Thursday, September 27, 2007

Happy Birthday Sugar Hangover!!!

Many Thanks for all of you that made my birthday a fun event!!! Another year older and happier!!! But the sugar hangover this!! Can you say over induldge? I got some wonderful gifts and you really didn't have to do that, but I'm sure glad you did!!!! I only told everyone because I had 10% off in the shop!!! So we had cake and more cake and then my family came and we had ......more cake and pizza!!! It was fun!!! Thank you all again!!!
Now to knitting, my beginner knitter, is growing with leaps and bounds!!! She made this beautiful scarf for her son's drum teacher, out of Mission Falls tweed!!! The picture doesn't do it justice, it is soft, wonderful and she chose a beautiful pattern for a beautiful yarn. Good job Patty!!!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Shop Fairy Day

This has been a really busy week...Wednesday we had our cruise and it was a good time the weather wasn't too cold, but we did have the Captain from Hell and I have entered a complaint to the company. I could have sworn he didn't have a patch over his eye when we boarded but once about he sported a hook on his hand and a patch on his eye, he was a jerk. Outside of that, it was beautiful to see the city at night!!!!
Thursday we had Kindred Spirits and our Shop Fairy exchange. It is so funny that some of the best gifts for knitters is something knit? How often do you knit for yourself? I got a great booty...I got this awesome mug ( I love mugs) that has the Creation scene on it from Michelangelo ( I love Old Masters Art) I love most Art History. On closer review Dear Adam has a ball of yarn covering his junk in front and God is handing him knitting needles!!!! It is awesome, then I got knitting markers in purple!!! Purple being my favorite color and I use plastic rings for markers or rubber bands or a piece of yarn. I make markers but I don't use the ones I now I have a beautiful set of purple markers,for me!!! Then my favorite scents are patchoulli, sandalwood, musk and earthy scents and I got a huge bar of soap with all three scents in it and wrapped in beautiful cotton cloth, with the rest of the cotton for me to knit another one. I got a cute little sheep soap and a beautiful saying with stickers and I also got a bunch of coffee, different blends...all of this was wrapped individually and made it last forever opening it!!! Thanks to my Shop Fairy!!! I loved it!!!!! Annie this is all because of you!!! Thanks!!!!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Walking Buffet

Have you been outside? Have you touched a grassy or shady spot? If you have you probably have become a mosquito buffet!!! I have bites on top of bites. When I came home from up north, I pulled into my parking spot and a saw a black cloud come by my drivers side window. It was mosquitos, I was a tad bit freaked out, more like Holy Crap how can I escape the car? The invasion of the blood suckers. So I plan my escape, keys in hand and run to the door inhaling a zillion in my mouth, like a bat. Put the key in the door and it won't open, unbelievable I deadbolted I try to find which key that is and I can feel myself getting light headed from the lowering of blood pressure due to the quick evacuation of blood. I couldn't believe it, it was like a horror story. I am not parked in the grass it is asphalt. So now I am dreading my evening walk with I decide to spray, both of us. Apparantly I didn't get it in my eyebrows and ears, because they were buzzing all over my face and I am doing the St Vitus dance on Hwy 32, swatting and spitting and jerking and telling Joey if she doesn't crap pretty soon, I will leave her out there to fend for herself. I have never seen so many mosquitos in my entire life. So if you see me and it looks as though I have measles, don't stare I am just a testing ground for West Nile virus.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Went fishing!!!

Most of you know I chose to close on Sunday for a two day weekend. One of the drawbacks of a small business is it is only me running the joint, so, it is hard to close ....ever? My plans were to build a shed outside that was delivered Saturday morning and then haul my camping stuff up from the basement and blah blah blah. So after I closed Saturday, I thought I would take a look at the shed deally. I look at the box and it says...assemble in 15 tool required. hahahahahahahaha ROTFL. We all know what that means? So I open the box and start to take the parts out. There are exactly 6 pieces, that is it and no instructions. I can do this...15 minutes...hey I snapped the floor to the back, in two seconds....while trying to figure out what piece goes next I realize I made an error...these pieces slide together which means I screwed up already...2 minutes into the assembly??? hhhhhmmmm now this piece that snapped together like a into b..with such ease it was meant to be, will not come apart. Here comes the tools and some pretty filthy words. I get two screwdrivers to pull and pry at the same time, all the while wondering who is sitting in their window laughing there buttocks off at this circus show. Sweat is now running into my eyes burning like a son of a gun and I am getting a hot flash due to undue stress. After 15 minutes of prying, swearing and finally figuring I will just rip the darn thing apart and deal with the consequences, it snaps apart!!!! Now I put the three walls up and slide the floor in (snap!!!) a good snap and slide the roof on and voila!!! 1 hour and 10 minutes later, three gallons of sweat and a litany of swearing it is finished the phone rings. It was my brother, hey what are doing? Building a 15 minute monument!!! Are you coming up? (this is what people that own property up north call visiting) A Long Pause a moment of pentive flashes of the floor of the store which is full of halloween decorations, and Fall stuff that I had unloaded from my car. The pile of laundry waiting to be tossed into the ideas of putting my camping equipment into the new &%#$# shed. All this turned into a fog as an "I'm on my way" Flew out of my mouth...I am so on my way!!!! I threw some clean undies in my duffle bag, some dog food, jumped in the shower to wash off the sweat and 2.5 hours later I was sitting in front of wonderful campfire, having my last coffee of the day!!!! Life is good!!! We went on the pontoon, cruising the Wisconsin River...dogs romping in the waves and fishing poles in hand....all that swearing, all that sweating ......was well worth it!!!!! I had a wonderul 2 days off!!!!