Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year

Yesterday I watched a new movie called "What the bleep are we thinking?" It is a good documentary type movie telling you how important positive thinking really is. So in the interest in making life even better, before I got up I reinforced some positive thinking. ie: How great my day was going to be, How I am going to make someone elses day better...blah blah blah
So I got up, took Joey out for our morning walk, she seemed Happy, and came in to do some printing for the shop. I get some signage done and simultaneously I am printing and laminating the printed items. Well that was my plan, because I am happy!! I get one thing printed and I'm out of I just bought this ink, how can I be out..(remember I'm happy) So OK, I am out of ink, after I close I will go get will go on. So I feed a sheet of verbage into the laminater that is blinking it's ready, only to jam that puppy up? So I have hot plastic sitting in between rollers that you can not possibly get at, because they made it that way. I am now digging into, with a fingernail file, a plugged in, hot laminater!!! Later I am going to close up the store and I pinch the fat part....well it's all fat parts of my pointer finger in the sandwich sign out front. I swore a blue streak, inside my head and rubbed it thinking that will defer the pain....but I'm happy...Then carrying some big freaking box down the steps the cardboard ripped only to end up on my toe....that resulted in Ow Ow Ow..But I am happy..I think my life was better the day before I watched this movie? This has been a great year for can only get better next year!!! I hope all of you, enjoy yourselves in this coming year!! Remember positive thinking!!! Bah hum bug!!!

Monday, December 18, 2006


Sometimes I think I am pretty selfish. I am selfish with my time and space and things like that. But...when I retreat to my home, I find I really am not selfish at all. I share every aspect of my life with none other than my animals. I sit in my recliner and I can almost guarantee, I will have two furry creatures, one by my arm, one by my feet, purring and snoring. I take a bath and I have a cat that likes to be rubbed down with warm water sitting on the edge of the tub and the dog is hoping I will let her lick the soap. I cook and I have to watch where I walk, I have two animals circling under my feet. Anyone that has used my bathroom will attest to the fact that the cat seems to lurk by the door waiting for a new sucker to go in, and then he starts his ritual of looking as sad as he can into your eyes while you are perched on the commode. Reaching up with one arm like he is begging for you to pet him. I go to bed and I share that too with both of them, to the point that if I happen to move during the night the dog growls with disgust and annoyance, that I should bother her sleep. I guess when I look at it I am not selfish, just lucky!!! Lucky they let me live in thier house!!!!

My website is fixed!!!! Hurray!!!!!!!!

Friday, December 15, 2006

So Sorry!!

I want to Thank everyone that came to my Open House. It was fun and I got lots of flowers!!! Thanks! Also my website is down, not on your end, but on mine, I can't update it. Of course when I need it most I don't have it. It happened with the move. Tomorrow the IS guy is coming to figure it out...I hope. So when it can be updated I certainly will be doing some serious updates. Until then, I am standing at the top of the basement steps...peering down into a vast sea of brown. Brown cardboard boxes!!!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Mission Accomplished!!

Many of you have met my SIL Cheryl. She is the best Sister in Law anyone could have, she deserves a better name, she is more my friend, supporter, favorite critic. She has NO hobbies!! I know I said hobbies!!! She is a hard worker, likes to shop and grocery shops more than anyone I know, hobbies. While helping me move and carrying bags of yarn around for weeks, I think something rubbed off? Saturday during my open house, she was helping me and I had a pair of square knitting needles with some yarn on it, for people to try. She asked me about it and I showed her and she is addicted. I gave her a book and she is eatting it up....then she has the nerve to ask me, why I never told her it was so addicting? I guess she doesn't remember schleping the million bags of yarn and fiber up from my studio?? So now she is digging through drawers looking for more yarn!! I am so happy, she is finally hooked!!! You will now be seeing her at my Meetups and whatever else she can go to for her addiction!!