Friday, June 05, 2009

Beautiful Morning

So, it is finally a beautful morning, by that I mean it is cool enough to drink coffee but warm enough to sit on the deck with a sweatshirt or sweater. I love this kind of weather. We had Spinning Guild here last night and in the morning I worked in the basement/studio to get everything set up so we could just go there and do our stuff. All was cool, then about three members came in and I went down to turn on the lights and low and behold, the alarm is going off on my sump back up battery.....go because I have absolutely "NOTHING" to do I fill the battery and the alarm is still buzzing. I call Kim down, because she is my sump pump back up specialist and needless to say she has to call her husband who IS the specialist. Meanwhile the buzzer is causing me to have a bitchy fit. So we proceed down to do our stuff and Kim's husband is fixing the sump and we actually had a really good time....I was a little stressed. The verdict is the sensor is shot, why not, I think it was about a year ago that I had the flood? Now there is a big GOOD thing that came out of this. Had we not gone down there, I would not have heard it??? It shut the sump off, so I again may have had water? I am lucky enough to have a "Rent a husband" that I don't have the upkeep of. Thank you Kim.....!!!
So all in all even though I was a tad frazzled, all was fine. We carded batts that when you spin them should look like a photo we chose. I am anxious to see the outcome of the skeins. We have a really nice Guild if anyone is interested!!!! Did I tell you how much I love spinning!!!!! There is nothing like the feel of fiber flowing through your hands and twisting into a beautiful yarn. The pleasure you can get from watching it develope right before you eyes. I love the whole process of is the one thing that I love from beginning to end, not one step do I NOT like. I love weaving but do not like to wind my warp? I like knitting but, it is not fast enough and I get bored, so I rarely finish anything. I don't like crochet it hurts my hands. I love painting, but hate the cleanup, uhm that would not be wall painting. Actually cleanup is the worst in anything BUT spinning, come to think of it, there is NO cleanup with any fiber art except dying???? Maybe that's why I like it so much.
PS, Anyone see my finished fish mitten? It is MIA

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