Thursday, July 29, 2010

Rich People, Poor People

There now is no in between, you are upper poor class or lower upper class. Well unfortunately all classes got hit with this flood. Funny thing the God/Universe is non partisan, non discriminative and not politically correct. I went to my son's house last night and he lives in Whitefish bay, so I drove down Lake drive. There were mounds of basement garbage, couch's, games, dry wall, this was probably the first hit they got with flood water. Go to the north side by Hampton and 60th and the piles are smaller, only because this is the 3rd time in 3 years, so their piles of rubbish and turd infested objects are smaller. 11" of rain falling within an hour or so, created flood waters like we have never seen. So many people have lost so much and my heart goes out to each and everyone of them. I don't care if you have a million dollars or no money, a loss is a loss. It breaks your heart when you have to throw out that suitcase of old photos you never got to. Some irreplaceable items that have sentimental value and no money will fix that. It is a loss and heart wrenching. I remember two years ago the 1" of water that flowed into my unsuspecting basement. I had carpeting and boxes from moving and when I watched it come in, it was a feeling like no other. I am a pretty capable and get to it person, but the wind was knocked out of my sails. I looked around and was devastated at what I was seeing. I started picking up a few things and it was already soaked....I didn't know where to begin and that sound, that sound of squishing under your feet every time you took another step. I took the rug scrubber and thought I can suck this out...and couldn't, I didn't know where to start. I turned around defeated....head down and fighting back tears, it was a Saturday evening. I closed the door behind me and went upstairs where I was safe and denying there was a problem at all. Sunday was open knitting, I knew I had to do something or the mold would start growing, I knew it had to be done but my mind was saying you have to roll the carpeting up as a whole, or I have to empty everything...I really couldn't think, I could not wrap my mind around this. When I opened the shop, I was so happy to see my friends coming to knit, I just wanted to see a friendly face, but it turned out to be so much more. My friends that I thought came to knit, came to save me. The had box cutters and said let's do this? Huh? Come on let's go down there and get this done. There was rug cutting and pieces being rolled up to be carried out and boxes thrown out. It was the Cavalry, I heard the horns and if it weren't for that group of friends, the door would probably still be closed. Thank you to the friends that bailed me out. None of them were professional disaster specialist, just friends with a plan. They will never know how much it meant to me. So if you know someone that is dealing with a disaster, don't think there will be enough help for them....bring a box cutter, rags and old clothes, bring them a meal...bring them a matter how much money someone may have, no matter how poor they are...this levels the playing field....a loss is a loss.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

If the phone rings answer it!!!!

My moms phone was out of service for a few days... : ) sister in law got her a cheap trac phone so she could call us if she needed anything. So she calls me Sunday night and we set up a breakfast date for Monday morning. I tell her I will call her to make sure she is up and ready. Monday I get up and start calling at 7am, no answer, so I kept calling and redialing and dialing and no answer. I figure she is sleeping, so leave her sleep. I get a call at 8am...."Where are you?" I am on my way home, I tried to call, you didn't answer. "The phone ring isn't the same as my other one?" huh? It doesn't sound the same? So you don't answer.....silence? Now please tell me what do you do or say, I try to be patient but this is a two edged sword, My mom knows what buttons to push and she loves to push buttons.....I don't like to play games, and I won't so she loses, no breakfast. Is she actually getting this bad or is she playing games that she is so good at. So this can be a "you reap what you sow" moment.
So many women my age are experiencing the same thing. The games mothers play especially with their daughters. Having my own personal travel agent, my mom has put me on more guilt trips than you can imagine....I am now immune, it doesn't bother me anymore, it only works so long and you build up a resistance, too bad for her. I have visited that island so many times it bores me.....The games people play. But why? She likes to pit my brother, sister in law and me against each other, subtle, she is very subtle, the good thing we are aware of it, Cheryl is not quite as aware but after living with her for so many years Scott and I are. We can bounce it off of each other and Cheryl feels we are not compassionate, then again Cheryl has never witnessed the wrath of Pauline. A year or so ago, I had a fight with my mom and I told her she was starting trouble, why did she like to make trouble between me and my brother, my son? My mom can't remember how a phone rings but she will take that statement to her grave....she brought it up the other day......Want to know something sad? I am going to miss her when she is gone, I know I will, but what is it I am going to miss? The banter? I have tried to create moments of fun, she doesn't find joy in anything, she never did. I try to take her places I think she would enjoy, if it cost money she doesn't enjoy it. Out to dinner....she doesn't enjoy it. I think this is what makes me most confused. I want to miss her for something loving, something good. Not for her cutting remarks and malcontent ways....I certainly hope that I have learned from her what not to do to my child and maybe that is what I have learned from her, but what will it be that I miss?

Monday, July 26, 2010

911 and How I got stuck

For those of you that have never used a large floor loom I will try to be as explicit as I can with out boring you. Somewhere along the line my arse got big...there, that is pretty much it. Now I know mirrors don't lie but what the hell was I thinking. So my dear sweet loom, has all of the warp wound on the back beam....this is a usual process, Ok this is the first time I am weaving on this loom and it is a beauty and a beast, it is heavy!! All of my other floor looms had wingnuts that you undo and the front beam came off or down or out of the way. You get a comfy stool and sit in the middle of your loom and thread the heddles. Now besides being big, my arms are rather short, so now I have to figure out how to thread the heddles???? This way, uuhhmm no , this way...not....??? So I look at the front beam and there are hex head bolts on it?? Kind of recessed too? This is pretty permanent? Ok so I take a look at the distance between the harness's and the beater bar and think in my drug induced stupor, Alice drink this? ....that I could possibly fit in there, not just me but sitting on a swivel chair besides. Oh yeah my mirror has been lying to me. So I sit on the chair and try to bend my short fat neck under the beater bar and front beam....picture this like an elephant trying to get into a box, a small box, first of all my neck doesn't bend that much because my chins are in the way, so I wack my glasses out of alignment and try to get out. Ok my thinking is the chair is what is so big? don't Timba gets on her hands and knees and trys to weasel her way into the little area....hhhmmmphhh.....meanwhile the thought did pass my mind how was I going to get out? I had my cell phone with me just in case, I did get stuck....ehhh 911, Hi, I am stuck in my loom? no not on a boom, inside my loom, I am a weaver and I crawled into my loom and can't get out....yeah bring a hoist!!!
So I start to wiggle and the only thing going in this space is my head?? Where or when did I ever think first off that I was agile, and small? I was the kid that couldn't tuck her head and do a somersault? But I could beat you up for laughing at me?? So now I back out of this spot gingerly I might add? I am on all fours and Iggy is smirking at me...I put one hand on the chair that was too big for this job and then try to ummph my way up on my bad knees and now everything hurts including my head. I call Dawn, the go to girl for looms....after she stops laughing at me hysterically she says "Oh I keep a ratchet wrench right on the side to undo those bolts that look really permanent....Thanks, without kneeling and bending like a contortionist, my loom is threaded and I am I need a nap!!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Things to make you be thankful!!!

Thursday night while I was watching water run into my basement, I am thankful it was clean water. When I went to bed Thursday night and the cable was out, I was thankful that the electric was still on. Friday morning when I was digging through wet stuff, I was thankful that it was not contaminated with feces. When I watched the news I was thankful, it was my basement and not my whole living area. If someone doesn't declare Milwaukee a disaster area there is something wrong. Watching videos of the flooding makes me so thankful all I lost was nothing. A few boxes of things that I should have taken care of years ago. Yes they were antiques but, they must not have been that great because I forgot I had them. It is Sunday and I waited till all the rain moved out of here and will go move stuff around today to avoid mold growing under totes and things. All the rubber matting is up and dried and if I do stuff a little at a time it will be OK. I think I need to consider getting a generator. Living in Wisconsin the main concern would be no heat in Winter. Not that I don't have family to go to but, if a storm is bad enough you won't get there either. Today I am dressing my loom, not in a suit or tutu or anything like that but with the warp I have been winding. It is a long process but I love this part, almost as much as I love weaving. My worst part is over, thanks to a few encouraging customers that kept prodding me on to finish the 178 ends of warp. I will take some photos of the process so you can enjoy the beauty that developes, oh I am not being conceited, the pattern I am following was written by someone else. It is a black and white semi houndstooth check scarf, well three to be exact. In Fall I am going to have a class on Warping on a shoelace, it is a great way to learn to warp your loom if you never tried it. Oh I am sitting on my deck, my secret little spot, with flowers and herbs, a breeze and no bugs. I have a second cup of coffee and Iggy is patroling the area. First time out here in two weeks other than to water the flowers, which by the way are blooming like crazy!!! I love my little corner of the World. I am counting my blessings today!!!!
Video of the flooding

Sign up now for Iron Woman triathalon alias Viking knitting

So it started out as a regular event/class. The woman were all preparing for the long haul of knitting on their was intense. Suddenly event #2 went into effect, the (tornado) alarms went off and the sprint began to the basement (tornado shelter) Dowels in hand, cutters and purses of course purses...then a road block..."Hey there is a guy at the door?" Leave him there and then I saw it was Chris the jeweler, not a robber, "I don't have a TV and heard the sirens...come on join the sprinters to the basement. We are all getting chairs and setting up class in the basement/studio/shelter....cell pnones are ringing, some lose the signal, the sump pump is humming and we are making comments on "wow the sump pump is running non stop and I am getting that pit of the stomach feeling we are in for flooding. Since the last flood I do have things properly raised off of the floor to allow a free flowing stream instead of ponding. Another thing why is every time woman need to be somewhere important does a potty break become a matter of life and death....I think we all had to pee....!!
So some participants/students decided it was clear enough to go upstairs and me being the freak stayed in the basement, the teacher was upstairs I was just a helper and race director. I just said,"you may want to take your purses off the floor it may start getting wet" no sooner did I say that and we had the next phase to our triathalon, the wading....through water that was ponding. Then I am in a frantic hurry trying to siphon the crock, up steps a volunteer and you heard that right a volunteer to suck on the hose. The other two of us, were bumping into each other trying to look busy and not interested in the "sucking" job? This heroine went right to it and we had success for about ......a minute?? Water was flowing quite freely all around. I said "let's just get out of here before one of us ends up with curly hair. So then the sprint to the finish line. phones again were ringing and yes we were all OK....getting home was going to be a problem for many!!! What a class!!! I want to thank all of the participants in the first Viking Knitting Triathalon were all great sports and all did well, hey we were finished by 10pm World record for a class at Just 4 Ewe.....and I am hoping everyone got home safe!!! No pictures we were all too concerned with our projects...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pornless Porn???

So for months, actually almost after I opened, this nice sounding black man called and was asking me questions, like, "I am interested in knitting and want to find a store that sells nice yarns and things"
Me- Well you have found the place and I am more than willing to show you...
He- I am in a local Reggae band and in between, I thought I could do this stuff
Me- That is a great idea
He-Can you tell me where you are located
Me-Well where are you coming from
Me-Oh that will take a while and I close I give directions
He-I come pretty quick
Me-silence...more silence and then say well I close soon
Me alone in the shop, no vicious dog, is nervous now. Will he show up? was it just a prank? Am I going to be alone when this guy walks in knife in hand, telling me to do bad stuff, stealing my yarn while he sings Bob Marley tunes??? Poking me with knitting needles...oh man what should I do??? Ok, I have hornet spray strategically located all over the shop, yeah I know it's inconspicuous and sprays 20 feet and you will be blind till you go to the ER. I get one can closer to me. I am loaded and ready and I get to thinking.....I haven't had sex in umpteen years, if that is what he is after I may kill him??? He may say, I'm going to tie you up and I'm going to say "Oh baby bring it on" It's been a long time...put the knife away I am ready and willing ....are you? He may end up calling the police..Help me she is killing me."
Ok so my mind went on a tangent there...and please don't miss understand me there is nothing funny about rape or abuse, but if you know me, he should be afraid, very afraid.
Instead I call Chris the jeweler, and he sits with me till I close. He never showed, but I continue to get the calls periodically and sometimes he doesn't block his phone number, so I have it.
After about 20 calls, I finally recognize his voice and hang up or say something snide, he called yesterday and I told him one more call and I am reporting him to the police. Now in reality what can I say to the cops, "this guy calls me and asks for directions? " I have hornet spray...
I do hope if a black man ever calls and asks about knitting stuff and is legitimate, I don't start screaming obscene things in the phone.....that is not good for public relations???

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

By the way...

The internet has become somewhat of a shark feeding frenzy for people that have nothing better to do than sit in front of a computer/phone and write comments about other people. Take Ravelry for example, it is one of the greatest resources for yarners that exists. It is a useful tool and reference tool, it is a great way to meet other kindred spirit, it is also a place where if you slip up just a little and say/write something someone doesn't agree with are swarmed with comments and remarks and ripped apart, by who??? We really need to make note that when you write something, depending on your style, it may not come out how you would say the same thing, it is kind of like listening to kids talk.."my bad?" "that is the bomb" Now depending on how you perceive these statements, you can take what I write two different ways good or bad. When I was growing up bad was not good and the bomb meant it was a failure??? Sending emails to someone you don't know can be a trick if you are trying to be funny. If I were talking to someone I knew and said "Look Bitch" we would all laugh and carry on and then someone would call me bitch and so on, but write that ...Hey Bitches....if you knew me it would be fine and funny, but if you didn't you would be typing a nasty remark and I would be back paddling trying to explain it was in fun. I love Ravelry for the same reasons I love the internet, it is a great tool, but it too can be abused by people with nothing better to do but make nasty comments, some of them may lead boring lives and this is their entertainment. There are a zillion creative people working hard to offer non creative people patterns and fibers to use in their lives and then there is the one disgruntled person, waiting to pounce, waiting to smear someone's name. I like to read on Ravelry but just have to shake my head when somebody has worked hard to accomplish something and the shark feeding frenzy begins...Steve Jobs said it all here

"By the way, what have you done that's so great? do you create anything, or just criticize others work and belittle their motivations? " Steve Jobs

I love this quote, it says it all..what have you done that is sooo great?? Everyone is a critic..and so quick to criticize. What happend to sending a personal message first to address the situation? Everyone makes mistakes so let them know off line!!! Instead of running a smear campaign and being pleased that you brought it to the Worlds attention.
I am an Apple fan....I have all Mac stuff and have little to no complaints about any of it. I have a third generation Iphone and love it, I dislike the carrier, but love my phone. Apple put out the Ipad, I own has changed my life, seriously changed my life, I am reading again, like a fiend....I use it to take credit cards in the shop. It is a thing of beauty and I sincerely love it. Now the new I phone came out and it has a glitch....feeding frenzy, utube videos, rants...I have faith that Apple will make good on this, it is a glitch...relax......sit back a bit, and think about it before you get on the band wagon, "what have you created that is so great, what have you contributed to the technical world? " Give someone a break, let's be kind, that is of course until you don't get a response then " Unleash the menopausal bitch" LOL
"this is just an observation from reading the internet/ravelry, this is not a personal situation" LOL

Friday, July 16, 2010

What age would you be?

While driving Iggy to daycare, the radio had a contest and this woman won and added, I wish I was 39 again. I don't, I like my age, to go back and do it all over again is a tiring thought. Furthermore soon enough I will be crapping my pants and drooling, so it goes full circle. But really, what age would you love to be again? The best years of my life started at 40, I think when a woman hits 40 her life is at it's peak. A mother is pretty much done raising children, your life is, or should be rather settled. You will know by then if you will be a millionaire or averagaire. You become either comfortable in your skin or do something about it. I love my age now, my motto when people comment on my hair is (for those of you that don't know me, is pink, turquiose and purple) For years I have done what I "had"to, now I do what I want to. I get tattoos, because I love art and I get them where I can see them and enjoy them, to me putting a tattoo on my back would require a mirror to see it and there is nothing about a mirror that I am impressed with let alone purposely to look at my backside? No I wouldn't go back, it has been a great journey, i have met so many people and friends, I am happy!!! There is a saying, "Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, worn out, and loudly proclaiming, "Wow!!! What a ride!!"

Thursday, July 15, 2010

hhhmmm how long????

So we all know about fighting with the loom, and we all know the heat is high here in Wisconsin, but, do you know how long I was walking around with the butt of my pants blown out????? Tuesday morning I put on some old clothes to do this sweaty fighting routine with the loom, pants crack intact. Two young men come to help move the loom, I am assisting with an emphasis on the first three letters of that word. I can only think of one time and that was when I went to bend down and my pants stuck due to excessive sweating, to the top of my legs increasing the stress on my arse. I then went on like nothing was wrong, well let me put it this way, I didn't know my big girl panties were exposed to the World. So I go upstairs after all of this lugging and pulling and that was just the guys doing it. I started running bath water and took of my pants and hung them on the hook....hhhmm, a 12" rip on the seam of my pants, now something had to be exposed??? I feel a bit of red rush over my face, how long was I walking around like that???? Did I sear those boys eyes with my arse hanging out???? So I retrace my they were ahead of me on the steps, thank God, hmmmm, did I bend down at all in front of them??? Did I scare them for life??? What a nice way to start the day...

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My affair

I have a confession to you. I am in love, I have been in love before, but this is different. I have been sleeping with him for a few months now and some of you know about him and some don't. I am not ashamed, he has changed my life. I really mean that, not like my exhusbands did, but in a good way. He is broadening my horizons. I hold him at night and always comment on how much I love him. I would like you to meet Paul, Paul is my ipad. God how I love my ipad. I am reading books at a pace I have never done before. First of all he is a beauty, he is sleek and dark and so wonderful to hold. I had to name him because I sleep with him and I like to know someone's name before they are in bed with me. just a little formality. I take him to bed every night and I can read without glasses, and a light. What this means is, I go to bed, like I am going to bed. I read on the ipad, which is backlit and has a font that gets huge!!! When I get tired, I turn it off, I do not have to get up, turn off the light, take off my glasses, readjust myself, no mo, I just go to bed. It also has a great knitting app, that has lots of stitches and ideas and then there is Angry birds, a game that you fling birds at pigs, don't ask. anyway if you are deciding between all of the readers out there, check out the ipad, seriously beautiful....I have had it since it came out and my love keeps growing. I just thought of something, for it's screensavor I should download a photo of Paul great would that be....not a bad face to see before drifting off to sleep.....Ok this is so out of character for me....I will just call him Paul.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Moving a loom

So I am at the mercy of two young men that will assist me to move the loom from the basement studio to the upstairs. I am probably going to make these young men sterile (their parents can thank me later) This is a Kessenich 32" 8 harness loom and it weighs more than I can imagine. They stopped by yesterday and I had cleared a way to walk the loom out of the basement. This is a folding loom, or supposed to be. One guy on one side and me on the other directing them to do something they have no clue what they are working with. I am trying to be explicit and yet patient, so I don't scare them off, they are really hard working kids. We are both on a side and grab the beams and try to fold the loom, nope it ain't moving??? Well I am sure you should just have to push together this isn't rocket science??? So we try jiggling it, sweet talking it and then swearing at it, well I was, I haven't heard them swear ever??? One of the guys had to leave, so Dan came back later, his arm span is as wide as I am tall and it starts to fold and then binds up. hhhhmmmmmmmm I called the only woman I know that moves looms for a living, '"well you need two people and then you just lift and push it should fold up?" nope......uhm, have you loosened all the wing nuts...oh yeah. So I have a stubborn loom and it is waiting for us to challenge it this morning. My plan of attack, we will try to fold it one last time, maybe a little more forceful, then out comes the tools and I will take it apart. The LOOM will be upstairs today!!! and no I don't have the spot cleared out for it, but with the added incentive I will.
That little coil of cashmere/wool in the picture is a start to something really cool.

Whew, so the strong men came and with three heads, theirs lifting and mine trying to see the issue, we found it....the treadles were jamming the whole operation. Tied them up and off they went. Let me tell you for these guys it was a heavy mother. All done, I just need to clear the center island and let the weaving begin....So, the shop, my shop is a mess, not just my desk.

Monday, July 12, 2010

New Religion

I warned you if you see me with my new sheer burka, I am safely behind a screen of mesh. After spending an hour at Gander Mountain fashionalby trying on different mosquito nets to see what suits my needs, I bought the above. I have a big head and am clostraphobic. The first one was too tight and had elastic at the neck...oh no that will not work, second had a spring ring, that sprang out and flew across the floor with this little yamaka, (I know that is not how you spell it but it sounds right) on the top, that made me look like a flying saucer. The rang in price was $2.99 to 30.00. Then there was the beekeeper style, but it still had elastic on the neck. I tried one on that made it look like a nylon stocking on my face and looking to rob a bank it was so tight, then I read after if was a kids net...duh!!!! I settled for this hangmans bag, it is just a bag with a drawstring bottom, it has enough slack to cover my neck and upper shoulders, $5.98....sold. So I proudly wore my bag on my head....oh God that is so dangerously close to the double bagger joke, but not ever having been a fashion plate, and hating those darn mosquitos, I will wear this bag. Mind you I walk on a busy highway, I can just imagine the comment in the commuters cars. Guess what it works great, either that or the squeetos quit biting and buzzing?? just my luck. Iggy isnt quite sure what to make of it? He looks at me like "who are you?" I respond with "Just Pee will you?" I feel rather Holy wearing this an odd way, like Sister Mary Francis. Like I should bless the runner, speeding past me. Really speeding past me, secretly hoping I don't hold him up!!! I could be in mourning the veil is black, and for some odd reason you have a tendancy to bow your head a tad. I think the drawstring may weight it down. So beware the black bagged babe....she must be some kind of fanatic.
Day of rest, I am participating in Tour de Fleece...we spin on the days the bikers ride and today is a day of rest. Each person kind of sets their own goals and mine is to spin a bobbin a day or more. I am doing pretty good with that goal, I did miss Thursday because I traveled that day and spinning and driving don't mix. So I am not taking a day of rest today, I am spinning the last of three bobbins to ply together.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Why is it??

Why is it when you are told not to do something the urge to do it is so strong, it becomes something you want even more than ever. Such as, we did our morning mosquito walk, it has cooled down a tad, so I shut off the air and opened windows for new air. About this time, after all of the hot days, we need to refresh, so I longly wanted to sit on my deck, it is calling to me. The flowers, the swing, the solitude and the mosquitos. I probably have over 20 bites as of yesterday and they keep cropping up. I confess I am a scratcher, picker and itcher. I could never wear shorts in the summer because I looked like I had chicken pox on my body. It is not an attractive thing. I made a cup of coffee and longingly look out on my is calling me, the birds the fountain, the cool air. Maybe I should see if the plants need watering? So bravely in my nightgown, I push aside the screen curtain, all that is separating me from the wild. After a little St Vitus dance, hands and feet flailing, and enough exercise for the day, I came back in, no I can't go out on the deck. but what if......
What if, so this is where we need to learn appreciation. Sometimes we run through life, go to work, come home, go to sleep. We miss the little things that make us so happy, moments not hours. I remember a few weeks back sitting on my deck with coffee in hand and thinking this time is so limited, enjoy the moment....I was right. One time I read a book and it must have been some inspirational book, these words are something I live by. "be where you are when you are there"
Now that alone doesn't sound so life changing but try it. An excellent example is when you are having your hair done. When I put my head back to have it washed, I make the most of that moment, the pleasure I feel when someone else is washing my hair, massaging my head, I savor every minute. I stop my mind, no thinking of the shop, or family or what to eat, I take the moment and enjoy where I am...the touch, the water running over my head the smell of the shampoos, which by the way never smell like that at home. The first time I practiced "being where I am when I am there" was at the hair salon. Don't let your mind wander to other things...It was life changing, try it you will see, concentrate on the moment you are doing something. It isn't as easy as it sounds, we tend to multi task without will see when you start trying this, just how easy we slip into the " I need to.... and do this" mode.
Eatting a meal, with a friend...really enjoy the conversation, listen to what your friend is saying, enjoy the food, bite by bite, look at it and revel in it's presentation. Sip your drink like you never had a taste like that. Listen to the sounds around you, do not think about the bills you need to pay, the wash that you need to do. This small habit can change how you feel about so many things and make the simple things filled with pleasure.
This is how I enjoy my first cup of coffee....oh how I love the smell when it is brewing, and the way it fills my favorite cup and foams on top. I love to hold that cup and wrap my hand around the outside...then the first sip, which is the best.
Just try it once and you will you see, try it twice and you will be hooked, make it a new habit.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Aliens are landing

If you see me walking Iggy and you have to do a double take, I am resorting to hunting tactics. Tonight after I close I will be at Gander Mountain purchasing a mosquito net hat!!! I am done!!! There were less mosquitos in Necedah woods than there are here. I have this light black zipper t-shirt jacket that I have doused in mosquito repellent and I put that on and the buggers go for my neck, ears and eyes, forehead and cheeks....I look like I had those bumps that kids have injected under their skin on purpose. The back of my legs have so many and if I start itching it sends me into a frenzy of itching. The worst yet was the death defying squeeto that bit me in my butt crack?????? Had to be when I was sleeping and yes I do have undies on and a nightshirt, like that matters. I have one on the back of my armpit, but my arms are too short to scratch it so that resorts to an old aluminum knitting needle, see needles are not just for knitting. So if you see me walking Iggy with a hunters hat on and squeeto netting but a huge smile, you know it's me. Oh I even bought a squeeto stop, app on my phone. They loved it they were riding my cell phone like a rodeo??? Now remind me again what good they are, besides spreading some kind of disease. These things are ruthless, I killed three with one swat yesterday. When I pull up to my spot with the car, they attack the car waiting for a hot lunch. It is almost scary to get out and that is when Iggy will do his little trick of running to the back seat and playing a "catch me game" as my butt is outside the door of the car and I am inside trying to grab him. So shopping I will go tonight!!! Don't be afraid

Friday, July 09, 2010

Red Rover, Red Rover....

When I was a kid in grade school, we played Red Rover, we picked sides and held hands and called for the opposite team to come running into our hands and we would hold tight and hope the opponent would not break thru, if they did they could pick one of our team to bring back to their side, if they didn't we won that member. I remember Rita, Rita had a bad eye, I don't know what was wrong with it but, because of it she was shy and quiet and thinking back I think she may have been a little slow, but she was nice. When picking sides, no one picked Rita, I remember her standing there as the awkward lone person, it magnified her bad eye and her overweight body, she would look down and kick her large saddle shoes (they were not in style when I was young). My heart went out to her, determined this would not happen when I picked, I would pick her first, and then no one wanted to be on my team. I would rally them and when we would win, I would try to make Rita feel really important, I would tell her she was the strong one that saved our game. I really thought that we as people would move on from those days of picking sides and saying hurtful things and lifting ourselves up by putting someone else down. I am so foolish, I guess it is what I want to believe, but there are people out there that just can't wait to plant nasty seeds about someone. They sneer and make snide comments, my feeling on that is they are either extremely jealous or very insecure, to resort to those tactics. To go around bashing someone else's work or being, and then getting people to pick sides is so stinking juvenile, it makes me sick. Grow up!!!! Karma is a bitch and what you put out there you will get back and you will. No person on earth can monitor you at all times, but Karma nasty, you will get nasty back. Then you will wonder why your life sucks so badly.....We are all in this game together, you don't have to like what anyone does, or doesn't do, you don't have to even pretend to like someone, but, you don't have to go around bashing people because you feel so bad about your life and self that it will make you feel better to put someone down. Funny thing is word travels fast and what you say comes back to who you say it about, really quick. If you have a bone of contention, bring it to the one that you have that issue with!! Gang mentality if for the weak and insecure. Lifting yourself up by making someone else look bad only makes you look really ugly!!!!! Lying about someone, or their children or their animals, also counts, if you have something to say, face up!!!!!! This is a public service announcement from the "stop the gang mentality, and grow up !!" LOL

Thursday, July 08, 2010

I am back!!!

Three days of total solitude, Iggy doesn't count and a few days with my brother and sister in law. In the woods, in the quiet, one with nature, I went to my church. I needed to renew my spirit and I always can count on nature to do that for me. I am doing the Tour de Fleece, which to me requires me to spin fiber every day, I am trying to do at least one project a day but today after 5 days of spinning I am slacking, I came home and it was hot in here and I slept and had to put stuff away, (because if I don't do it asap it will not get done) It is always great to go but it is so good to come home. I was in the woods and the mosquitos were no where as bad as they are here. They flocked on the windows of the car when I pulled up and when I went to walk Iggy later, I killed two at one time. I downloaded an app on my phone to keep squeetos away, we will see how it works in a few minutes. When I turned it on Iggy was looking around so it makes some sort of sound??? LOL
I spun lots and finished 5 different projects and am on 1/3 of a 3 part spinning, meaning I have one bobbin spun and am going to 3 ply this roving.
Tomorrow the shop will be open and plans will resume to bring the loom upstairs so I am moving yarn around to make room. It is a good thing. I love photography and some of the great photos come from the Great Depression, I have been searching for photos that would capture our Depression. For sale signs?? I went past a village up north and four houses in a row were for sale, this could mean no work or widening the road so I opted not to take that photo. I will keep thinking about this
Eileen Hendrickson a Fiber friend got hit by that tornado in Cambria, no one was hurt but the farm is badly damaged. I know she has been working hard to get a Spinning Mill set up and I am not sure how far she has got on that plan, only to be scorned by this. Her and her family have had a bad 5 years, with health issues and what not, she really deserves a break. She was at Sheep in the City , Coed Mauwer, she used to be Elaines Carding. Please keep her and her family in your prayers, I am going to see if we can help some way.