Saturday, May 30, 2009

Cast your face to the wind

Someone loves to put his face into the wind. Don't you just wonder what goes through an animals mind???? Iggy loves facing the wind and barely opening his eyes.
I am working on knitting the yarn I spun with these huge sequin flowers. After ripping it three times, I think I finally have it figured out. I am alternating some brown sheep in between so the sequin flowers (up to 2"s) don't get too bunchy. My feeling on this is the hat will look like the old sequin hats, or maybe an Ester Williams swim cap???? It's anyone's guess. Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Culprit

This morning for whatever reason I woke up with a renewed interest in my Barbie doll. I remembered she had a knitting outfit with a bowl of yarn and a book as accessories. After our morning walk I brought out my coveted blue Barbie wardrobe, the one that after 50 years the handle snapped off, leaving a sharp piece of plastic to scratch the hell out of you. Inside is a treasure of Barbie outfits, the Skater, the Airline Stewardess, the seductress, the teacher and so much more. For all the bad rap Barbie got she really did let little girls know they could be more than a Mom.....I never remember looking at her and feeling negative about me...oh yes I did, I wanted her Platnum Blonde Bubble hair.....this is not my first Barbie but it was the one that I loved most. I had the first one that came in a black and white striped bathing suit, with a blond pony tail that my sister took out and restyled and it never looked good again. She had hoop earring, which I noticed this Barbie is missing her one pearl earring and one shoe and the knitting bowl, but not the "How to Knit" book. I wonder how many little girls showed an interest in knitting, after they got Knitting Barbie outfit. I also have some handmade outfits from a friend of mines mom, My mom actually knit my Barbie a sweater with teeny needles and I have that too, the moths or silverfish did a little buffet on all my wool outfits, so the sweater you see is actually hole ridden and putting those pointy fingered hands into a holey sweater was a real treat. So today Barbie sis visiting the shop.....!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Thank you Veterans, for my Freedom

Not just today but everyday, please remember to Thank a Veteran for your freedom. In some Countries, I would not be able to own my own business as a woman. I would not be able to vote, choose my clothing, speak in public. As a woman i would be lower than snake belly. I know how lucky I am, and it has not come without a cost. People have given their lives so I can do these things. I know a Thank you is a small token, but I do remember you, and will always respect you for what you have given me. No matter why, or when, you have left your family's to protect mine. Right or Wrong, you have gone at your Countries request, to do something you will never forget. It will live on in your mind forever. It was not just a two year stint it was a lifetime. You have come back with scars that may or may not be visible. I thank you for your hardship, because of you I can write this without fear, because of you I can walk the streets alone, without a male companion, without a black robe covering my whole body. Thank you every day not just today, everyday!!!! Remember to hug a Veteran and say a prayer for our Soldiers all over the World fighting to keep us safe.
Knit a hat for the Veterans Christmas Party in December. I am collecting them here at the shop!!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Neighbors

A new family has taken residence at the corner. I think there are four kids and a mom and dad. They are relatively quiet especially when dad is home. When I sit outside I can look right into their home and spy on them. Oh oh there is a fight going on over there, and mom just left. Dad is looking around like "what was that all about?" no clue. I get to watch the babies fun. I think their name is the Sputzy's. That is what I will call them. The weather sure is awesome, no complaints other than the wind, but if it weren't a tad windy it would be down right HOT!!!! I am not knitting tonight I am going to watch the finale of American Idol....what else.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

First Sunday closed

Today is my first Sunday closed....I woke up at 6:ish and we went for a walk. I am savoring my first cup of coffee and deciding what course I am going to take today. Now I never plan, but I do list things that I need to do. Cleaning house is one of them and finish unpacking and taking my mom out for a belated Mother's day.
My baby (Iggy) is acting like a real good puppy. I think that leaving him with someone else for a few days has changed him. One, he no longer wants to go potty on his spot on the deck, he wants to take a walk and do his duty. I need the walk too. He now sleeps with me out of his cage...and he stays in bed all night. His pen is gone from the shop and he walks around like he owns it and for the most part leaves the yarn alone, unless of course he gets bored. He sleeps in his bed in the shop and when people come in he goes to meet them. He will run out the door if given the chance but after all he is a puppy and boys will be boys. Why is it when you try to teach a child/dog something they totally ignore you. I do remember someone telling me you can try to teach your dog something and all of a sudden they reach a certain age and it all clicks. I think my baby has reached that age!!! It is getting easier to be his mom and I am not constantly saying NO No ....but it isn't over yet I'm sure....

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I'm back!!!

Hello Hello Hello....I had the best time and can't wait to go back. I may have to drag some new bodies along to share the fun. I met a bunch of new women and Spinning enthusiasts. Now to explain the photo above...upon leaving YS..I saw a buffallo ranch and screamed at Martha who was driving...STOP, they may sell fiber from Kansas buffallo....Martha droned with a little Kansas accent, "they won't have fiber, only meat" never know they may have insight into a cash crop...let's check. So out saunters this tall lanky guy, usual tractor hat on and I blurt with excitement..."Do you have any wool from the buffallo, you know fiber, hair????? he puts his long fingers up to his chin and gives it a little rub.."hhhmmm seems the dogs had some the other day, hold" he holds out this 1 foot piece of matted buffallo fur" me...Oh thanks that is good, I can work with this? So he places it in a bag for me, I did notice he was wearing heavy leather gloves...and I sealed the bag. Off we went and while unloading the car I found the buffallo toupee and "What the heck is this in the bag?? it had a cigarette butt with it.....nice!!! So I am going to make something beautiful from my Kansas Buffallo minus the butt!!!!
I'm sure he went in to his family at dinner (if he waited that long) and said (Some city nuts stopped by today.....wanted some wool.....that's when the whole family started rolling on the floor laughing)

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Yarn School

I am ready to go.....well kind of.... there are those last minute must pack things. I hate packing, I am a light packer, I figure if I don't have it I don't have it??? The weather is the main problem, will it be chilly or hot ....hopefully on the chilly side, and not HOT. I know there is rain in the forecast, but my headaches can tell me if it's going to rain better than the new improved Doppler radar. Iggy will be visiting a friend for the 6 days. The shop will be open, and Kim is having a sale on Mother's Day. I tried to finish my Alice in Wonderland sweater and only had 9 inches left....I choked, I whined, I denied starting it.....the want is there but the do is not....Lois is finishing it for I hope to wear it tomorrow...if it fits...LOL. Oh that's not really funny. So I will see you all in a week....Come see what I learned.
See that bench out in front on that photo....well it is no longer there. I was sitting on it and jiggling and it was funny because it happened in slow motion. I did look and it was all rotten....I hope.

Friday, May 01, 2009

American Icon

It's Friday night and the phone rings, there is an urgency in the ring. I take the phone in my hand and check the ID, it is a Madison area code. I know my friend is at the Gallery night in Madison and figure he must have seen something he needs to share. As I answer the phone, there is excited breathing, gasping you could say and then he hollars, ROBERT REDFORD IS IN MADISON....whhaaatt? I answer back, sure he is are you eatting too many funnel cakes? No he is google him, so I pull my lap top which is still warm from my exciting game of Mai Jong....and he is in Madison, for the Sundance Theatre, and to possibly donate money to the Arts at Madison. I loved Robert Redford in his old movies...especially Out of Africa, I could watch the scene where he washes Meryl Streeps hair 1000 times. Now back to my game....