Tuesday, June 26, 2007

For some of Ewe

For those of you that think that, I am just trying all these fun things to stimulate creativity or for getting attention....you're right!!! But I was perusing through some of my photos and ran across this one from from "Knitting Olymipics". When I see this I crack up laughing. I got on the band wagon of the Knitting Harlot, when she suggested that we have, during the real olympics, Knitting Olympics. We chose projects that would be a challenge either to knit or just to finish. We cast on during the opening ceremonies and had a mid olympic party and then the Award ceremony. And there were medals and the coveted "Gold Needles". This photo is of the closing ceremony and the medal awards. In true fashion of the Olympic medals I used miniature CDs and printed on them and made I-chord ribbon and we all got one. I am a true believer in we are ALL winners. But then it came to the Gold Needles and we had what is most fair .....a drawing!!! So back to the photo, I tried to take a photo with my camera using the self time and was trying to get my big arse into the photo, which I did quite successfully I might add!!! (I was trying to pose in the photo) and have three various shots of me butt!!! It cracks me up because we were laughing so hard. Then we had to sing, or hummm the Olympic theme, which set off my singing dog, that started howling with us and thinking she was pretty cool hanging out with all of these crazy woman!!! So I tried to take video of that with my point and shoot camera, another joke and all I can hear is me barking "Do it now?" which was supposed to be the cue for start singing. But with my mouth close enough to the camera to lick the lens, my helium munchkin voice is only rivaled by my dogs. So my being nutz, goes back a lot farther than last year. I was born this way, and I couldn't be happier. By the way, who turned up the heat and humidity?

My Olympic competitors, cheering me on.....

Getting caught in the Red flashing light, like a deer in headlights.

Not quite hovering over the seat of my chair? (my mom taught me to do that hover thing over a toilet seat!, never thought I'd actually use it?) Just look at those laughing faces...... I bet you're laughing!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Miniature Knolfing

I was so excited....my clubs (needles) were picked. The camera was ready and lunch was in the slow cooker. Kim came over and we rode together, a little early to greet all the other kolfers. HHHhmmmmm, I know one of us could have got the date wrong, but two, where is everyone? We will wait till 15 minutes past the hour.
"Hey Kim, want to go to breakfast?" So we took a photo of the only other Knolfer around, so she won the trophy, and we went to breakfast!!! It was fun, I can't wait to do it again!!! Breakfast that is!!! So the plan is, it's summer, kids are home from school. Invite the kids too!!! Why didn't I think of that? Probably because my son is in the working world and the days of trying to find projects to keep him busy and out of trouble are over.....many years over. So hey how about the Knit's Ahoy? I have some room left. We are looking forward to a really good time. Don't be one of those left on the bank as we wave our needles in unison like a Bic lighter, singing Nananana, nananana, hey hey....Good bye. Sign up NOW!!!

Friday, June 15, 2007


This is what is on probation. The "Shop" dog, not to be mistaken as the "Top" dog which she really thinks she is....so we are doing some peg knocking down and she is on my S list. We went on our usual walk Wed. morning, in our usual manner and there is a woman that runs with her little Toto like dog named Harley. Harley and Joey had instant hate from the first time they smelled each other so I was prepared. I latched the leash to not only the harness but her collar to keep her tight under my command...eh hem!! So as I try to block Joeys view of Harley that is fully extended to greet Joey with his teeth bared and barking, "Precious" pulls a Houdini act and flips out of both collar and harness to attack big mouth Harley!! The woman freaks (as I would) picks Harley up with Joey grabbing at any limb that looks like a freshly roasted chicken drummy. Harley of course has not let up with his verbal attack and this is firing up my little darling. All this while I am screaming and trying to grab the spinning dervish that has become a trio of the woman, Harley and Joey!!! I finally grab her neck skin and try with all abandonment to get her leash on her, meanwhile apologizing profusely and hoping to all ends that there is only fur and not blood. My hands were shaking so badly (happens when I get mad) and the woman says He is alright and we probably should not take the same walks, (Oh really, what was it about this that you didn't like?) I remained very complaicent to avoid a huge law suit. I put Precious on her back and do some major gutteral growling and this is the beginning of her probation. She meekly walks home, and I put her prayer box around her neck (electronic trainer) turn it on and it beeps!!! I at this point will admit, I never have shocked her because it is way to scary for me and I am a pushover .....but a that moment, I would have made her dance on her tippy toes with glee, I was so mad. I didn't , I just use the beep and the feeling of this heavy box under her neck was enough to make her behave .....very well .....all day!! Minimal barking too.....so now we walk with the prong collar, a short leash and a bad attitude. Day three and she is still trying to remember she is not Alpha....just Joey!!!

Monday, June 11, 2007


Thanks to all of those that supported WWKIP Day!! It was fun and the weather was awesome. I have to keep this short because I have some dying to do and if I get sidetracked it's all over!!! Check out the photos from all over the World and our group!!! We had about 20 knitters between coming and going and our article will be in the Oak Creek Now, so I will keep you posted. Gotta go dye!!!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

World Wide Knit in Public Day

Thanks to all of the knitters that supported WWKIP day!!! For the first time event, on my end, I think it was a success!!! We had about 20 knitters of all ages, participating at different times of the day!!! We had children knitting, not a scarf either but a shrug with sleeves!!! A teenager working on a tank top for summer and adults with various projects from baby sweaters to lace edgeing. We had a good time of course, when have you ever gotten any group of woman together and NOT had a good time. Unless of course it's a family of woman preparing a dinner in a crowded kitchen? We met some new knitters and a bunch of old friends!! Thank you to everyone. Hopefully we will do it again next year!!
The photographer came at 10:30am, and there was only two of us, so my neighbor the potter, was visiting and I made her sit down and knit with us. I did say Lisa is a Potter, not a knitter, I tossed here some circular needles with a cuff I am knitting on them, to use as a prop. Being the good sport that she is, she takes them and starts clicking them together like she is trying to start a fire!!! Then she realizes they are connected and tells me I gave her "idiot" needles? I didn't know what she meant, she says "Whats with this string tying them together?" Ohhhh idiot needles? I gently explained while laughing my head off that they were circular needles and not together so you don't lose them....that was the start of our day!!! Thanks again to everyone!