Monday, July 28, 2008

Can't sleep?

You can look like her too if you buy new spray on Luminesse make up..........
I am one of those people that can sleep anytime....I am hated by those that have trouble sleeping, I can go to sleep easily and love to sleep. I love a nap and can take a 10 minute nap and wake up like a new person. Well last night...I got up at 3:00am and was wide I turned on the sleeping box,otherwise known as a television. Well I love QVC it is no secret, I am picky about which thing I watch, but because I hate shopping QVC opens up the world of shopping to me. Let me tell you if you want to shop, on any channel, stay up late, because, every channel on TV, had infomercials on.....I learned how to make a million dollars selling property, I learned how to improve my love life? How to remodel my whole house with one tool. Rare precious stones that you can only get on that channel for 4 more minutes. New best spray on makeup, which I almost thought of trying but there was no price for the whole thing....gotcha.....Oh but the good one that I almost bit on was Mary Lou Rettons the Olympic gymnyst, has a scale that talks to you and coaches you about losing and gaining weight...oh yeah it doesn't have numbers it says Oh you slipped a little and that happens, but you have gained 2 pounds sweetie and you need to get your arse out there and work out and quit eating dam donuts fatso. No not really but I was thinking of it, a scale with no numbers!!!! Maybe I was dreaming......

I flipped from one channel to the other and it was all different, but the same selling stuff. I searched for my Credit Card and got tired looking for it and fell back to sleep. So I have off today and will probably be sleeping.....Why I was up is I needed to write down a few things that I need to pick up today, I didn't think velcro would wake me up at night???? Apparrantly it is much more important than I thought.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Swizzle Candy fun

I know, I know, yet another project....well I am working on my sweater, and my Alice's Wondercoat and oh I finished my Magic Carpet sock, well one. I probably won't knit the other one anyway the sock is too narrow for my fat foot. So anyone that has been in the shop knows the best place to shove your hand to feel fiber is the Alpaca in the front. So if your hand decides to wander upwards or maybe it will be your eyes first because the color is exquisite, you will reach the Fiesta Ballet, in a wonderful range of color. I saw the cutest baby hat and decided, baby hat, small I can do this, I picked colors that remind me of Swizzle candy, the sweet but tart candies you get tons of at will be yummy for a baby hat. It is working up beautifully!!! I went to a retirement party last night, with a Mariachi band....Open bar (I don't drink) and seeing lots of people I used to work with.
I used to enjoy going to work, most of us did and as odd as that may sound we had a great working crew. We did our jobs and yet were allowed to see each other in the lunch rooms and kabitz about our lives, families and love lives. It was a good place to work. The company was taken over by a South African company and we were assured things wouldn't change but we all knew differently. It was slow at first so not to upset the troups, but it was evident that things were changing. They changed the lunch hours so the lunch rooms turned into a ghost town, they made team rooms and people had to eat their lunch near their work station. This created a void of socializing with co workers. Time studies and so on and so forth. It got progressively worse and workers were counting the days till retirement. Myself included, I lost my love for my job, they took away the pride of my work and instead of doing my job that I loved was required to do more paperwork to do a five minute job than the job took. They took away the incentive to do a good job, we used to fix whatever was broke, we just did, and then it was you were written up, if you did a job without a work order, which meant, I could be standing looking at something broke and couldn't fix it without two weeks of paper work???? This is what they wanted, and that is what they got??? It made most of us sad and it is reflecting in the mood of workers still left. So it was a good thing to see everyone, it was a sad thing to see so many miserable American workers. I had a great time, but left feeling sorry

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Smurf Tongue Birthday Girl

So it's kind of a long story but Once upon a time a few of us decided to dye our tongues with Pixie Sticks. We had a contest who could do the most Pixie sticks...I went into a sugar coma, so I don't remember the outcome, but we still laugh about it. I had a sugar hangover the whole next day and Lois had a migraine for a couple of weeks!!! We see Pixie sticks and still laugh about it. Lois had a birthday Friday!!! She's older than me....I won't let her forget that either. Only by a few months but still, she was breathing air when I was still swimming in embriotic fluid....eeewwww. I am getting a visual of me doing tumbles like Esther Williams in her glass tank. It may have been the only time I was agile? So anyway, I had seen these really big Pixie sticks that you fill with the poison er I mean sugar of your choice. Now this is how my mind works, I had just seen them last year and I remember them being about 5 feet long and 1" round????? When I got to the place and with a wide smile and anticipation I asked for the largest one....she pulls out a 4 foot, Ok maybe 3'foot something and about as big around as a dime....imagine my look? I can't even use the excuse I was smaller than and it looked bigger? Maybe I have such a warped sense of excitement or anticipation that I see things that are not....through the eyes of a child I think.....Oh well. I took great pride in filling the straw with colors that Lois would love....and blue of course, because blue makes your tongue blue!!! I layered the sugar like a fine sand painting, and didn't want it to end.
So Lois is showing you how not only did it turn her tongue blue but her teeth, lips, tonsils and probably more that we don't want to know!!! Happy Birthday Lois!!!!
Yesterday after I closed I went to Midwest Fiber and Folk Art took me 1.5 hours to get there via google maps. I saw beautiful horse ranches and lakes and enjoyed my journey. The map took me to ....City Hall? Well if that is what you google, Crystal Lake, City Hall is where you will end up. So I drove into town, which was buzzing and I asked some lady how to get to the College....these were her exact words....go up there right, go straight, go left straight and then there's a big stop intersection and go right....straight...I think!! So smiling politely and nodding my head in empty agreement, I thanked her and rolled up the window .....quickly. I did find it after realizing the street named Virginia was Hwy 14 that I was looking for and it wasn't marked???? The show was fun, it was nice to see some old friends and fiber people. I came home with an armload of soap. I ate great Shiskabob and was directions went something like...take 14 right, .8 miles turn left on Crv24 , .5 miles and then right on Greenridge rd. 3.5 miles and for Godsake I missed something, as I was fumbling for the light and the map and there's deer up ahead playing chicken with me daring me to get closer so they can jump out in front of me. Crap???? I think I was headed for Janesville, a direct opposite from where I wanted to go???? Call a friend with a computer and plug in your headset and let them talk you through it!!! I have a homing device in daylight hours only..(I use the sun) could say I'm screwed? 3 hours later I pull into home!!!! Wasn't that fun!!!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Slow Hand

I am slowly finishing the Magic Carpet sock. I am not too happy with the way it looks at the top, where the flaps are, it isn't very neat...but it may come out in the wash. I may have to revisit it....later.

Traveling Scarf, if you are interested in joining in on the traveling scarf, you can I hope sign in at this address
I need you to sign up so we know how many are interested and how many inches we will have to knit, etc. It is a fun knit and will be a beautiful scarf that you will be able to wrap around your neck European style. The yarn is wonderful to knit with and the colors are awesome.

Who turned on the heat? Maybe I dragged it back from vacation??? I know it seems funny but a lot of people are knitting on projects, even though it's hot. My theory on this is...people are cutting back on lots of entertainment things and are staying home more. What this translates into is you need something to do at home. Yes yarn can be expensive, but it is a twofold reward. You get the joy of picking out the yarns to make a project, the fun of making it and the pleasure of wearing it...and reap the compliments. Ok, so that isn't a two fold it's more...but with some knitting know how and picking the right pattern, you can get great satisfaction from a project...for many years.
One of my customers brought in an old Needlework hardcover book. It is hysterical yet classical...some of the patterns are so classic that if you remove the head from the photos and put on a new models head, the dress is in style. I am leaving it on the table to share with everyone it is a flash back moment.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Enjoying Tradition

I did something last night that I probably haven't done for .......15 years? I went to a church festival. I wanted to hear the Eddie Butts band. I love music and Scott and Cheryl and I went to do something different. Well the idea of a chicken dinner from Rupenas, did have something to do with it. The great part, the crowd was was a beautiful day, but I figure maybe Graduations, Weddings, who knows who cares, it wasn't crowded and that's all that matters to me. The music was so loud it was really distorted, and now I can hardly hear!!!! Just like the good old days when you would go to a dance and the hum of the speakers would resound in your ears for hours after, then you know it was a good concert!!!! We walked in and ate immediatly to avoid what we thought would be a rush? Then headed for the Carny stuff for a ....oh yeah baby a Funnel cake, fried in week old carny grease, nothing compares!!!! Then you won't believe this ....Scott and Cheryl went on the ....oh my God I forgot the name..Tilt o Whirl????? ...brain fart or too loud of music, or there I stood shoving greasy funnel cake into my piehole and was laughing so hard.....They were spinning at first not so fast and then they were pinned into the shell of the vynal clad seats, heads back and mouths was hysterical. I saw a few guys from work and that was fun, but the one that is still cracking me up ....I see this guy his name is Cliff..... a really nice guy and he was eatting corn

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Canada Vacation photos

That statue was not quite a weird as it looks in the photo, the traveling scarf is being held in it's left hand or it's right hand on the left side....oh figure it out!!!
This is one of those dreaded, "Are you going to make me look at Vacation photos?" But the good thing here is you have a choice.
The best way to view them is to do a slideshow.
So it was supposed to be cool today so I shut off the air and open all the windows and now it's hot and muggy??? My poor air conditioner is so confused, on or off, on or off, windows open windows closed??
I have them open but my arm is sticking to the computer desk, so it may be a short sprint to close everything up and enjoy the cooooool, dry air.
Canadian Vacation photos click here

Friday, July 11, 2008

Flying Carpet Socks

I am trying to get back into the groove. I finished a hat for Charity, actually I did it twice, once it was too small according to the pattern and second by my pattern and now it is better. I also am looking at finishing the Cat Bordhi sock, I am so close. I am working on the contrasting flaps in between the other flaps? Ok that made little to no sense....!!! I did a farenheit to celcius comparison and it was 97-100 degrees in Canada when we were there, and I think the humidity was the same. Knowing that is a two edged sword, I know when I was there it was really hot, had I known the real temp, it would have felt hotter. I in my pea brain kept trying to figure out what 38 celcius was and kept adding it to 32 which is freezing and came out obviously with 70 and knew it was hotter than 70, so when my traveling partner who is Serbian says it's 100 (every other Country but this one is Celsius), I didn't want to believe she actually knew what she was talking about? I really did believe her but at 100 degrees at home I would be basking in air conditioning with a cool glass of lemonade, not walking on concrete with the sun beating down with no hat, no drink, up hill all the way. I swear all of these cities are on hill and when I thought I would reach the top there was more and I would look back behind me and wonder when the downhill part would come and it didn't??? I think once I went downhill, and was afraid if I lost my footing I would wipe everyone out in front of my like a huge bowling ball that had sweat flying off of it. Not to mention the strand of yarn flying behind me. Have you ever been to that place in the Dells where everything is tilted, I began walking like that, leaning forward with my feet bent at a precarius angle. I am better now. LOL!!! At one of the cafes I ordered a Lemonade and got this awesome citrus ade, I am trying to duplicate it, it was Lemon and grapefruit, a little orange all in blender with ice....I didn't want to leave. I think I have finally caught up on sleep...then again maybe not...zzzz Well it's time to get ready for opening...

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Au Revoir Canada

I am home...I am pooped!!! It was a wonderful time. I got some knitting done, but mostly I was thrilled with Canada. I loved Quebec City, the people were friendly and pleasant. The History is firmly planted under your feet and surrounds you with it's buildings and cafes. I would go back in a minute!!!, not so great!!! The shops are all owned by Pakistanis and it reminded me of Mexico, where if you need a different size shirt they cross the street to their brothers and get one. It had lost it's quiantness in that regard. The buildings and parks are beautiful, but too much a big city for me. I had read the Yarn Harlots blog before leaving the US and was a little put off by her remarks sizing up Canada to America and in the comments, just how many Americans are willing to pick up and move because someone says it is a better place. She made a point of Bashing Bush which is not an uncommon thing, everyone here does it and that only opens the door for Foreigners to feel free to do it too!!! We have no regard for our President so why not everyone else, good or bad, we need to respect our Elected officials, after all we elected them, they were not appointed. They have free Health Care, they have had babies and it was Free!!! I really wanted to take a photo of the people in Montreal standing and waiting to get into the Health Care Clinic at 10 at night....there was a line 20 feet long and that was on the outside of the building. But it is free. I live in Milwaukee and it is a rather large city, I walk the streets and feel safe...Montreal was bustling at night as well, and during the day there were bums on every corner with cups out and cigarettes tucked behind each ear. Next to the restaurant we were going to eat at, we found a dead rat laying next to the building in plain sight. No one attempted to remove it and were walking around it... It made me sad to see all of this when three days earlier a picture was painted of Utopia!!! I would rather hope that if all the knitters that responded with I want to move to Canada were to go, there would be a mass exodus to the border. I have a thought that if you are unhappy with where you are you are Free to move, that is the glory of our can leave. I wonder what is holding them back, I am sure they could get a job? It is Utopia, the jobs are everywhere ask the people, with cups all over. I would just suggest you look a little deeper into what life really is outside of the US. Don't get me wrong Canada is a beautiful Country and it was friendly well Quebec City was, I was not charmed by Montreal. I did find a yarn shop in Quebec and by all rights it should have been open according to the signs and the hours, but it was I missed it. I did leave nose prints on all the windows. I had a wonderful trip and would go back to Quebec City in a heartbeat, there was not a thing I disliked about it, other than it was hot as hell....which is rare, but of course it had to have a heat wave while I was there. But I do love America and I choose to live here even though we have some crap here, for the most part we are quite well off. I would love to Visit Canada again, I will go directly to Quebec city where they are friendly and wonderful.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

BonJour from Quebec

I am having a great time. We have walked 100 miles and I think I am losing weight on this vacation? The kids are dragging me up hills (Quebec is on a huge hill/mountain.) I told them to take a photo of me because I know I am going to die!!!! I made it and my feet are not totally falling off. My heel spur decided to start acting up, but 20 Aleve a day seems to be helping! The weather is warm during the day and cool and wonderful at night. I think I have sunburn on my neck. I found some wonderful sweaters that I am bringing home for the shops designer alias Kim to pattern up. They are made of and you will not believe what I am going to say....Acrylic but would be wonderful in wool. I am speaking Ghetto French and trying hard to not look like a dorky tourist. It's not working, the camera around my neck is probably a dead give away....just kidding!!! Today I had my first tasse le cafe elonge (cup of coffee) outside on a patio. I finally asked what is the proper thing to order after getting 3 Espressos in a row and the jitters for a lifetime. It was wonderful, there are tons of cafes all over and I am taking advantage of them all. I am having a great time, I think I said that already but it is wonderful here. The people are friendly and Old Quebec is reminiscent of our little village in the Market place, only the shops are open and busy. They are three stories high and have open windows with no screens. (this is a fascination with me because I can't imagine life in Milwaukee with no screens. There are flowers hanging everywhere and the streets are all cobblestone. It is picture perfect, but I cannot post them yet because it would cost a fortune to transfer data, or I think. We visited the Castle, and walked where Royalty walked 400 years ago. That is where we walked up hill forever and I was sure to die up there or half way, coming down I told them to walk behind me because if I loose my footing I will take them out like a bowling ball. Tomorrow we go to Montreal for more .....walking and more fun. If I hung around these kids any length of time I would be thin. Isn't that a scary thought, for them. LOL Hey you at the shop, hope you are having fun? Wish you were here!!! hhahahahahahaha Later mes ami and au revoir. Ah yes I am knitting on my Traveling Scarf and getting totally weird looks.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

I'm ready

My bag is packed and I'm ready to go. I am sitting here running over the last minute details or last hour details. I am trying not to be too excited. I have to run to the bank and some little ditties this morning, but I am ready. I have had contact with some knitters from Quebec and she said knitting is not that popular??? I thought it was a rite of passage for Canadians? Who knew. Tomorrow being the Fourth of July and me being proud to be an American. Remember to Thank a Veteran or a Soldier, for your Freedom. This is something we all sometimes take too lightly. So take a moment to realize how important our Freedom is, I know it means alot to me. Maybe it's because of the way I have lived my life. My previous job as a Steamfitter, what Country could a woman do a job like that? I own my own shop...well me and the bank....a woman in Business. I have lots to be Thankful for. So enjoy the Fourth with Freedom and stay safe. I have to go now and carry my suitcase around and make sure I have everything. Today is going to be a loooooooong day!!! We leave about 5-8??? So if you stop by and I am closed, Sorry they came early, I don't foresee that.....if it was me, I'd be gone!!!! Au Revoir mes amis!!!!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Janism "Two more sleeps"

What this means is , I go to bed two more times and when I wake up it's the day I go on Vacation!!!! When I used to be a kid, and we were going somewhere special and in those days that didn't mean Great America, It could mean Christmas, I would go to bed really early because when I woke up it would be the day of the Event. That is if I could sleep!!!! I have my bag packed with clothes actually and now if you pack conservatively, it leaves more room for fun. Like yarn and fiber and spindles and needles and more. So I figure if I pack early I can plan for my fun stuff. I am almost done with the sock that the name eludes me at this moment. The Cat Bordhi sock in a kit???? It was fun to knit and I hope it will be finished soon, if I keep working on it, I am on the cuff. I found about 6 more mosquito bites tonight, that was fun. I am going to got to sleep now so when I wake up it will be one more sleep!!!! What a tard!!!!