Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hot enough?

I do not like the heat of Summer, I was not the one saying I can't wait till I sweat like a horse and my makeup slides off of my face and my head sweats buckets...not me. The sun is wonderful, and it makes everything grow but unless you have a pool or live on a lake this weather stinks. Another thing, I was driving down Ryan rd, it has a 45 mph speed limit, I was in the right lane and another car was ahead of me in the left lane, there was not a car length between our bumpers, here comes Mr Harley and he cuts from the left lane into the right lane making me hit my brakes or him? I wanted to stop him and shake him up , he seemingly had two good legs and arms and I know he was lacking in the brain dept. So I am going to pull up next to him a the next light, (he really got far) I am going to ask him if his Donor card is signed because at least he will be good for something...he has ear plugs in!!!!!!! Something is wrong with, I can listen to his stinking loud pipes inside my car and that jerk has earplugs he preserving his hearing or keeping his brains in his head? I always try to be considerate of bikers, I hate their noise, I can't keep my window open at a stop light when a bike is next to me. I have a problem with noise polution, why can they have such loud pipes??? and I don't want to hear "loud pipes saves lives" safe driving saves lives, not those noisemakers. If my muffler were that loud, I would have a ticket. I think the heat is getting to me.....It's too hot for me to sit on the deck.....where are the breezes?
I need to finish something I started it will make me feel better.

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