Monday, June 29, 2009

Great Days!!!

This is the best weather, except the mosquitos are out with a vengence. I took Iggy out and had three on my hand at one time. I am not knitting anything right now, I have been spinning more. I just got the photos of the inside of my eye and I want to spin a batt that resembles that. It should be fun and the eye Dr. is even more excited. Today was awesome I took a bunch of photos and saw these two old ladies sitting in the park, can you imagine the conversation? I am getting tired of hearing about Michael Jackson, it is sad, yes, not sure how I feel about the charges that everyone is skirting around with his molestation, buy out? I am thinking how old I'm getting famous people I grew up with are all croaking???

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hot enough?

I do not like the heat of Summer, I was not the one saying I can't wait till I sweat like a horse and my makeup slides off of my face and my head sweats buckets...not me. The sun is wonderful, and it makes everything grow but unless you have a pool or live on a lake this weather stinks. Another thing, I was driving down Ryan rd, it has a 45 mph speed limit, I was in the right lane and another car was ahead of me in the left lane, there was not a car length between our bumpers, here comes Mr Harley and he cuts from the left lane into the right lane making me hit my brakes or him? I wanted to stop him and shake him up , he seemingly had two good legs and arms and I know he was lacking in the brain dept. So I am going to pull up next to him a the next light, (he really got far) I am going to ask him if his Donor card is signed because at least he will be good for something...he has ear plugs in!!!!!!! Something is wrong with, I can listen to his stinking loud pipes inside my car and that jerk has earplugs he preserving his hearing or keeping his brains in his head? I always try to be considerate of bikers, I hate their noise, I can't keep my window open at a stop light when a bike is next to me. I have a problem with noise polution, why can they have such loud pipes??? and I don't want to hear "loud pipes saves lives" safe driving saves lives, not those noisemakers. If my muffler were that loud, I would have a ticket. I think the heat is getting to me.....It's too hot for me to sit on the deck.....where are the breezes?
I need to finish something I started it will make me feel better.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

That's going to leave a mark/or TG for back fat!!!

So in our usual routine, I get up get dressed and take Iggy for his walk. I savor the fact that when I get back I can relax and have a cup of coffee. Outside my back door I have three wood steps. Can you see where this is going? I have a covered porch but I am in an alcove that collects leaves, garbage and those aweful white fluffy cottonwood whisps. The combination of all of these and then add torrential downpours, the steps have become slippery as ice. I know that now? I mean in the Winter I do know that, but it is June. I closed the door and that is the last thing I remember as I threw my hands up in the air and left go of the leash and ended up on the pavement. I do know that I hollored, what I am not sure was it IIIIggggggggyyyyyyyyyy, who is now running loose, or OOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWW whatever it was, it was loud and I laid there assessing the damage. OMG what hurts and what is hanging unfunctional? nothing yet, so I roll over and this in itself is quite a feat, slowly calling Iggy like he is some Lassie dog that will come to my aid with a rope and help lift me out of the well. I get on my hands and knees, wincing in instant stiffness.....oh this is going to leave a mark. I didn't hit my head but my back feels like a washboard, so I must have slid down my back, see back fat is a good thing, it cushions moments like these...sliding down steps at top speed with multiple tonage behind you. So Lassie is standing looking at me like "what the hell was that?" I 'm sure the ground shook some. I am up and of course we have to do our walk so he can do his duty, which I did not do in my pants, but as I lay there, my pants became a sponge and soaked up the whole puddle in my parking spot , so I could have? I ran a hot bath with epsom salts and think I will live, bruises are magically appearing at top speed and I'm sure tomorrow is going to be a real pain. Good news, nothing is dangling precariously ......just my pride....

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I love my coffee, my favorite is Alterra, a local roaster. When Alterra first came on the scene, they were adamant about using old buildings in the city and rejuvenating them into coffee shops. Like all good intentions they got corporatized and started building new buildings, the industrial looking type that lack the warmth of old used places. Well anyway, I don't mind paying for a good cup of Joe. So Micky D's keeps claiming their coffee is better now.....better than what I would like to know. I just went through the drive through for a cup of coffee and it is burnt, it is old, it is crap. By the way I look across the lot to Starbucks, did someone say we are in a recession?? There was a line of 8 cars waiting to buy $4.00 a cup minimum coffee that sucks too. My theory is put enough cream and sugar and syrup and chocolate and whipped cream and it will taste good. No doubt. I drink my coffee black, so I can taste my coffee. I found out that the burnt taste is to cover cheap coffee beans? I don't like strong high acid coffee, I love a mild tasty cup of coffee. So I will be spilling this garbage down the sink. I will be making my own coffee this morning and enjoying it for about .35 cent a cup....?

Monday, June 15, 2009

Meet Casper

This my friends is the little bugger I had all of those photos of ....three hours of photos and some how with my clicky fingers deleted him...I set up the tri pod and was going to use the remote, then realized I had to be in front of the camera to use that so I sat behind it and waited and waited and I have about 4 great shots that when you click through them fast look like he is flying!!! I had an awesome day today. My house is clean the rugs are all scrubbed and beautiful....the weather is awesome and now I have to go pick up the Igster at daycare....dinner tonight with the kids. It was Danijelas birthday yesterday and it kind of slipped by me. I am so pumped about the flower photos I got too....really close. I love Georgia O'Keefe and I am capturing the same type of flowers only in photos....I need to take a deep breath....great day

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Two Worlds Collide

To view photos click here

Wow, what a turnout!!!! I think we had over 30 some knitters. I had to laugh at the photos, (Iggy is posing like a stuffed animal on a couple, looking right into the camera.) Thanks to everyone that made this event a success!! We not only had WWKIP day but we had the kick off of Passport. Passport is a knitting Staycation, we are traveling the World through knitting. We are all given a Passport, and each Month we will knit something from a Country around the World ie: France/beret, Japan/Towashi fish, Ireland/Cables, Peru/Alpaca mittens and so on and so forth. The plan is to get knitters to try something new or to learn a new technique. It was so great because everyone was so willing to help beginners get started. You will have a Month to finish the projects which are pretty quick, and then you will get a stamp in your Passport for that Country. I am pleased to say I ran short of Passports, so this week I will be making more. It's not too late to join and we meet the second Saturday of the month for a new Country and you miss this you can come any time after that Saturday and pick up the Free Pattern and you purchase the yarn. It will be a lot of fun and you can get a head start on your Christmas presents. No project should be over $20 at most.
Thanks again for all the food, fun and sharing!!!! I hope you all had a good time.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

ducked up!!!

Honest, besides my printer not pulling in paper, but printing perfectly fine...this made me ill. My Monday really sucked, well kind of. I was driving along Puetz rd and crossing the street is a pair of male ducks, stepping into the street on the opposite side of the road is a female duck and car approaching fast is oblivious to Missy duck, duck takes off gets hit by car and flys up in the air and lands in front of my car, I was stopped and watching this in horror. The duck did shake it off and walk away, but as I drove away, my thoughts went to internal bleeding slow I go work in my studio and decide before I pick Iggy up from daycare I may just catch a nap....I turn on TV because nothing can make me sleep better than TV....Weather Alert!! Tornados and bad weather heading straight towards me due to hit where Iggy is about 4:05....I look at the clock and it's 3;30, I have to go pick up my baby, so off I go driving into a blackness. I get to Central Bark and their weather alert goes off, tornado heading due east and should hit about 4:05. I said I'm outta here and drive about 70 miles an hour due east towards home. My phone dings, text message my son " Mom tornados heading right for you take cover" He knows I would be in the basement already but he didn't know I was in the car...crapping my pants. So off go the sirens first in Franklin, then Oak Creek and I am crying now and my son calls and says "head north and pick me up and you will be fine, go north NOW!!!! So I am a freak fest by now and head north passing my home and fearing for my life. ....... by the time I get to downtown Milwaukee the all clear is sounded and it went out over the lake. We ended up having dinner which was very nice and gave me a chance to unwind.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Come and Go

This morning I woke up after spending about 3 hours in a chair yesterday, trying to catch the elusive Hummingbird at the feeder, I deleted the photos. I hooked up the camera, downloaded them, watched them upload, deleted the originals, and reformated my card. Poof gone. It made me think about, Casper, the hummingbird. I had some great shots of him...I waited waited for each trip he would make and snapped some shots, lots of shots, over three hours. Gone in a second...We have people in our lives like that. They come into your life and spend time and rub off, thier lives on ours and we intermingle, share things and then without a notice they disappear, not through a disagreement but just happenstance. Lives get in the way of lives. We each leave a piece of of ourselves with another. Our phone calls get less and less and before you know it, we are not close at all anymore. I have a friend that I have known since I was a kid, we were best friends, we still are, but not like we were. I know things change we get married, we get jobs, but why do friendships have to take a hit? I know in my heart, if I picked up the phone and said,"Cindy" she would be here in a heartbeat, and I for her. But we have lost the closeness, I don't know her life anymore, only through brief conversations too long between. That makes me sad....but such is life. Think of all the people who have come and gone, left bits of themselves and taken some too. Treasure the a friend.
There is no photo because Casper is "poof" gone.......

Friday, June 05, 2009

Beautiful Morning

So, it is finally a beautful morning, by that I mean it is cool enough to drink coffee but warm enough to sit on the deck with a sweatshirt or sweater. I love this kind of weather. We had Spinning Guild here last night and in the morning I worked in the basement/studio to get everything set up so we could just go there and do our stuff. All was cool, then about three members came in and I went down to turn on the lights and low and behold, the alarm is going off on my sump back up battery.....go because I have absolutely "NOTHING" to do I fill the battery and the alarm is still buzzing. I call Kim down, because she is my sump pump back up specialist and needless to say she has to call her husband who IS the specialist. Meanwhile the buzzer is causing me to have a bitchy fit. So we proceed down to do our stuff and Kim's husband is fixing the sump and we actually had a really good time....I was a little stressed. The verdict is the sensor is shot, why not, I think it was about a year ago that I had the flood? Now there is a big GOOD thing that came out of this. Had we not gone down there, I would not have heard it??? It shut the sump off, so I again may have had water? I am lucky enough to have a "Rent a husband" that I don't have the upkeep of. Thank you Kim.....!!!
So all in all even though I was a tad frazzled, all was fine. We carded batts that when you spin them should look like a photo we chose. I am anxious to see the outcome of the skeins. We have a really nice Guild if anyone is interested!!!! Did I tell you how much I love spinning!!!!! There is nothing like the feel of fiber flowing through your hands and twisting into a beautiful yarn. The pleasure you can get from watching it develope right before you eyes. I love the whole process of is the one thing that I love from beginning to end, not one step do I NOT like. I love weaving but do not like to wind my warp? I like knitting but, it is not fast enough and I get bored, so I rarely finish anything. I don't like crochet it hurts my hands. I love painting, but hate the cleanup, uhm that would not be wall painting. Actually cleanup is the worst in anything BUT spinning, come to think of it, there is NO cleanup with any fiber art except dying???? Maybe that's why I like it so much.
PS, Anyone see my finished fish mitten? It is MIA

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Poor Susan Boyle

It's a pretty pathetic day when someone that is less than 5'8", not blonde and 105# and 20 something, opens their mouth and people gasp in surprise that they have talent. They make faces in pure disgust or disgruntle because how could someone frumpy be of any good to this earth? What has happened to us? Why can only beautiful people be talented? Susan is pretty much and average Jane. She is the woman that really lives next door. She reportedly is kind and sincere, but now she is on a "rampage" no kidding. They are hounding her to death. How could you be so ugly and sing so beautifully, it's like a freak show. Let's get a look at her, does she go home and change into a swan? Does she eat normally, one thing they can't get is a photo where she looks bad without makeup....she has the Enquirer puzzled. We certainly have sunk to a new low. I think she is a talented woman, the surprise was that they even let her get on TV. We have set such an unattainable standard for our children, let's face it we are not all beautiful, thin and talented. Heaven forbid you wear glasses, or have pimples, just a normal growing up bain. I can only imagine Susan's life from mundane, to being stalked at every corner, who wouldn't need rehab. She was asked on TV if she was excited about getting a free makeover, hhhmmm you know maybe she is comfortable in her body? Maybe she doesn't see herself as a freak. I think the saving grace for most of us is we do become comfortable in our skin, first off what option would we have? If you don't have a million dollars, surgery is not an option, braces was something that was iffy. Every day when we look in the mirror, we may pull a cheek to see if it would look better taunt, but really, I love my wrinkles, everyone means something, some stress in my life that I went through. No surgery is going to fix that. We have to readjust our values on worth. We are all worth so much. We all have talents and value, no face in the World can change that. We need to stop being judged by our outter skin and see what is beneath. We could be missing a whole lot and think how many normal people may come with talents they thought weren't worth sharing.