cool weather. The shop is getting ready for WWKIP day and Square Up the afghan KAL. All of this is on Saturday. Brown Sheep yarn is always so good about, I call in the order I get the yarn 2-3 days later. This time they are so busy, due to an article about them being American made, I called on Monday just to check and she says, we will get it out Tuesday!!!! Ok some pressure there so I think it is coming in Friday....then I have to get it ready for Saturday...or maybe I will get a gift and it will come in today!! No pressure?
I am also out of my life giving Oil!! I use Moroccan Oil to moisturize, it is a miracle for me, it is expensive but remember your skin is the largest organ you have on your body and what you put on it goes into it. This Winter I did not get any dematitis on my legs or arms. I am squeezing the glass bottle trying to get the last drips out of the little brown miracle oil. That is due to arrive today also...please. I can feel the difference, skin is getting a little tight, and itchy. The thing with Moroccan oil, is, it is only harvested in Morocco and a woman's co-op is the only place you can buy it from. It is from an Aragon nut, and harvested and processed to develope jobs for woman in that country. Win win win, where the hell is my oil?

Friday, June 03, 2011

Erly Bird

This morning on my nest check, look what I found? A huge mouth!! It's funny because yesterday Ruby the red breasted Robin for those of you late comers, was a little restless on her nest. We even made a comment about how she was adjusting and readjusting herself, well now I know why. I must have miscalculated on the hatching, I figured about Tuesday, I am glad they are earlier so they will be bigger for the WWKIP day event and we won't be disturbing the hatching process. I wonder how she sits on the rest of the eggs with that big mouth straining for food? I will have to look it up. I named it Erly because he/she is!! Thanks to everyone that voted for my Art Piece, "Changes" at Fiberwood studio Fiber Challenge. I got voted Peoples Choice!!! thanks so much

Thursday, May 26, 2011

I'm back

Something was going on and I couldn't log in or post, but seems they fixed it. Why is it we always feel it is something we are doing wrong. We check and recheck our work and think what am I doing? Thing is we should just walk away and try again later, sometimes it works and sometimes not so good. There is going to be lots of things going on this Summer at the shop. First off, I am being a snoopy baby cam for a nest that a Robing built on my door wreath. I carefully removed it from the door where she would be disturbed often to the window box next to the door. I can spy on her through the window while she is being such a good mom in this cold dreary weather. When I first looked into the nest I was disappointed to find only one egg. Ms. Robin was getting all my sympathy for not being very fertile, until I did some research. I was amazed, Robins lay one egg a day, they do not start sitting on their eggs to begin the incubating till they are all laid. The average is 3-4 eggs, with sometimes laying 6, wow, that would be one crowded nest. When all of her eggs are laid, she begins the sitting, she has a bald spot on her belly to conduct the heat to the eggs better, a birds temp is 104', the cool thing is she will with her beak turn the eggs to heat them evenly. She leaves the nest for 10 to 15 minute intervals only during this time, she gets food and sometimes daddy brings her worms to eat. I have yet to see any man coming around. She, has been sitting through all of this stormy weather, but she is sheltered, and I do worry. So hopefully in about a week we will have some chirpy little baby birds.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Becoming a Parent again

No I am not pregnant, but my roomie is, well she isn't anymore, but she is happily sitting on her baby to be! Of all the places to build a nest, a Robin built one on a wreath on my shop door. Ok so she thought it was dormant because I was closed for a few days and come to think of it she is the bird that flew into the shop (the door was open) last week and promptly exited just as fast, wondering where the door went? So I didn't want her to fly into someone opening the door, or startle someone or even upset her, so I carefully moved the wreath to the window box. I peered into the little nest quickly and saw only one egg, so she is limited with motherhood. I was worried that she wouldn't go back to the nest but she has found it and is sitting on her egg, being a good mom. I can spy on her from inside the shop but she knows I am there, she sees me moving around. I am anxious to see the little baby hatch and grow. I was going to put a sign out saying Baby sleeping but I am afraid to draw attention to it and some idiot will have to go look into the nest, probably saying to their young child, "honey look, I'll take this wreath down so you can look at it. AAACCCKKK so you may look but don't touch. I am naming the baby "Apple" because they will be born in a wreath of pink apple blossoms.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Great start

I had a great start this morning, no rush coffee, looked forward to Art class, some photo taking and preparing to frame my Poppy painting. So I had my coffee, set up the camera for some photos, it didn't go so well but not a problem I'll change lens after I come home from class and won't have to rush it. I go for breakfast at George Webbs and it was good, not cheap though but good, took a sausage to Iggy who was acting weird before we left and seemed weird now, he gobbled the sausage and on our way. It is still cool enough to allow him to be in the car while I paint and then I can go to my mom's and hang some photos she has been wanting hung. I get to class and Iggy thinks he is going in, and he is not so I go in and do my thing, meanwhile poor Iggy had a bad accident, in the car. Needless to say I opened the door to "OHHHH MYYYYY Gaaawwwwwdddd" and he was cowering. I took him out immediately and he went again, I found a baby blanket from when he was a puppy and just covered it up so he wouldn't step in it. Forget stopping anywhere but home. Now my stomach is sick, but it is all cleaned up and he has gone again. So, I am not straying too far from home till he stops with the runs. I have some pumpkin for him and I will wait till this evening to give him that. Maybe it is a good thing to just sit here and knit for a while. or maybe nap, maybe we both are not feeling good! I just can't get the smell out of my nose.

Loving Frank

I just finished listening to "Loving Frank" by Nancy Horan. I really liked it, I can tell when I like a book by my can't wait to listen attitude. Frank Lloyd Wright has always interested me anyway, he is truly an architectural genius. He is also a jerk, but I think that came with the territory. This story is told from Maemas, his mistress's view and you can see why she fell in love with her and how he really loved her. She was a woman ahead of her time in a era when woman were supposed to shut up and raise the children. She was an independent thinker, I can relate to that. I really enjoyed listening to it and recommend it, of course you will know the ending.
I am working on Lucy Neatby's Paintbox scarf, it is holding my attention..score!! I love color gamps and have all of the yarn to weave one, I just need to find the pattern I am searching for to do it. The one I am knitting I plan on wearing, the one I weave I am planning on putting on my wall.
I have the framing stuff to frame my Poppy painting, but I need to try to photograph it first to see if I can make copies to print. I have a lot on my plate this week. Today is my Art class, I am working on a Matisse. Wed. is knitting at Fixx, Thursday is the Opening at Fiberwood Studio of the Fiber Art challenge "Changes" I will be there as will wine and snacks. You are invited!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Can you spot Iggy?

When I take Iggy to daycare twice a week, I am so happy to watch him walk into the back playroom. I am not so happy that he could care less about me but that his tail is wagging and they are doting over him. He loves it there, he plays with other dogs and chases balls, his most favorite thing. They do such special things and they have people working there that actually love the animals. Imagine my surprise when I walk into the daycare and Tia that works there says "I have a game for you to play" really, ok I can do that, she says "it's up here." I step up to the counter and there is a photo of four Westies, she says "can you pick Iggy out?" hhhmmm it was tough but I saw his collar. Their hair was all the same length and some are related, and they are so cute. I was so excited and then she gave me a photo of them. I asked her how she got them all to line up, she said they wanted me to kick the tennis ball...LOL Now you tell me where else do you get that kind of a staff. Gail is always keeping things exciting and has no problem stooping down to dog level and getting a face full of doggy kisses. I highly recommend Central Bark in Franklin on 60th and Ryan rd. It is always a surprise when you go there. One time they had a "banana bread cook off" the staff all made their favorite recipe and we tasted them and voted. It was a win win for me!! Cinco de Mayo, we had salsa and chips. They have birthday parties for their patrons and one time they had a "best listening dog" yeah we won't discuss that one. I just enjoy the whole crew over there, but this photo, warms my heart!! Thanks Central Bark
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Saturday, May 07, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

There has been a lot going on around here.  Classes are doing well and lots of students willing to learn new things.  The Fiber Festivals are happening all around us and I think we may be heading into Spring.  I just had to share this photo.  I opened Ravelry this morning and checked out a "Yarn Camp" in Rhinebeck NY and this is the first photo I saw?  Not a good early morning illusion....at first glance it looked like a beard and a guys nose, then I won't even go there but ends up it is a llama fleece being exposed to show how beautiful it is...I think it could have been shown much nicer.
Hope you Mother's day if you are one is wonderful, if not you have or had one, so enjoy it either way.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Getting it right

From Anderson Cooper to Whoopi Goldberg, people are really tired of being misquoted or construed.  The "Oh I heard you said this or that or they said this or that"  Unless you hear the whole story and don't take it out of context, you can hurt someone with what you repeat.  We as a whole have gotten so rude and mean, but think nothing of it.  Politicians are setting horrible examples of this, quoting one part of a previous speech and playing it over and over and over, and when you hear the whole speech in context it is nothing like what the competition is quoting.  What does this accomplish, or better yet this is why we ALL need to do our own research.  There is a rare quality called honesty, you can find it but it is hard to recognize under all of the lies and embellishing.  We all sensationalize when telling a story but that is just a few adverbs, and doesn't hurt anyone, it just makes things more colorful.
Being honest has it's cost too, the dreaded "how does this look?"  uhhh, remember you can always say, "It is you!"  try to be positive in your critique, regardless, don't lie but search for the right words, it is OK to stop and think about an answer.  Be nice, if someone shows you their knitting, your first judgement might be....ew that is one ugly color arrangement or weird pattern, but look past "what you like"  it isn't yours anyway, you will not be wearing it, so look at how beautifully it is knit and comment on the good stuff.  If we would all encourage one another instead of looking for fault, we would all walk a little taller.  And quit pulling one sentence out of context and passing that crap along, we all have enough to deal with on a regular basis.
@: Overcoming negative tendencies and enhancing positive potential are the very essence of the spiritual path.” 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


There is a site called Kickstart.  What Kickstart does is help support small business ventures trying to break into the world of business's.  One of the ideas for instance is those darn Joulie coffee temperature beans.  I have been stalking them with great interest.  You place these Stainless steel coffee beans about he size of a small cookie (large enough not to swallow)  into your coffee cup when you pour in the hot coffee and it cools the coffee to drinking temp, then when the coffee starts to cool it emits stored heat to keep the coffee at the same temp.  I think it is a great idea, I love coffee and I drink it rather cool, than some with asbestos mouth.  They do say to keep the coffee at it's ultimate best you should drink out of a stainless steel covered mug.  That was the deciding factor, I love my coffee out of my special pottery mug, my special mug is whichever one I pick for the day.  So anyway the idea is if I like this Idea, I can send some money as starter money to help fund their start up.  They do need seed money and I know this, so that is not the problem, you get something in return on this venture, for the most part.  In this case you get a bag or 5 beans for $50.00 investment.  The problem I do have is, there is an Artist that wants to move into a new studio and is looking for funding?  This artist has a history of not having any money but does workshops all around the World and not for free, has written a book and more.   They are self exclaimed partiers?  So I am all for helping feed someone, shelter someone, give them some livestock, but a new studio?  I am thinking how I can work this angle.  Hhhmmm  I need a new place to do my work, how about you send me money to help support my move and buy me a new place.  There is just something wrong with that, in my ethic code, that is.  But people are sending money to this Artist, some people are blinded by the celebrity to notice that some things are just not right.  I guess this Artist is a  smart cookie for doing this.  I think seed monies should be sent to start up business's and yes you can lose your investment nothing is  a sure thing, but better I drink hot coffee, because they couldn't get the whole funding, but are trying a new venture than funding a constantly misfunded endeavor.  Bernie would be proud.   We all can decide where our money goes and it is an individuals decision, but, seriously?

Monday, April 25, 2011

British words

Mel B from the Spice girls is on Regis (whom I really don't care for), but I am doing computer stuff so it is backround sound.  It is so fun to listen to British sayings, she said about Lindsey Lohan, she may need to get banged up (put in jail)....it just cracks me up.  That I watched all of Doc Martin didn't hurt either.  It takes me a while to get into their accent but once I do, it is just fun.  Buggers?  not to be confused with boogers.  Listen to some of the sayings they are hysterical.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Oh the craving!!

The power of suggestion is such a strong one and I get suckered in on many occasions.  My brother and I were talking about oysters.  He had watched a cooking show and the Southern woman was cooking fried oysters to put in a Po boy sandwich.  He went shopping and $40 later he made two very good sandwiches but not that good.  I didn't get to taste them but he said the woman's  cooking looked much better.  Today I decided after a long workshop weekend with Jacey Boggs which I will blog later, I decided to do minimal running today.  What prompted this running to Outpost was deodorant, Jacey smelled like Nag Champa, she is too young to know what a great Hippy smell that was, right up there with Patchoulli   mmmmmm , I kept smelling it, to the point of her, (and she is very approachable and down to earth) whips up her armpit and says "is it this?".  Why I think it is?  as I grab her beautifully tattoo embellished arm and sniff, yes sniff near her armpit!  Well by Gawd I think it is?  So she showed me the deodorant bottle, an organic roll on.  She prefaced it with, it is very expensive...but if it works and it is natural I am okay with that.  So on my run for deodorant which I did not find and had to order online, I went to the City Market.  I have not been there since it probably opened, how nice it is.  You park for free and hey they have Fried Oyster Po Boys....I am there about 10:30 and they are not open for lunch yet but the guy takes my order, I call my brother who works downtown and tell him I am bringing him Fried Oyster po boy...he is salivating as am I!  I found the best peanut butter chunk cookies at the bakery down there, they have a sample tray and I should say "had"  I did a few walk bys.  I had a cup of coffee and waited, I did buy bread, that was still warm....OMG!  I went to the Cheese Market but was being blocked by two woman that kept stepping in front of the cart and I just could not get away from them and knowing how crabby I am today I wanted to ram them with my cart and tell them get the hell out of the middle of the aisle.  I left that area.  I went an picked up my Po boy order, and left, I drove to where my brother was working, and dropped off his sandwich, we were both smiling like cheshire cats.  I am two blocks away and the phone rings, I am thinking he was overcome with glee at the wonderful sandwich...but.....I answer to _uck em shuck em...we got Shrimp not oysters!  What?  are you kidding me?  he says check yours so as I am driving, I look and I should have said nope mine is oyster but I was so disappointed I said "mine too"  Even though it was good, it was not fried oysters....I am staying home and napping before I kill something, or someone.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Robbed/Stolen or just plain thieved

As many others I am not a person that has a huge savings account.  Try as I might through the years, I am unable to keep money in an account without the back of my head saying...you have $$$  at the bank.   I also imagine what I could buy with the money and spend it over and over again.  While I was working my regular job, I had a bank account with my Credit Union, I had $5.00 taken every week out of my account so I would consider it my Christmas Account.  When I retired I realized money was not going to be added but that was OK, it was a little nest egg and really it wasn't much money a little over $300, so it wasn't burning a hole in my pocket to spend it.  I watched the statements for 4 months to make sure they didn't take money out for non use.  I watched and nothing was taken out, I felt secure that I had me a little extra cushion in case I needed it.  Not so....I have been retired for 5 years and this Spring has just been a tight one, seems all my insurances are due and blah blah blah....car repairs, my pseudo heart attack, glasses.   I went to draw my money out and actually maybe put it somewhere closer to home.  I stood at the window and the woman says $175.00, I swallowed hard....swallowed hard again and asked what happened to the rest of my money?  Inactivity!  hhhmmm Inactivity?  I have my mortgage at this Credit Union, if I had the time and effort and the money I would refinance.  Yes it is my fault once again in handling my finances for not watching the statements that come each month.  I have come to a new conclusion, spend the stuff, just go and throw it away on any crap you want because if YOU don't some bank or man will come along and do it for you.  I am just thankful that I didn't get a bill from the bank saying that I owe them.  I am holding tight onto my $175.  and no I am not buying lunch...LOL

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Sticker Shock

Yesterday was Money Monday.  That is where I do all of my errands and spend all my money.  I went to a couple of quilt shops in search for some cool fabric for Iggy Pops, little bags I am making that are selling quite well for yarners or someone just browsing.  Just as a beginning knitter goes into a good yarn shop, my eyes got really wide looking at the prices of fabric.  Now in my defense the fabric I was looking at came from Japan and was stunning.  I envisioned beautiful tops made from the fabric and would consider it, if I had a pattern I really wanted to make.  I love linen fabric and let's just say, I may start sewing some tops once again.  Now back to the bags, I will not be using expensive fabric from Japan unless it is a scrap...sorry!  I did find some really cool fabric though on my hunt.  I was almost seduced into wanting to quilt again, the slow simmering seed has been planted.  I am fighting the urge to just get sucked in.....I have all of the equipment...I saw a beautiful silk quilt that was drawing me in, still in my head...the colors swimming about.....then the reality of Iggy laying on 100% silk, or a drip of condensation from a cup, dripping on the quilt, made me realize I need something more substantial for my home.  I am one of those people that use my stuff, I am not going to make something and store it in a closet...I don't have closets so it is on my couch with the beautiful afghan I wove from Mountain colors Mohair and Wool that darling Iggy has claimed as his comfy blanket, not that he ruined it or has destroyed it but a bad choice of fibers is Mohair, rub it a few times and you have felt.  So today I will be creating!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Jan against machine

What started out as a really good day quickly turned sour.  I took the Igster to daycare and needed to pick up some sour cream for the coffee cake I was going to bake.  Not being a big fan of Pick n Save, but it was right on the way home and with the price of gas, it became an option.  I walked in and went to the dairy case, picked out 3 containers of sour cream and some butter, because I figured if I was going to run out of anything it would be butter.  I walked the mile back to the check out counters and there is no one checking out, no human that is?  So, there are a few customers using the do it yourself lanes and I am not a fan of those either.  I push the Start button and scan your first items is said to me.  I scan a sour cream, dink, it registers, Place item in the bag, I did, place item in the bag, I did, place item in the bag, I DID!!!  Figuring it wasn't going to stop telling me to put it in the bag, I tried to scan another item dink it worked, then another sour cream, nothing, another sour cream nothing.  Then out comes, place item in the bag...again.  I leaned forward and said, I DID!!!  Finally a kid came over and said they are having problems with the machines?  Well then why is no one checking out?  So I said to the kid, I did not start out my day to fight with a machine and he said neither did I .....we were both laughing.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Been a while

Can I tell you what a blast I have been having.  I am selling off stuff that I have been dragging around for a while and I put it on Craigslist and cleaning house.  I feel much better, some of this has been a weight around my neck and I am letting go.  I am in a few challenges, one is the Sketchbook Challenge and the other is the Fiber Art Challenge at Fiberwood Studio, the challenge is called "Changes".  I have the last one done, and the Sketchbook challenge is every month, this month is "Spilling over".  I love the fact that I am being expanded to create more and more and I love this kind of challenge.  Now if it were a foot race, I would let you win, these are not winning things, these are just what their name is "Challenges". I am on an endless challenge to clean up and make my basement studio workable.  It is an endless state of chaos, and that is pretty much how I roll.   Try as I might to clean up and organize, my default setting is organized mess.  I am hand knitting a sock from handspun yarn, it has a shaped instep, so it is proving to be kind of weird.  All is well here,  Life is good.

Friday, March 11, 2011

In a time of Pain

It is the time of year when many people get depressed.  The political unrest, the economy, and now the earthquake.  The color here in Wisconsin is blah and after a long winter, it takes a pretty hardy person to endure the long dismal days of this Season.  I was cleaning stuff out and found this little story by Charles Swindoll, from many many years ago.  I thought it was appropriate
The Oyster and it's Pearl
Pearls are the product of pain.  For some unknown reason, the shell of the oyster gets pierced  and an alien substance- a grain of sand- slips inside.  On the entry of that foreign irritant, all the resources within that tiny, sensitive oyster, rush to the spot and begin to release healing fluids that otherwise would have remained dormant.  By and by the irritant is covered and the wound is healed.  by a pearl. No other gem has such a fascinating history.  It is the symbol of stress...a healed wound an precious tiny jewel conceived of irritation, born of adversity, nursed by adjustment.  Had there been no irritating interruption, there would have been no pearl.  Some oysters are never wounded...and those who seek for gems, toss them aside, fit only for stew.
No wonder our heavenly home has as it's entrance "pearly gates".  Those who go through need no explanation.  They are the ones that are bruised and have responded to the sting of irritations with the pearl of adjustment.  It is possible to endure adversity and come out a winner.  When your first irritation of the day comes along, quickly tell yourself, "God is in control"  and mentally make the pearl of adjustment.
I think I know very many Pearls, I just love this comparison or description, and when I get to feeling like, "shit", I think of what a pearl I will be.
If you are feeling down take a moment to think of how beautiful you are going to become from that little piece of irritation!!!

Monday, March 07, 2011

A Small Security and Comfort

A small endearing little gesture, a couple holding hands.  You don't see it so much anymore.  I was in my car and a young couple was crossing the street and the guy put his hand back to lead her across the street with him securely guiding her.  I miss that, it is such a sweet sincere thing.  Sometimes you see older couples walking hand in hand and it just makes me smile.  There is a tenderness when a man wraps his hand around yours and makes you feel so safe.  I remember the first time I held hands with a guy, his name was Peter, he was a little dorky, this coming from the tom boy dork.  We walked to the Zoo with about 10 other kids and he grabbed my hand and my heart jumped.  I looked at his big 8th grade hand encompass my girly hand and I think I can almost still see it.  I feel in love with his hand, it looked so tan and masculine holding mine.  Seriously he was just a body connected to "that hand".   I always liked holding hands.  One bad experience was one Sunday when I was real little we went to church and a lot of men had those gray tweedy dress coats and my dad had one.  I got pushed away from my dad and saw his coat and and grabbed the hand hanging there and then looked up to see it wasn't my dad, sheer panic, but my dad grabbed me and lifted me into his arm and saved me.  They both exchanged laughs but I still remember how panicky I felt.  Good thing it wasn't the pirate or I would have been scarred for life, and that my friends is another story.  The last time I held my boyfriends hand that I remember we were sitting on the couch pretending we at a movie, he was too sick to go anywhere and we had popcorn, soda and a movie on TV.  He was a good hand holder, and I can still see his hand too, it was rough and calloused from Ironwork, but it made me feel so secure.  I am missing him today, a little more than usual.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Baby I'm amazed!

Can I just say how much I love music.  I am watching the DVR with Oprah and she has talented kids on.  Lenny Kravitz just came out and is jamming with a teen, like they have played together for years.  How do they do that?  He just gave the kid a signed guitar, what a great gift, what a great talent.  I am one of those people that God did not grant the gift of music to.  My gift is my creative brain/mind and hands, but he did give me the gift of appreciation.  I appreciate music and I am not picky, I love Opera to some Rap and everything in between.  I love the twang of the Hillbilly music my dad loved, I secretly love the backwoods country/bluegrass, to the Black Eyed Peas.  My music collection is eclectic, I love yodeling, and if I hear a Native drum beat my body moves to it.  I love Pink Floyd, AC/DC,  Led Zeppelin.  God gave me the ability to turn on electronics, Ipod, stereo, Pandora and appreciate the music of others.  Don't get me wrong I have tried my hand at playing an instrument, I envisioned myself playing folk guitar on the porch with my  halter top on and ripped jean shorts and wedge sandals.  Oh yeah, my long dark hair swishing around as I sang from my heart, when in fact.  We had no porch, I had a guitar but baby I could only pick, G-L-O-R-I-A  Glllllooooooorrrria, so slow I made it into a waltz.  I don't know what a rift is or a bridge unless it's the thing you drive over.  My dad could blow a harmonica like a star, I blew spit into it and swelled the reeds and made my tongue raw.  I just don't have it.  I love to sing and loud, because the rule is if you sing loud you sing well...LOL  NOT.  So I have the greatest appreciation for music, not mine but for other gifted people that have that talent.  I will stick to what I do best fiber.  It is my passion.  Now to put on some music.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

End in sight?

I really don't want to get involved with this political stuff, I am tired of this bickering.  I understand people are upset, I understand we have problems to fix.
There are so very many things we are never made aware of, until after decisions have been made and the damage is done.  Our State is in financial crisis, as are many families.  So the first thing a family has to cut to try to make ends meet is probably Cable TV, or at least premium channels.  I had to do this and I enjoy my TV, but something had to give.  I am not a martyr in any way, but people are complaining that the parks are going to take a hit.  Well look at it this way, I love my parks like anyone else, if in fact I love it that much there is nothing stopping me from going and planting a million dollars worth of flowers, other than I don't have that kind of money, or mowing some grass.  We can live without "beautiful" parks and they can be regroomed when the economy kicks in.  The land won't disappear, it will go back to what it once was.  I say let the parks go.  Education trumps all of the Parks and Parties.  We need to educate our children and young adults, this also falls on the parents.  I think it was last year that MPS was giving Ipods to students that came and ate breakfast for free. Excuse me did I say that right?  Yes, they want to encourage children to come and eat a free breakfast.  Here is my take on that.  Tough crap!  If you don't want to come and eat, I am not going to bribe you with a steak let alone an Ipod for which you need an account to upload songs and if you are eating free breakfast you don't have the money to buy songs, you should buy food.   What is that about?  Now I do believe that the children shouldn't have to pay for their parents inability to feed them and they should get food at school, but when I was poor, I would buy a loaf of cheap gooey white bread and generic peanut butter, we had to eat it not only for lunch but sometimes supper.  I am not a fan of PB & J to this day, I have had enough.  My son did not get free "anything" at school.  So MPS wastes alot of money and I don't care where it came from Federal whatever, put it to better use, you are not a soup kitchen, educate our children to get better jobs.  Little known fact, my SIL works at  company that sells bags and boxes, here in Milwaukee, Ex Gov Doyle sweetend the pot for an Illionois company to come to Wisconsin to help create jobs, I am not sure of the actual $$ amount but it was let's just say billions.  The company moved across the border in Kenosha and all of the workers commute except maybe 20 new hires.  Now that was profitable for Wisconsin.  How long will it be to recoop that billion?  Instead of working with companies here, we will bring other States companies and their workers over the border and still not create jobs.  They say if you want to fix the fat, ask the little people, the bottom feeders and the low on the totem pole people to find out what is going on above them.  We all are going to feel the pinch, as a small business owner I am feeling the bite, I am not alone and I know this.  I will survive this, but will our State if we don't all do something?  I do not believe in Union busting, but for over 30 years I paid to work, does that sound right?  If I didn't pay my dues, I would not have had a job, I paid into a pension that I am thankfully collecting and my family doesn't or won't have that ability.  If I missed a day of work, I did not get paid, I had no paid sick days, I did not get accumulated sick time.  I only got paid for the days I was at work.  In my Union contract, I paid into my health insurance, my vacation pay, my pension and negotiated raises that were for the last 20 years pretty much defunct.  These items were all negotiated, and called collective bargaining.  If you are Republican or Democratic, or Independent these are all Collective Bargaining units.  I am none of the preceding I am for a fair government.
I read this story many years ago and it has resonated with me forever, think about it.
A Repulican father calls his Democratic, college daughter and asks how she is doing in school.  "oh dad, I am working my butt off, trying to get good grades and I study and I am tired of all of this work, but I want to do well"  the father, I am proud of you sweetie, how is your roomate doing?  "Dad she is partying and having a great time but her grades reflect it, she is flunking."  there was a silence....Honey, why don't you go to the Dean and ask if you could take your A's and give some of that grade to your roomate to bring up her F to a C?  DAD!!  I work hard for those grades, she is out doing nothing, how can you even think that I should do that?   Honey welcome to the Democratic party.
I used to think that I wanted to be a Democrat because of course they believed in Democracy and defended our freedoms like speech etc.  I thought Republicans were affiliated to the Republic of China which I thought was bad.  Now I don't think either, I think Independently for the Right person to do the Job, I don't care what party is, they are all crooked and all have bad ideas and good ideas.  There is an old saying " when you retire you want a Democrat in office because they GIVE so much money away and while you are working you want a Republican in office. I am retired and have not got a break yet?   I just want someone to FIX this mess we are in, I don't care if they are a Factory worker, Millionaire, Nurse, Teacher, let's just all share this hit and  move on to a better Wisconsin, or we will all go down.  Besides I haven't done my taxes yet and I want my refund, if I get one.  I am done and this is the last you will hear from me about this subject.  We need help, we need to all share in the pains.  I don't know what it will take but we need to pay our debts.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Behind me now

With Sheep in the City behind me, I have been busy getting back into the groove.  I have some loose ends I need to finish.   I have my "Changes" necklace to finish.  I am spinning Quivet, need to finish that.  I bought some Alpaca,  want to spin that.  I have sweaters coming out of my ears and I need to catalogue or put them so I can see what I have to and this is a swear word "Organize" them.  The shop is clean after the show.  I just unpacked my suitcase, and filled the dirty clothes hamper, so that means wash.  I have my new Sketchbook challenge, "Spilling Over"  still thinking about it, I was going to do something with my brain spilling over, I need to think on that one.  Spinning Guild is this Thursday and I am the program, doing Garneted yarns.  So what am I doing?  Making notes..hey I went to visit my mom yesterday and I was laying on her bed watching her knit on a baby blanket she probably started 10 years ago.  It is a fan and feather knit, and it was so good to see her knitting and guess what she knits wrong, she twists her stitch on the purl...LOL  I tried to explain it to her and then I thought, who cares.  She mentioned there is an aide who is expecting and she would like to make this for her.  I told her I am a little embarrassed, here I own a yarn shop and she is knitting on crappy and I mean crappy acrylic.  LOL, she too laughed.  I will have to bring my knitting with me now.  I am going to buy her a shuffle today and put a book on it, so she can listen to a book while she is sitting in her chair.  I think the shuffle is easy enough for her to use, the only button she will need is the big middle one.  I hope.  It was cute, she took forever to get across the row and she said "look how slow I am"  I said when was the last time you knit??  Why do we expect to be so good at something we have not done in Years.  We are our worst enemies aren't we?  I want to go roller skating...can you say broken bones...I used to skate, but I want to do roller derby.  I think it would be great, what the hell am I thinking, I can hardly walk some days.  Our mind still thinks we should do it, but man our bodies say...hell no!!!  Step back and give yourself a break.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Spilling Over

That is the theme this month for the Sketchbook Challenge.  Last month it was "opposites"  I did a portrait profile, kind of like can you see the Old lady and the young girl.  This months theme is perfect, because my head is exploding with spilling over things. I have so much I want to do now that Sheep in the City is behind me.  I bought some beautiful gray alpaca to spin, it will make an awesome beret, or cowl, I do wear cowls.  I have some dying to do to make silk caps for the mitten class, coming soon.  I also have some dying to do for some nuno felting and hope to have a class when it gets a little warmer.  I think it is starting to feel like Spring is in the air.  It just smells like it outside, even though there is snow on the ground it smells like spring.  just a thought!!  So yesterday we go out for our walk and it looks like some furry animal has slept overnight in between my back steps and a trash can.  Iggy is smelling around the steps and I can see furry hair between the dark slot.  For fear that it is a rabid raccoon, or scratchy cat, I pull Iggy to the car and hope that the animal leaves now that we are gone.  I come home from taking him to daycare and it's still there, great, is it dead?  So I stand on the landing of the steps and pull a bag of garbage off the top so I can see it better and maybe it will take off running.  Uhhmm  it was a rice broom, that was bent over, no running away there.  I need some more sleep!!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

In case you Missed it!!

I have been so lucky, so lucky to have been able to experience what I have in the past two weeks.  I have been on a podcast, loved it, a radio interview, totally want to start interviewing people and the latest TV.  Each experience was unique, each one let me see something different behind the scenes type of stuff.  I actually used Skype for something other than talking to my son to see if it works.  That was for the Homespun Journey podcast, Sherry did a great job and got my feet wet.
Then there was Lake Effect WUWM    I got to go into a real radio studio and you know, I kind of liked it, now I want to try my hand at interviewing people about Fiber arts.  I am stricken by this, it was so cool.  There was a quiet hum to the room which was dimly lit, with an open U shaped table, having two black sponge Qtip on steroid type mics on one side and another inside the U.  There was a monitor to test the voice level and I sat on one side and Coley on the other.  She said please start talking, I need to check the voice levels and everything was so hushy like.  I pulled the mic to my level and began and had a hard time to shut up.  I know you will all find this kind of surprising.  I think what I liked about it was the atmosphere?  I so could see myself doing that...and now for the Just 4 Ewe radio show, this is your host Jan Massie aka Spiderlady, today I will be interviewing...Judith MacKenzie!  Oh please that is what I want to do.  Can you say Bucket List, so now I am thinking of adding a recording studio to my photo studio to my on and on.  LOL
Then Thanks to Blue Tulip and Gosh Yarn It, two vendors at SITC, John and I went on the television for a live interview yesterday on The Morning Blend.  Let me begin with, it snowed the night before...so what you say, that is what I say too.  We were to be at the Station, a short 30 minute drive through the City on a good day, no problem.  I am NEVER late, being late irks me probably the most of anything, so I am not late.  John spent the night so we could leave early, and we did, we left a little over an hour early.  We spent 30 minutes of that time sitting on the freeway parked, "it was just snow People!" the radio said gridlock all over, why?"  I finally could get off the freeway and began moving and called, "we're on our way, I am so sorry" Molly "take your time we will move you to the end....OMG thanks thank you so much.  My heart is racing, not because all my chins are going to be revealed to thousands of people but I am going to be late.  I am driving through the City, coming to Stop signs and John says, " just go through them no one is coming"  Boom Boom boom, my heart is coming out of my chest, now I am a violator too!!  I am late and violating....I slide into the parking area covered in snow I tell John hurry get out, he is getting dressed?  WTH, seriously I have been driving like a freeking maniac and now you are changing shoes?  I think I am parked in front of a stairway?  but it is covered in snow, no one will see it.  We run in and then they say, go have a seat....huh?  Sit?  I can't sit, can you see that I am late 9:05, see that and I slid through stop signs and I parked at the top of a stairway and John is putting on his shoes and putzing in the car and you want me to sit!!!  Another door opens and the director comes in and takes us to the "Green room" which has no green in it but a plastic plant.  Another guy comes in and I am just taking a breath, swoops us off, walks us through the offices and brings us to the studio.  Here we go, can you say I have to cough, clear my throat and my eyes are following these large black R2D2 type cameras moving in and out and around the two women sitting on the couch.  Now I have to pee, not really but when I get nervous my bladder pretends it has to pee to add to the anxiety.  I start yawning and  I can feel the beginning of hyperventilating.  I look there are three cameras which means 10# each Holy Crap that is 30#s it is going to add to my already round face!!!  The dieting didn't work, I think I ate another 20# on, due to stress!!!  and no exercise does not help me when stressing, food does.   The guy says Opps you are going on at the end, so we hike back to the Ungreen room and sit.  I may just loose some weight before I get on TV with all of this hiking.  It's our cue here we go again and this time they mic us up and just tell us to sit and that is it.  This is live people, no rehearsal, they told us don't look at the cameras, look at who is talking.  Here is the scoop, there are 3 robot cameras, no camera men zooming in, there is one that I saw teleprompters for the hosts not us.  There is no way of know which camera to look at even if you did look.  I saw a moniter when John was talking so I thought whoever is talking the camera is on THEM, not me looking down at the table ahead of me.  So while John is lying his ass off about sitting in the airport knitting...uhhh  John is afraid of flying and the last place you will find John is in an Airport or a dentist chair.  I almost giggled while he is committing perjury on the stand, but he is sounding pretty good to me with his bullshirt.  I look like I am sleeping.. so then Molly asks me a question and I go into my schpeel and I say there is a fashion show and .....and she looked at my like "its my show, remember?"  so I stopped trying to remember my place and drew a total blank, John stepped in and said there are classes.  I am sure she wasn't saying "I AM THE STAR HERE"  but I was the guest and didn't want to take over, not that I have that gene or anything.  So I was kind of quiet and just resorted to making faces like I do......We got in the car and were hysterical...John sitting in the airport and me totally drawing a blank......it really was fun!!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Do Over

With all of this fighting, all around the World and Wisconsin, I just want a do over button.  When will this all end....I am going to Staples and get an Easy button.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Recipe for Internal Combustion

So the way this is going instead of losing 100# by the time I make my television appearance, I will be gaining 100#.  My jowels will be the least of my problem.  So here is a recipe for Internal Combustion
Hot Cinnamon Rolls anc coffee
Spicy Chinese
Quality Candy Fairy Food (and there is nothing like it)
Some cookies
Some fried food
Common denominator Sugar
So I get to sleep just fine and boink, 4am, I am laying in a position similar to the chalk outlines on a sidewalk at a crime scene.  I can feel my body radiating and can actually feel the glow.  I am waiting to hear the "you have just entered The Twilight Zone" and here dedededdeddedee.  I can almost feel the gamma rays coming down from the UFO, that is radiating me and all that will be left is an outline of body ash..Oh wait it isn't a UFO, it is me just combusting into flames, no sweating involved just internal combustion.  I have heard this happens to people, and you just may read about this, remember you heard it here first.
Starting tomorrow, getting rid of the sweet tooth if it means pulling it.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Recipe for a Hot Flash

Being it is below zero here in Wisconsin, I am nervous and I confess I am  happy, sad, spontaneous,  nervous eater.  I had a Super Bowl party here and have some crappy left overs all the bad stuff.  Here is a recipe for a Super duper heat you up, no blankets in sub zero non heated bedroom, that the dog even can't touch you hot flash!!
Start your day peering into the fridge.
Put left over guacamole on eggs, with salsa and chips -finished off Super bowl guac and threw out rest of chips.
Find left over sour cream from the Super Bowl chili,  and other various fattening treats such as chips, fritos etc.
Decide that dip would be good and throw in all sorts of great Pampered chef seasonings to make it spicy,hot.  Let sit till 6 ish.
Find a Bavarian cream heart shaped donut, four days old, but that is Ok, so many preservatives it won't matter.
Eat dip with chips first and the Chipotle seasoning was very spicy, wash that down with some Chili and cheese over left over Fritos.  Only a few bites, just had it for Super Bowl and sick of chili, no matter how cold it is.
Found a bag of jelly belly's , devour over 2/3rds of the bag and then realize this is really a bad idea, throw out the rest, even though Iggy is begging for one more.
Finish knitting a mitten.
It's nine and I am tired, probably a sugar crash, go to bed and promptly fall asleep.  Then it hits....2:00am, I have my temperature controller (leg) hanging outside the covers and then, realize I am burning up, off with all of the covers, Iggy moves away in disgust over being bothered in his sleep.  I lay there wide awake, not sweating but extremely hot!!!  Watch tv, and thinking of opening the window.  Decide that is a bad idea, turn off tv and go back to sleep.
Today, no garbage digging like a did yesterday!!  I do have healthy food, but make bad choices. Filling the trash with left over Super Bowl crap....oh wait I ate it all yesterday!

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Been a long time

Seems like I have been so busy, taking care of business that I almost forgot to blog.  So very much is going on and great things.   I have to say February is proving to be an awesome month...awesome.  Let me start with, Handspun Journey, Sherry Johnson did an Podcast for Sheep in the City and it will probably be broadcast next week.   We did it on Skype, I asked my son to go through it with me to make sure I knew how to talk my voice level, etc. but what he forgot to tell me was not to drink a pot of coffee...LOL.  Poor Sherry didn't have to talk much on HER podcast.  I think it went pretty well other than I am recovering from that crud yet and my voice sounds like I am in a can!!!  Then I get an email from Blue Tulip, she is a vendor at SITC, her boothmate met Molly from channel 4 Morning Blend and she invited me and John Loeffelholz (a male knitter) to be on the Television show Tuesday the 22nd, to talk about SITC..can you say, I am nervously going to eat another 20# of food or do diet tea for the next week and use packing tape to get rid of my jowels.  Then I thought maybe the camera can be mounted on the ceiling, so I can look upward and loose some chins.  Then, I got another email from Nicole, Lake Effect Milw. Public Radio UWM, and we are doing an interview on Monday, which should air Tues....I am so thrilled that we are finally getting the publicity we deserve.  This is going to help our attendance by leaps and bounds so if you are waiting for the last week before you register...move it....We are on a roll.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Getting Old

So now that I am feeling better, I am able to process things better too, well sort of.  I have done quite a bit of TV watching and most of it was stupid garbage and I sat there judging America and their taste in entertainment, like Rock Star wives, Tiny divas etc. One thing that did catch my eye and or my sense of wow, is a commercial for depends, one shows a woman, my age walking away from a shop, camera pointed at her rear, advertising "Depends" and how they now look like regular panties.  Then shortly thereof, was a good looking man in a bookstore I think, giving a sexy eye to the camera and walking away, once again the camera zooms to his butt and then the commercial for "Depends".   So I know that incontinence is  a serious problem but how does this fit into the dating scene?  Can you imagine meeting someone you like or are attracted to and they grab your butt and " they grab a bunch of pampers?  I have a cpap machine and the first time I put it on my head, I was sitting on the edge of my bed and I could see my reflection in the window, giggling to myself I realized my days of sleep overs are done!!  Not that it has been an option but if it were in question, it was answered at that moment.  Now add to that incontinence and then of course erectile disfunction, which of course there is a pill for, and then you get the diapered man chasing after you with an erection that is lasting longer than his bladder?  Oh the advantages of youth, but I would not change a thing honestly.  I am smarter, more self confident, self assured and content than I was when I could undress with the lights on!

Monday, January 31, 2011

January Crud

I got it, the crud, the crawl under your skin into your bones hurt.  The sneezy runny, snot machine nose and the small annoying cough.  That was last week Saturday and I am still coming around.  All that helped was, rest, Advil cold and sinus, Mucinex DM, and the green serum, the wonderful green crappy tasting serum they call Nyquil.  So no posts for the last week, because my brain was mushy and i couldn't concentrate on anything.  I did not knit, spin nothing but rest, read a little, ate, ate and ate some more.  I cleaned out the fridge, of anything I could make warm.  I was drinking warmed up water, and that helped hydrate me.  So today I had a list of things I had to do....go to the dump, go to the bank, get groceries and clean the kitchen.  I did all of that and then had to rest...I was pooped.  I have heard this crud keeps coming back and going around and just kill me now.  I am feeling so much better and I am excited for the snow we are supposed to get.  I have soup fixings and cooking to do and some good movies to watch, so let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Go Packers and a ban on knitting

This is going to be short, but sweet.  If you are watching the game today do not knit while viewing it.  I am warning you that your knitting will show each stress you are incurring.  I was knitting at the last game and holy cow, I had to rip it out it was so tight.  So if you are watching the game, put food in your lap instead of knitting, yes I said food, nibble away.  Trust me you don't want to knit!!!  My mom asked me where I was going to watch the game.  I told her no one wants a germ bag.  I was supposed to have the party here but I am too sick to want anything but soup!!!  It will be worth it if the Packers come home with a Bear head trophy!!!!  Remember eat popcorn no knitting.  You will thank me later.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Hazard Warning

Alert, cleaning house is bad for your health.  I have Asthma and dust is a trigger, so is vacuuming and mopping and household cleaner smells and doing the wash and and.  Seriously though last time I scrubbed the stairway, the next day I thought I was having a heart attack, it was actually shoveling that gave me the pseudo heart attack.  That is just one more thing I can add to my list, but you know what makes me feel so good and it's like a miracle fix....spinning, knitting, playing.  I just pick up the needles or start to treadle and voila, I feel better.  So my thinking on that is "if it feels good, do it!" Isn't that the theme of the 70's?  I started a new scarf called Spitcurl, it is a fun knit, you cast on 200 stitches so it is a long hike along the needles but, if you look at the fact that you are building it the long way, you don't have to go too wide?  So it does grow fast.  It's also an easy knit for those Knit nights with a group, just plain garter stitch.  The Pattern is from Staceyjoy Elkin (Patternfish) and uses two colors of yarn, I am using Happy Hands,  Spirit in the Sky and Plum and it is yummy.  I will send a photo when it looks like something.  Well it doesn't look like anything but the colors are soooooo beautiful I have to share anyway.
Isn't that pretty and ohhhh so easy and relaxing.  It sure beats cleaning house, cooking, washing, whatever else brings on an Asthma attack.....insert a little chuckle here.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


On our cool morning walk today, Iggy is looking for the perfect spot to do his duty. We have a thick blanket of snow so navigating the proper position and getting into a snow bank can be very frustrating. Although to do his little potty he maneuvered up a steep hill of snow, only to be up to his back in snow, just to get under a little evergreen tree to pee. So we keep walking, now we are standing next to a short wall of railroad ties and he stands up next to it as if he wants to go up there? No that is not what he is after, seriously there is a white tissue about 2 feet from the edge of the wall. A stinking white Kleenex, that he is jumping up and trying to get atop this wall to eat the treat? I mean he is persistent, his little legs are bobbing up and down, as if it is a meaty bone. I begin to shake my head and pull him in order to distract him. What is so funny is, the white tissue was hard to see in the first place because it is resting on top of white snow. The other thing it could be, is that he just wanted a distraction from his regular sniffing of every pee spot including his own for a four block area. hhhmmm "dog e mail" So after dragging him away from that stupid little tissue he was once again on track for the perfect place to do his job, right on the sidewalk...sigh.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Slush Baby

Today I ran errands I didn't get done yesterday. I thought as long as I am out I will stop and see what kind of soup is cooking at Soup Market. I pull up in front of the shop, get my quarter for the meter and try to find a spot to get up on the curb. There is a slush moat for three feet in front of the curb, in front of the car, in back of the car, in back of the next car and actually the whole street. So the option is I can jump and land with one leg in front of me and doing the James Brown split in front of the store window, or chose an alternative route. I chose an alternative and walk to the end of the block and find a storm sewer which I also know is glazed with ice like a donut. As I start gingerly walking across it I make it safely to the sidewalk. I get my soup and begin my trek back the same way, only thing is, as I am walking tightly along side the cars in the street a nice big old city bus goes by, spewing a fin of slush about, let's say mid thigh high and naturally gets me with this yucky brown, cold wet slop. I didn't see it coming but I saw them going, because I stood there frozen like my legs were, and in shock I think it was instant hyperthermia. I don't really know what to do, do I scrape the wet junk off of my pants or jump wet into a warm car and let it melt into the seats? I am needless to say not thinking this is too funny, I'm sure not as funny as the bus driver may have, if in fact they even knew what they did. So with a frozen rootbeer colored pant leg, I take my bare hand and whip off the chucks and then use a blanket for Iggy to soak up the rest. I didn't want to stand out there too long looking like a darn target for the next bus. Boy the heat sure felt good and better yet a bath when I got home. I even took a little nap in the tub!!! So beware the slop is upon us!!!

Art Institute of Chicago on a budget

January is the month to go to the Art Museum in Chicago, it is free. Normally it is about $18.00, so that is quite a deal. They are also exhibiting a Fiber Art event. There are tapestries and weavings that are drop dead gorgeous. It is mind boggling how intricate some of these works are. I did look ahead of time to see if you could photograph, the answer on line was yes, the answer at the door was no? Although there were several people photographing the minute I aimed my camera, I got reminded, so I put it away. There was one work that looked like a Jellyfish with hundreds of tendrils hanging down and it just looked so peaceful and like a huge cat toy!! We took the Amtrack down and that is such a nice ride, and quick with no traffic. My face is wind burned from the early morning snowy walk to the Museum, it was a tad brisk, but we broke it up with breakfast and more coffee. Then we took a cab over to Loopy Yarn on 47 W. Polk, where I deposited a fair amount of dollars. If you are in the Chicago area it is a very nice yarn shop and Vicki is really sweet!! So our day went well and was fun! I love Chicago, other than Sunday, I will not be rooting for the Bears.
Amtrack trip $44.00 round trip
Breakfast for two with free coffee $7.00 (I know what a deal)
Museum Admission Free
Coat Check $1.00
Wasted money on Audio tour $7.00 (nothing in the Fiber exhibit had an audio)
Cab to Loopy Yarn $7.00 for two
Lunch at Pot Bellies for one, $7.00
Cab to Union Station $7.00 for two
Parking at the Amtrack station $5.00
I think the day was pretty reasonable for Chicago and Oh 10% sales tax...whew

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cherry tea and me

Last night I met with a group of knitters for a casual dinner party and the hostess offered a variety of refreshments. I chose Cherry Green tea? I am not a tea fan,I prefer coffee but this tea tasted like those neatly wrapped foil Violet flavored candies at the check out. It was so good, I think I drained the pot, and I drank it well beyond a respectable time of night to be drinking caffeine. Well at my age anytime after 4 is a respectable time I suppose. I went to sleep just fine and at 2:48 boing, I was awake, wide awake. I slipped on my shoes and dragged my feet to the bathroom and released about four cups of the wonderfully flavored tea, and drudged back to bed. Crawling under the covers and finding that warm soft spot in the bed, I was not going to go back to sleep. I slipped my arm under the pillow next to me and found my Ipad, or fondly referred to as Paul, turned it on so the bright light lit up my face and made me fully aware that I was not returning to sleep. A game of Mai Jong, Crossword puzzle, that I had no clue what the clues were, not even the faintest idea, paged through Face book, Twitter and Ok Ok I'm am not going to try to force this issue. I get up and dressed and "who walks their dog at 4:30 am, unless of course you are not retired?? Now I really do love this time of day/night? It is quiet and there is a white blanket of freshly fallen snow, the plow went through and that may have woke me too? Up the hill we go Iggy pulling feverishly at the end of the leash, in a hurry to do his duty and me eyes half open, so badly wanting to be back in my bed, that warm spot with the covers pulled up around my neck, nestled into the dent in my pillow. This whole week has been hard for me to sleep, in retrospect this whole week I have been either eating late or drinking caffeine late. Oh Chai tea? full of caffeine. This week, I am making a point of not drinking or eating after...6:31pm only water. I may even add a little melatonin to my already growing supplement program. I want a nap and now it's 7am.....My heart goes out to people with insomnia, I love sleeping, I could make a habit of it, as a matter of fact I could easily slip into the part of a Koala bear, sleep 23 hours and eat 2 hours and do it all over again....

Thursday, January 13, 2011

How can something so cute!!!

Stink so bad...seriously? There is nothing as stinky as a teenage boy, but this dog takes the cake! I sleep with a Cpap machine, my nose is covered and the air is filtered, last night I woke to something familiarly stinky and snoring away is the dirty white boy! It didn't wake him up but, it woke me up, whew. This brings a renewed awareness that if there were smoke it would probably wake me up too. I certainly didn't need the little gas bag to prove that to me though. He also has a knack for laying under the shop table when all the woman are around knitting, and soon you see the look of disgust on one knitters face and then it waifs to the next and then the whole table is gagging!!! It amazes me, but that is why he is so cute, so we don't get mad at him!!! My own personal gas bag!!! P U.....

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Good Teachers

There is nothing so good as a someone that can share knowledge with others and do it well!!! I have been stuck on ripping this burgandy wine colored beautiful cashmere sweater. The color is rich and dark and so are the stitches. I am unable to see it very well and then I talked to a friend. He explained to me which way to start and which way to rip and I learned more from him in a 10 minute conversation than I could have read in hours. If you are thinking of redoing sweaters I highly recommend John Loeffelholz's class on Reconstructing sweaters!!! He is a genius and makes it so easy that when you find that magical thread that zips the whole sleeve off a sweater in one little pull, you will be as thankful as I am. Oh and a good set of magnifiers helps too, I couldn't see the stitches let alone describe them but now I am in ripping heaven!!!! Rippppp

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What's it gonna take?

I have things I need to get done. I have a busy two months and seem to be in an energy slump. I have some spinning that I have to do. I have a Sketchbook challenge that I am stumped on, instead of just plowing through it, I am not getting inspired. The challenge is "highly prized" this is a tough one. Of course my family is first and foremost, but I want to go beyond that, so I drew a picture of my camera, because IT can capture all the highly prized things in my life. So a drawing of a camera, just sitting there is not complete, I need to do something else, color or something, maybe a splash of water color in the backround???? Then there is another fiber challenge called "Change" I have the idea in my head and now I am going to get to work on it. I am planning on dying the silk today to do the project, if I can get off of my arse and do it. It will take me 20 min. at most to do this and I am dawdling my time away. I also need to felt some clogs...am I doing it? Normally it takes a new venture to get me going and I have new ventures what is the hold up??? Wednesday I am taking my camera to knitting to start my photo project called "How we knit"! Speaking of knitting, I am bored with everything I am doing right now.....so I need to do something else, like finish my weaving, or at least work on it. In the shop, I will soon be doing inventory...let me say one thing...ugh, it won't take long to do but it is another one of those, has to be done, don't want to do it. I want to watch movies and take a nap. What is it going to take to get motivated??
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Saturday, January 08, 2011

Crocheting my Way!!!

In the shop today, I was asked what stitch I used when I crocheted a shawl many years ago?  Uhhhh  it was a double crochet?
Well when I did the double crochet at home it didn't look like yours?
I don't crochet like anyone else.
How do you do it?  I really like the way it looks.
Thanks I dunno, here I'll show you (taking a crochet hook and whipping the yarn around and catching it through the loop and pulling it through?
(giggling) Do that again.
Uhh what stitch is that?
So I think it is or should be called the embedded double crochet
Because there is no stitch like that but I like the way it looks and I want to knit a shawl using that stitch.
Careful you will reteach yourself and forget how to do it correctly, but then again who says mine is wrong, it works...for me?  Show me how you do it.
like this
hhhmmm I can do that, but crochet hurts my hands
So today I learned to crochet right and showed someone else how to crochet wrong?

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Knitting toys

Isn't it fun when you get some new shiny or not gadget.  I love my gadgets!  Some were, or are, better than others.  Some have found their way to the darkest corners of my studio, but then you hit on something really good and you wonder how you lived without it.  Companies are always putting out new and improved yarn gadgets and I'm on it.  Who doesn't love putting all of your projects into the bags and filling the pockets with little trinkets or treasures.  The Oh so sweet little stitch markers you got from a friend, and they came in a little round tin with a see thru lid. (I love little boxes with lids)  Sometimes they are pretty useless because they catch on everything in sight, but they are so cute.  I got a new toy for Christmas and am going to fill it up today because it will hold this huge project with 20 balls of yarn.  So I will be absent for a while playing with a new toy!!!  What new toy did you get??? or love??  I lost the photo????

Monday, January 03, 2011

Avoiding the gripper

I watch Law and Order and just love it and it always amazes me that they even ask someone, what were you doing on December 27th at 3:00?  I would have no idea, and here's proof.  Since Friday, I have had a weird tight feeling in my chest...almost to the point of saying to my friends on New Years Eve, " I think we need to take a ride to the ER".  It is still a tight feeling, not a pain but you know heart attacks in women are not the same in men.  I fear the "gripper" my dad used to get that, he had angina for as long as I can remember and we were taught that if dad is laying down and doesn't respond or if he is gripping his chest, he has a little bottle of pills in his pocket a brown bottle with a screw on cap that has little bitty pills in it hiding under the white cotton ball, and we needed to place one pill under his tongue.  Thankfully we never had to do this but it had come close.  Needless to say heart trouble is prevalent in my family and is in the back of my mind.  I have an enlarged heart and have had for a very long time, but this tightness wasn't going away?  I decided last night if indeed it was not gone by the morning I would go to the ER.  So this morning up at 4am, took a bath in preparation for admittance and a heart cath, I even defurred.  Took Iggy to daycare and told them my friend may be picking him up, paid my bills and went to the ER.  I was the only one there and they were very attentive.  IV, EKG, Blood drawn and Xray, then they gave me this awful drink, just in case it was indigestion, it numbed my mouth and throat.  Everything came up negative,  so I am good to go, but he asked if I did something this last week that could have caused chest muscle discomfort?  HHHmmmm let me see?  uuuhhhmmmmmm this made me think if I would be a suspect in a murder, and they asked me what I was doing on so and so day.....I can't remember last week?  But I am still thinking about it, I did scrub the floor??  Dust...Vacuum, which once again leads me to believe housekeeping is BAD for your health.  So until I go to do the same thing again, I won't remember until that Ahhhha moment!!!  Now I am going to spin, some cashmere.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Displaced outrage

Today on the news they are cutting more city bus routes?  I don't understand why no one is upset about this but losing the High speed Lite rail was such a tragedy.  We didn't get the money or the hassle of upkeep on a rail line that no one, that is supposed to be able to use, it can or could afford.  The people for it are arguing that the rail will bring inner city people to the burbs for jobs.. ?  at what cost?  Apparently we can't afford to keep inner city bus lines running?   These are the lines that get people to jobs.  We lost  a bus line right out here in Oak Creek the southern most burb of Milwaukee County and there are at least three Senior living centers here, and lets face it the lowest paid hardest jobs go to the inner city or lower income people and where do they live?  They have to walk about 5 blocks to get to the bus, this is what is wrong.  People that work in Brookfield need bus lines to go there, or Waukesha, not to Madison, if they work in Madison and don't have a car they LIVE in Madison.  The high speed rail is for the people with money.  How often I wanted to take the Amtrak to Chicago but if you have two people it is cheaper to drive.  It cost $50 round trip, you don't hear of the inner city workers taking the Amtrak and that is, as high speed, as any rail that makes stops along the way will be.  My support goes to accomodating the workers and people that need bus lines IN THE city!!!  What would be better yet is to get high enough paying jobs that low income people could afford rent where they work.  If you work in Brookfield, Mequon, you should be able to afford to live where you work.  I am all for progress but if we look at the big picture and avoid the small picture we are really missing out.  We need to get some sort of affordable transportation for everyone!!  I give kudos to those that wait everyday at bus stops in the bitter cold or horrible heat to get to any job!  I did it when I was in high school and after I graduated, and when I turn the key in my ignition, or pass people standing at the bus stop with little kids or bundled up, it always reminds me just how lucky I am.