Sunday, July 11, 2010

Why is it??

Why is it when you are told not to do something the urge to do it is so strong, it becomes something you want even more than ever. Such as, we did our morning mosquito walk, it has cooled down a tad, so I shut off the air and opened windows for new air. About this time, after all of the hot days, we need to refresh, so I longly wanted to sit on my deck, it is calling to me. The flowers, the swing, the solitude and the mosquitos. I probably have over 20 bites as of yesterday and they keep cropping up. I confess I am a scratcher, picker and itcher. I could never wear shorts in the summer because I looked like I had chicken pox on my body. It is not an attractive thing. I made a cup of coffee and longingly look out on my is calling me, the birds the fountain, the cool air. Maybe I should see if the plants need watering? So bravely in my nightgown, I push aside the screen curtain, all that is separating me from the wild. After a little St Vitus dance, hands and feet flailing, and enough exercise for the day, I came back in, no I can't go out on the deck. but what if......
What if, so this is where we need to learn appreciation. Sometimes we run through life, go to work, come home, go to sleep. We miss the little things that make us so happy, moments not hours. I remember a few weeks back sitting on my deck with coffee in hand and thinking this time is so limited, enjoy the moment....I was right. One time I read a book and it must have been some inspirational book, these words are something I live by. "be where you are when you are there"
Now that alone doesn't sound so life changing but try it. An excellent example is when you are having your hair done. When I put my head back to have it washed, I make the most of that moment, the pleasure I feel when someone else is washing my hair, massaging my head, I savor every minute. I stop my mind, no thinking of the shop, or family or what to eat, I take the moment and enjoy where I am...the touch, the water running over my head the smell of the shampoos, which by the way never smell like that at home. The first time I practiced "being where I am when I am there" was at the hair salon. Don't let your mind wander to other things...It was life changing, try it you will see, concentrate on the moment you are doing something. It isn't as easy as it sounds, we tend to multi task without will see when you start trying this, just how easy we slip into the " I need to.... and do this" mode.
Eatting a meal, with a friend...really enjoy the conversation, listen to what your friend is saying, enjoy the food, bite by bite, look at it and revel in it's presentation. Sip your drink like you never had a taste like that. Listen to the sounds around you, do not think about the bills you need to pay, the wash that you need to do. This small habit can change how you feel about so many things and make the simple things filled with pleasure.
This is how I enjoy my first cup of coffee....oh how I love the smell when it is brewing, and the way it fills my favorite cup and foams on top. I love to hold that cup and wrap my hand around the outside...then the first sip, which is the best.
Just try it once and you will you see, try it twice and you will be hooked, make it a new habit.

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