Thursday, July 15, 2010

hhhmmm how long????

So we all know about fighting with the loom, and we all know the heat is high here in Wisconsin, but, do you know how long I was walking around with the butt of my pants blown out????? Tuesday morning I put on some old clothes to do this sweaty fighting routine with the loom, pants crack intact. Two young men come to help move the loom, I am assisting with an emphasis on the first three letters of that word. I can only think of one time and that was when I went to bend down and my pants stuck due to excessive sweating, to the top of my legs increasing the stress on my arse. I then went on like nothing was wrong, well let me put it this way, I didn't know my big girl panties were exposed to the World. So I go upstairs after all of this lugging and pulling and that was just the guys doing it. I started running bath water and took of my pants and hung them on the hook....hhhmm, a 12" rip on the seam of my pants, now something had to be exposed??? I feel a bit of red rush over my face, how long was I walking around like that???? Did I sear those boys eyes with my arse hanging out???? So I retrace my they were ahead of me on the steps, thank God, hmmmm, did I bend down at all in front of them??? Did I scare them for life??? What a nice way to start the day...

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