Friday, June 27, 2008

I have corpses in my ears????

I have a dead mosquito corpse in my ear. I am not kidding it was the attack of the killer mosquito herd. (It came out) The bumps are starting, on all the good spots, like my ankles, between my fingers....behind my knees and elbows and wrist bones. Maybe they know I am a I will have these very attractive red circles all over for my vacation.....Now what I find hard to figure out is, when I need blood drawn they actually had to do an ultrasound to find a vein so they didn't have to dig for one. How come these batards can find them with a micro needle and no technology???? Ok so I know it's not a vein but I feel thinner, less blood.....I think I'm down a quart. When I signed off last night I turned around and there were 10 on the wall, I couldn't find the camera???? So today I got smart and closed the door to the eh eh... tonight one mosquito.....and he my friends is a dead one. Now when I go to sleep if I hear the ultimate zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....I am taking a Benadryl and let them eat cake....I hope they get diabetes from all the sugar in my blood.....
Knitting,....hhhmmmmm I am knitting on ....a bunch of socks, an old sweater, well it's never been finished, but has been risen from a basket....from when I cleaned...remember!!!! Thank. you for all the wonderful ideas for keeping the bites away

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Nightgown Sushi Bar

Yeah you read that right!!!!! Now picture that girl up there, without Asian features, white, pink and purple hair, about 100 pounds heavier and mosquitos all over her......I just figured out one of the downsides of living upstairs from a shop, where people are coming and going all day!!!!! I just finished a class so it is night and I put on my nightie, or tent, whichever is more appropriate at the moment and decided to lay on the couch and watch the "Big Bang" or Fireworks for Summerfest....
I am being attacked by blood thirsty mosquitos. I am not kidding, I have single handedly killed 10 and one flew in my ear and while I was thrashing my head around to dislodge it, two more were biting my elbows and ankles... I am serious, I may have to get mosquito repellent to wear to bed!!!!! I can see one right now on the wall....just waiting for me to relax again. They are flying into my glasses, is this on camera somewhere....... I feel like one of those sushi restaurants where the woman lie naked and the food is all over them...I'm just one honking huge buffet. This is freaky and tomorrow I am closing off the upstairs, this is like camping without the bonfire. The glory of this is that the bites won't show up for two days, so I will be a walking welt by Sunday!!!!! My desire to knit on a sock has left and I want to go get some armor to protect me from the darn mosquitos. What the heck are they doing in my ear?????....another one.....I am going to get Q-tips and shove them in my earholes to keep them from flying into them. So picture this, heavy sweatshirt and flannels, wool socks, air conditioner cranked on high, Q-tips in both ears and sitting in my living room????? What is wrong with this picture??? Boy this ruined the Fireworks and I'm not even outside!!!!! Body count 20 and the one on the wall is about to be 21.......

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hot Potato Flu

Ok, I pride myself in the fact that I have avoided every cold that has entered my shop...every sniffle and nose blow, but the flu, I am a magnet for the flu. Last Thursday I had to take my mom to the ER because she had the bug and was dehydrated. They kept her overnight and she is still not great. So this morning I wake up with my stomach boiling, (it could have been the kraut???) but, I was sick all day, once again Kim to the rescue and she had to wind up the beginning knitting classes fourth week. They are amazing with their hats and dish cloths and their drive, and they brought me flowers aahhhhh. So if you stopped by today, sorry I wasn't there, I am hoping to be open tomorrow.
So I am getting suspicious of the fact that whenever we get together, we get sick???? Is it subliminal, do we make each other sick? I am beginning to think it is the water, but my mom lives in an apartment, you know the Senior kind where kids send their parent to die, yeah that kind. oh maybe the water is bad and we are partaking???

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Cleaning is a good thing!!!

When you loose something....or at least when I lose something, it drives me crazy!!!! I lost a ring, I bought it at an Art show and my mom gave me the money for my birthday. I have had this ring for years and all of sudden lost....into the black hole....gone....vanished. I had looked everywhere, in every nook and cranny, under ring!!! Now I loved this ring even more that it was gone. Figuring it was a lost cause and getting ready for my son's future in laws to come for dinner, I was cleaning. Oh, I know, it's a dirty word but yes I was actually moving things to dust. Low and behold it was on my nightstand all the while. I have this wonderful habit of taking rings off in my sleep and there it was under the doily, hiding from plain sight. So that means cleaning does have an advantage. Now has anyone seen my inhaler????
Nine days to Vacation!!!!! Naturally my heel spur is acting up in full force, making me wonder if I should go and get a cortizone shot now.....or will it go away if I baby it???? I found a purse to take, so that is one less thing to worry about., Now I have to practice carrying it, just like a little girl. I don't want to forget it somewhere so it is virtually empty till I get used to it. On the other hand because it is empty, it is stupid to carry it??? I have enough weight to carry around with out adding a purse. I know what I am taking with me to knit, but what about to wear??? I am taking the traveling scarf, I know it didn't start yet but I want it to really travel, so mine will be a few inches longer than the others.
This is a rant, so if you don't want to hear my rant, stop reading here.
I am sitting here sipping my morning coffee and the news is a matter of 5 minutes they are discussing, the government is pushing company owners to encourage fat people to lose weight or they will lose their insurance and their job. They want us to all have a certain waist size or you won't get health insurance. Have they seen my relatives???? Then, they said if you have bad credit, you can lose your job??? I have only one question....who is going to be working? Thin, wealthy people? Are they going to support the onslaught of unemployed fat/late payment people? I can say fat because I am, I understand worrying about our health, but as Whoppi Goldberg said , take the Sucrose and high refined and other sugar crap out of our diet, no other Country in the World uses that a a sweetner. Yes we are responsible for our own problems, but look at any food you buy that is processed it is full of crap....!!! So if you are fat or are late on your Utility bill, you may not have to worry about working? So grab some store bought food, and sit on the couch and watch TV, don't get sick, or don't worry about it because they have programs for the un insured and let the thin, rich people keep working!!!!!! AAACCCKKKKKKKK Ok, I'm done.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

WWKIP Day at Just 4 Ewe

I am attempting to upload the slide show of photos from the WWKiP day? This could be photos from just about anywhere or nothing??? As usual all the photos were taken at first and then nothing again, so I missed quite a few knitters that came later. We had a great time, it didn't rain, it was Sunny and really sunny and then rather warm....for me anyway. Everyone got a WWKiP day Button and Purls of Wisdom beads and a Door Prize well actually a yarn prize. Food food food, we had lots of Food. Thanks to everyone for helping make this day a very special one all around the World!!! Knitters Unite!!!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

My apologies for whining

So as I sit back and assess the situation...Shame on me for whining. I now know what happened in my basement and I also know it isn't the worst. I turn on TV and could cry at the loss of so many people. I drive around the area and it makes me ill to see households sitting on the curb waiting the garbage truck. I had a drop of water in comparison to others. My heartfelt sympathy goes out to all of those people. I also was a little smug in thinking "I have insurance" oh I do, it won't cover the plumber and the carpeting and the possibly 5 boxes of wet deductable is $1,000.00. I guess my thinking is if I loose my appliances down there, then it will be a loss. In other words, my Bush incentive check which won't even get here till July or August, is already spent 3 different ways, but at least I know it's coming.
Today is WWKiP day!!!!! I have lots of Door Prizes and we will have snacks and freebies, so be sure and stop by, for a little while anyway!!!! I think we may see sunshine!!!!! I know, I am asking a lot but I heard it was making a guest appearance!!!! Stay dry and Safe!!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

World Wide Knit in Public Day

Hey, you have to come and knit for a bit!!! WWKIP day is this Saturday and we are going to have lots of fun!!! Bring a chair, drink a snack to pass if you wish and a project. I will have Door Prizes and no it's not wet wool. None of that got wet..thank you!! You must be here to collect your prize though. I am ready for the next flood, if it stays contained that is....and every rain cloud has a silver eh eh....I am rearranging my studio and making it better!!!!! So things have to go and I am purging!!!! See you Saturday!!!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Call me ....stupid?

I take photos of my feet, yarn, flowers, yarn, bugs, tattoos, pancakes,did I mention yarn, but do I take photos of my wet basement? Do I, the one that has her phone on her at all times, when the water was streaming in....think to take a photo? Even if only to blog the disaster? Do I take photos of the rolls of wet carpeting now in the dumpster? Heck no...because I am brain dead and the insurance company knows how trustworthy I am....isn't everybody? Do you think someone might lie about this??? So tomorrow before the dumpster guy comes, and hoping no one threw garbage on top of it, I will be doing some dumpster diving to get a photo. Why not, I have come to like smelling like wet .....anything...on the other hand.I am so sick of the smell of wet concrete , that I even dread the thought of a shower, but not that I take it in wet concrete, but water, in any form is scary !!! I would go out there tonight but the raccoons tend to inhabit the dumpster at night and they are probably sitting on the carpeting munching on chicken scraps. If I open the lid and bother them, they get downright nasty. So I am going to take photos of the drying cement, the fans, the dehumidifier, the piles of totes and the clean area, had they seen the basement before they would gasp to see a "clean" area. I hate the look of the bare concrete and had a sudden urge/stupid idea to do that epoxy floor down there, but if water keeps making an appearance how good is that stuff? I do know there will be no carpeting down there, I repeat the nice carpeting is out....!!!! Oh, Oh and good news, the Insurance agent called and I DO have sewer/sump back up coverage, unlike the Emergency hotline woman that said I didn't, I knew I did or thought I had ordered it about a month after I moved in here. But of course they tried to say I didn't...I knew I did, so I can see where this is going with no photos, in an age of cell phones, with cameras, and digital cameras and me just freaking out and forgetting to take photos?

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Queen of De Nial

The night from a movie? As I was sitting in the basement, my new hangout, relaxing and listening to the sump pump do it's thing. I am getting my survival nest pretty comfy and the tornado warnings were still going on....when an alarm goes off on my sump pump. There was only one reason I was aware it went off and that was when the water in the back up battery goes dry and needs more water. I get up and notice I don't hear the sump pump and as I am walking it was like a movie. Water creeping in around me, the floor disappearing under water...I have the phone in my hand and call my brother in a screaming basement is flooding???? My sump pump quit, one look and the crock is full of water and I can't hear any pumping....Help me I don't know what to do? He is upset and says he can't leave because the streets are closed due to flooding. Besides nothing is open any more, where can we get a sump pump???? I don't care pull one out of your arse....ahhh crap I don't know what to do....will I get electicuted? he says if you stand in the water and you have an electrical cord in the water, yes you will.....Ok so now we have my two most dreaded things, water, I can't swim, not realizing the water probably will not top the stairway, and
electric!!! I head for the steps, I'm calling a plumber I don't care what, he can fix this and the wet carpeting and all my stuff!!! So I call the Emergency number and am reassured I am on the top of the list, I called quickly that is a good thing they remind me...yeah...get out your wallet....I keep looking for the water to hit the first seems to have stayed the same....I call the neighbor, we are all on one sump...mine!!! Her basement is flooded too, but she tells me hers is worse because she has a finished basement....You know what when someone is freeking upset about their running and rising water, don't even go there and say well mine is worse....rationally it probably is, but right now I am two steps away from ripping your head off of your neck.
In my mind I am seeing floating totes of yarn, bobbing gently in a circle laughing at me...
The plumber comes and notes the sump is working fine it just can't keep up? There are a few things we can do here....he is talking calm and like a used car salesman. I think he senses I am not calm and not buying his sales pitch to put in a bigger crock? are you on drugs? can you do that tonight? Now? Well no he calmly replies, I's raining and more rain to come and can you build an Ark? He gives me a few more let's put it this way cheaper alternatives. I came up with one of my own, put in a larger pump? Ok? Oh sure I can do that, but with the water rising so fast I may have to do that another day!!!! WHAT? Warm sunny Monday??? Well I can....blah blah blah.....Dan really was nice, just too calm for me. So he did it right and it is done and water is leaving the area. My wallet is $800. lighter.... Now the aftermath....I kept looking at it wishing it gone....what is my line of attack? I didn't sleep last night and now I am having coffee, I did bring out the carpet cleaner to suck water out of the rugs, I have a Migrane....last night I turned the humidifier up and put a fan on and that is going to do the magic.....that is going to dry up the sopping carpeting and some cardboard boxes......I am in denial.......I am toast!!!!! But, I am very thankful that it wasn't a tornado, I could have lost my home, which the neighbor said would have been good for her, I reminded her I live here, I appreciate not living in a shelter, in my nightgown. Not today...... Clean up begins.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Auntie Em, where's Toto?

Just another quiet Friday at the shop....customers shopping and visiting and knitting. It is about 3ish and the weather has turned ugly. I am getting as nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs and at the door is a familiar face....Martha. Martha is looking a tad nervous Ok? I ask and she is talking fast and hyper, the storm is ...well it's right behind me and almost here. You sure, I have TV on and they said it's out West of here? Come on in and knit a while, we can listen to the weather together...hey that rhymes... The phone calls start, It's Lois....hey Janny, they said there is tornado warnings in Oak Creek? Ok thanks, text message...Hey mom, are you Ok? Tornado headed your way. Hey Martha? We better get in the basement. Martha has never been in the "Studio/crap filled basement" Hey I've never been down here...oh really, I spend most of tornado season down here, under that beam on that there chair,under the stairway. You can sit there. So there we were, another phone call from Karen in Mukwanago, "I hope you're in the basement" I am thanks!!!! My son is texting again to see if we're Ok, and I tell him to send food!!! I try to work this cheap crappy weather radio I bought for this special reason and I can't get any reception, works really well. I have my flashlight and lantern. There we sit looking at each other Martha has her fiber in hand and purse in the other hand and I am fidgeting. Which one of us will get the Ruby slippers? While Martha was on the phone calling her husband, a huge centipede went fluttering behind her on the wall and I almost said, Oh I hope you aren't afraid of centipedes, but something told me to shut up , that she would be and I would be trampled over and no one would get the Ruby slippers. So Martha there was a huge Centipede right behind your you shut up and I get the slippers.
Thanks to everyone for comforting me when I am freaking out about storms, but the centipede and Martha kept me busy!!!!

Soft warm Fuzzy's

I am feeling a new love.....I am holding it and caressing it and petting it. I am playing with it and admiring it's's quality and it is Yarn....oh yeah baby!!! I just got in some Aruancania, I'm sure it is the wrong spelling because I totally destroyed the label in a mad attempt to wind the yarn into a ball. You should hear how I pronounce it!!! It is Merino, Alpaca and Silk and it's yummy, the dying is in short spurts so when you knit it , it doesn't stripe it speckles. I am making a beginner hat, so when my beginning knitting class gets to the last week, I will show them what the hat pattern looks like. My other sample hat got handed in to a Charity hat program somewhere?
My son and his fiance are taking her mom and I to Quebec and Montreal for the 400 anniversary celebration. I will be closed 4th of July weekend. This is the first vacation I will have been on since I opened the shop. It will be fun and a good chance to get to know the in laws. I am going to try to sneak to some yarn shops. I may have to ditch everyone else, maybe I'll pretend to have a headache or .....need coffee, which may be located near a YS..! I don't pretend to travel well with others, I tend to be a loner and like exploring on my own. My son will have no problem with this at all... I have a strong need for alone time and 7 days of togetherness may put me on Prozac. or Qualudes, one of the two. I am totally optimistic about this though and I know it will be a good time. Her mom is very nice as is she. I am brushing up on my French (pastries). Stay dry and knit up a storm!!!!

Monday, June 02, 2008

Hee Haw!!!

This laugh is on me....Monday's are Money Mondays. I do most of my errands on Monday and spend most of the money I have on Mondays...hence the name Money Monday!!! So on my circle of errands I stopped at Barnes and Noble and I was not looking for a knitting book, I was looking for a good whole food cook book. So as I looked from row to row with my neck kinked over in a ninety degree angle trying to read spines and trying to keep my balance, I happened upon the book above. Hhhmmmm I love my Magic Bullet (small blender) for those of you with your minds in the gutter!!!! It is perfect for one person for making salad dressing, chicken salad, egg salad, sauces and so much more....Italian Ices....Imagine my smile as I tried to straighten out my neck to read the book the right way. I opened it and the first recipe was some kind of Ginger Dressing with Sesame and you blend it and my heart was pounding... who would have thought someone wrote a whole book on my little blender? I think I may have to have this all my excitement I started to read the book tonight because God only knows I have nothing to do but read a cookbook, I got half of the description right.... book!!!!! So laying back and reading, I seem to notice they don't tell you to blend some of these recipes or how many times to push the blender and hhhmmmm let me look in the contents, Bioflavonoids? This Magic Bullet book is about healthy recipes too, wow I got more than I had even hoped...except that is the Magic Bullet, it's not about a stinking blender it's about the Magic of eatting Bioflavonoids!!!!!! So here's another book for the shelf. Here's my sign "Call me stupid!!!"

Sunday, June 01, 2008

The Game

The Game
I was on a blog and found a fun thing to do. This is the game. You go on Flickr and search for the following pictures. You can only use a photo from the first page, no cheating. Then make a Mosaic, Mine are a tad skewed up??? I will relabel them for you
Left to right
Your flickr name, One word to describe me, What I love most in life
What do I want to be when I grow up, fav dessert, dream vacation
Favorite drink, Celebrity crush, Color
High school, Food, and first name.

The Questions:

1. What is your first name?
2. What is your favorite food?
3. What high school did you go to?
4. What is your favorite color?
5. Who is your celebrity crush?
6. Favorite drink?
7. Dream vacation?
8. Favorite dessert?
9. What you want to be when you grow up?
10. What do you love most in life?
11. One Word to describe you.
12. Your flickr name

You can play too.