Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Lots a News!!!

Man do I have the good news!!! One, Kim Ogle, pattern designer extraordinaire is writing patterns for Fiesta/Ironstone yarn company. They have requisitioned three patterns with their yarn, so that girl is off and running!!! Congratulations Kim and don't forget us little guys!!!! She does a good job and it's time she gets some reward!!!
Second and this is really big!!!
Sheep in the City Getaway!!! February 27, 28 and March 1st 2009!!! Mark your Calenders!!!! This will be a Milwaukee event, with vendors, classes, make and takes...All fiber doings, door prizes and more!!! Knitting, Spinning, Weaving, Crochet and Felting!!! Do as much or as little as you like. We will be holding it at Comfort Suites Convention Center, 6362 S. 13th St. Oak Creek, WI You can stay in a fantastic room with microwaves and fridges. There is a fitness room and two pools, whirlpool suites and a hot continental breakfast in the morning. We are buzzing here trying to get our ducks all in a row!!!! So mark your calenders or reserve your room.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Booby Sock, Bad girl

Confession of a sweet addict.....I bought a brownie.....no I bought two brownies....I took two bites of each and threw them out...they really didn't taste like a thought they would. I took them out of the box they came in and really threw them out. Not just set in the box close to the garbage. No, I put coffee grounds on them....and dirty kleenix, I hate dirty kleenix. I really craved them, and I was disappointed....was it guilt....I don't think so, was it my desire to eat better???? well....I am proud of myself that I didn't just keep shoving them in regardless of taste??? I do have issues. So to keep busy hands, I started my Booby sock. it's a fun knit!!!! Small but fun. I can only do so much because it is so tiny. But maybe I will inspire you to start your Booby sock for Breast Cancer. and not eat brownies????

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ply Split Braiding Addiction

Let me introduce the Teacher/Weaver Lou French!!!

This was our class room and Jean Hutchinson is assisting in making cords and many of them.

Char is working on the Wave braid

My wave braid key ring.....did I mention how fun this is?

I have used most of my cord so now I am in a waiting period for the winder.
So I told you I took a class last weekend. At one of the Weavers Guild Meetings, one of the Members had on a beautiful necklace, that was reminiscent of macrame. I asked if she made it and if she said yes and then I asked what technique it is and she told me Ply Split braiding....Voila and obsession is born. I searched every site I could to find out as much information as I could and kept hitting walls. I paid wayyyyy too much for book from Peter Collingworth only to find as the rest of Peters book it is an excellent historical reference but toooooo technical to figure out. So now I have a book, and a very basic knowledge of Ply Split braiding. Then a class was offered by Lou French. I was thrilled, I was excited.....I didn't sleep the night before. It was wonderful. It was so fun to learn a totally new technique, I was sucking up as much information as I could....a monster has been created.
Drawback-you make your own cords to do this. This entails, a device that goes on your drill to twist the cords...Ok I want one and Lou sells them but she didn't have any....now the wait and we all know how much I hate to wait. So I have been rationing my cord braiding, in hopes that the winder gets here soon. I asked Lou if I could teach the class and she sort of gave me her blessing. I understand now why, it is hard to write the directions and it is hard to explain, so she has done a wonderful job!!! Thanks Lou

Monday, April 07, 2008

Fiber diet to Knit longer?

Well I went to the Dr. this morning and of course he brought up the fact that I gained like 15 pounds in a nano second. I know it he knows it my pants know it. So he said I need to eat healthier or....
1. I will get diabetes, it is inevitable and weight is a great invite.
2. I will have a stroke and I am so overweight that I don't want anyone to have to lift my dead horse weight onto a stretcher.
3. I will have a heart attack? Also a family inheritance.
So here's the plan.
I want to knit longer!!!! We can still party at all our things but we have to choose healthier alternatives. With summer coming, there is a lot of fruit and veggies we can graze on.
So, I am starting a Fiber diet.
We will weigh in once a week and record it in our journal. I am thinking Thursday anytime, you can check in. I have a lying @$%^#^ scale. here and I will get on it in front of everyone too and I am no light weight. We will put $2.00 a week into a pot and after 3 months whoever lost the most honest weight will win the money to spend on Fiber. It will be like a Weight Watcher meeting, we can do this if we don't stand alone. So If you are interested let me know. I am starting tomorrow!!! I do want to live longer and healthier, with my life as perfect as it is right now I don't want to screw it up!!!! Join me????

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Martha did it!!!!

I have been so excited about this class I took this weekend. I have had a hard time sleeping, thinking of all the stuff I need to bring and one was my Ott light. So I placed it on the back counter behind some stuff (Imagine that) Well needless to say Martha was sitting back there and in this High Fashion Drama she threw her head back swooped her arms and knocked my poor Ott light on the floor. I think that is what happened... I kept saying it's OK, but with the moment of class closing in I needed the light NOW, it has been in hibernation for years and NOW I need it. So after Martha left, I picked up my poor, bruised Ott light, carefully plugged in it's life line and gently opened it up and nothing....no light....no breath....dead!!!!! Pushing up daisies , dirt nap....gone never to shine it's little light any more. My eyes teared up a tad...I caressed it's smooth sides and then started to rip it's top off to try to extract the light bulb. That is what was broken, so I grabbed my JoAnne coupon and off to shop I went....being a little afraid and limited on time that the bulb was not the only thing broke, I found a really cute Pink Ott light for dirt cheap on clearance so I grab it and off to the checkout I go. The clerk who is younger than me says."Honey this coupon is expired...yesterday?" As tears welled up in my eyes , I told her about how Martha Broke, I mean accidentally trashed my other Ott light and I need it for a class tomorrow and it was given to me by Great Grandmother and "sob" being that I lost a family heirloom, I grabbed the wrong coupon and did I mention I need it tomorrow!!! She caved!!! So off I danced with my new light and used it happily this weekend.....
Martha has offered to replace it but this is just tooooooo much fun. I would rather her not so I can keep mentioning the fact that she destroyed maliciously my humble Ott Light...but hands off the pink one Baby!!!!!! Tomorrow photos of the class which was way cool!!!!!

Friday, April 04, 2008

What can Joey do for Brown?

If I never get another UPS delivery you can thank Joey!!!! Otherwise refered to as Precious!!!! We were hanging out knitting, and Joey comes running down the steps to make me aware that the UPS driver is pulling up. Now for the most part she doesn't run out the back door.....but I think with Spring in the air and Squirrels darting back and forth on the road, I think Joey is having a harder time containing herself? Compared to what you may ask but she really doesn't run out if I tell her to stay. In defense of her, the FedEx guy Vince loves her and riles her up every time he makes a delivery, playing with her and making her jump and go crazy. The UPS guy is more serious and I open the door and he hands me a package and Joey flys past me and nails the poor guy in the Nutz.....there was a quick jerk forward and my ackward "joey get in here" I quickly closed the door. I did hear the truck drive off so I know he wasn't too crippled to drive, so I sighed a sigh of relief and chuckled a little as I turned and told the woman what just happend. So if I don't get anymore deliveries from UPS, I guess I understand.