Wednesday, February 23, 2011

In case you Missed it!!

I have been so lucky, so lucky to have been able to experience what I have in the past two weeks.  I have been on a podcast, loved it, a radio interview, totally want to start interviewing people and the latest TV.  Each experience was unique, each one let me see something different behind the scenes type of stuff.  I actually used Skype for something other than talking to my son to see if it works.  That was for the Homespun Journey podcast, Sherry did a great job and got my feet wet.
Then there was Lake Effect WUWM    I got to go into a real radio studio and you know, I kind of liked it, now I want to try my hand at interviewing people about Fiber arts.  I am stricken by this, it was so cool.  There was a quiet hum to the room which was dimly lit, with an open U shaped table, having two black sponge Qtip on steroid type mics on one side and another inside the U.  There was a monitor to test the voice level and I sat on one side and Coley on the other.  She said please start talking, I need to check the voice levels and everything was so hushy like.  I pulled the mic to my level and began and had a hard time to shut up.  I know you will all find this kind of surprising.  I think what I liked about it was the atmosphere?  I so could see myself doing that...and now for the Just 4 Ewe radio show, this is your host Jan Massie aka Spiderlady, today I will be interviewing...Judith MacKenzie!  Oh please that is what I want to do.  Can you say Bucket List, so now I am thinking of adding a recording studio to my photo studio to my on and on.  LOL
Then Thanks to Blue Tulip and Gosh Yarn It, two vendors at SITC, John and I went on the television for a live interview yesterday on The Morning Blend.  Let me begin with, it snowed the night what you say, that is what I say too.  We were to be at the Station, a short 30 minute drive through the City on a good day, no problem.  I am NEVER late, being late irks me probably the most of anything, so I am not late.  John spent the night so we could leave early, and we did, we left a little over an hour early.  We spent 30 minutes of that time sitting on the freeway parked, "it was just snow People!" the radio said gridlock all over, why?"  I finally could get off the freeway and began moving and called, "we're on our way, I am so sorry" Molly "take your time we will move you to the end....OMG thanks thank you so much.  My heart is racing, not because all my chins are going to be revealed to thousands of people but I am going to be late.  I am driving through the City, coming to Stop signs and John says, " just go through them no one is coming"  Boom Boom boom, my heart is coming out of my chest, now I am a violator too!!  I am late and violating....I slide into the parking area covered in snow I tell John hurry get out, he is getting dressed?  WTH, seriously I have been driving like a freeking maniac and now you are changing shoes?  I think I am parked in front of a stairway?  but it is covered in snow, no one will see it.  We run in and then they say, go have a seat....huh?  Sit?  I can't sit, can you see that I am late 9:05, see that and I slid through stop signs and I parked at the top of a stairway and John is putting on his shoes and putzing in the car and you want me to sit!!!  Another door opens and the director comes in and takes us to the "Green room" which has no green in it but a plastic plant.  Another guy comes in and I am just taking a breath, swoops us off, walks us through the offices and brings us to the studio.  Here we go, can you say I have to cough, clear my throat and my eyes are following these large black R2D2 type cameras moving in and out and around the two women sitting on the couch.  Now I have to pee, not really but when I get nervous my bladder pretends it has to pee to add to the anxiety.  I start yawning and  I can feel the beginning of hyperventilating.  I look there are three cameras which means 10# each Holy Crap that is 30#s it is going to add to my already round face!!!  The dieting didn't work, I think I ate another 20# on, due to stress!!!  and no exercise does not help me when stressing, food does.   The guy says Opps you are going on at the end, so we hike back to the Ungreen room and sit.  I may just loose some weight before I get on TV with all of this hiking.  It's our cue here we go again and this time they mic us up and just tell us to sit and that is it.  This is live people, no rehearsal, they told us don't look at the cameras, look at who is talking.  Here is the scoop, there are 3 robot cameras, no camera men zooming in, there is one that I saw teleprompters for the hosts not us.  There is no way of know which camera to look at even if you did look.  I saw a moniter when John was talking so I thought whoever is talking the camera is on THEM, not me looking down at the table ahead of me.  So while John is lying his ass off about sitting in the airport knitting...uhhh  John is afraid of flying and the last place you will find John is in an Airport or a dentist chair.  I almost giggled while he is committing perjury on the stand, but he is sounding pretty good to me with his bullshirt.  I look like I am sleeping.. so then Molly asks me a question and I go into my schpeel and I say there is a fashion show and .....and she looked at my like "its my show, remember?"  so I stopped trying to remember my place and drew a total blank, John stepped in and said there are classes.  I am sure she wasn't saying "I AM THE STAR HERE"  but I was the guest and didn't want to take over, not that I have that gene or anything.  So I was kind of quiet and just resorted to making faces like I do......We got in the car and were hysterical...John sitting in the airport and me totally drawing a really was fun!!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Do Over

With all of this fighting, all around the World and Wisconsin, I just want a do over button.  When will this all end....I am going to Staples and get an Easy button.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Recipe for Internal Combustion

So the way this is going instead of losing 100# by the time I make my television appearance, I will be gaining 100#.  My jowels will be the least of my problem.  So here is a recipe for Internal Combustion
Hot Cinnamon Rolls anc coffee
Spicy Chinese
Quality Candy Fairy Food (and there is nothing like it)
Some cookies
Some fried food
Common denominator Sugar
So I get to sleep just fine and boink, 4am, I am laying in a position similar to the chalk outlines on a sidewalk at a crime scene.  I can feel my body radiating and can actually feel the glow.  I am waiting to hear the "you have just entered The Twilight Zone" and here dedededdeddedee.  I can almost feel the gamma rays coming down from the UFO, that is radiating me and all that will be left is an outline of body ash..Oh wait it isn't a UFO, it is me just combusting into flames, no sweating involved just internal combustion.  I have heard this happens to people, and you just may read about this, remember you heard it here first.
Starting tomorrow, getting rid of the sweet tooth if it means pulling it.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Recipe for a Hot Flash

Being it is below zero here in Wisconsin, I am nervous and I confess I am  happy, sad, spontaneous,  nervous eater.  I had a Super Bowl party here and have some crappy left overs all the bad stuff.  Here is a recipe for a Super duper heat you up, no blankets in sub zero non heated bedroom, that the dog even can't touch you hot flash!!
Start your day peering into the fridge.
Put left over guacamole on eggs, with salsa and chips -finished off Super bowl guac and threw out rest of chips.
Find left over sour cream from the Super Bowl chili,  and other various fattening treats such as chips, fritos etc.
Decide that dip would be good and throw in all sorts of great Pampered chef seasonings to make it spicy,hot.  Let sit till 6 ish.
Find a Bavarian cream heart shaped donut, four days old, but that is Ok, so many preservatives it won't matter.
Eat dip with chips first and the Chipotle seasoning was very spicy, wash that down with some Chili and cheese over left over Fritos.  Only a few bites, just had it for Super Bowl and sick of chili, no matter how cold it is.
Found a bag of jelly belly's , devour over 2/3rds of the bag and then realize this is really a bad idea, throw out the rest, even though Iggy is begging for one more.
Finish knitting a mitten.
It's nine and I am tired, probably a sugar crash, go to bed and promptly fall asleep.  Then it hits....2:00am, I have my temperature controller (leg) hanging outside the covers and then, realize I am burning up, off with all of the covers, Iggy moves away in disgust over being bothered in his sleep.  I lay there wide awake, not sweating but extremely hot!!!  Watch tv, and thinking of opening the window.  Decide that is a bad idea, turn off tv and go back to sleep.
Today, no garbage digging like a did yesterday!!  I do have healthy food, but make bad choices. Filling the trash with left over Super Bowl crap....oh wait I ate it all yesterday!

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Been a long time

Seems like I have been so busy, taking care of business that I almost forgot to blog.  So very much is going on and great things.   I have to say February is proving to be an awesome month...awesome.  Let me start with, Handspun Journey, Sherry Johnson did an Podcast for Sheep in the City and it will probably be broadcast next week.   We did it on Skype, I asked my son to go through it with me to make sure I knew how to talk my voice level, etc. but what he forgot to tell me was not to drink a pot of coffee...LOL.  Poor Sherry didn't have to talk much on HER podcast.  I think it went pretty well other than I am recovering from that crud yet and my voice sounds like I am in a can!!!  Then I get an email from Blue Tulip, she is a vendor at SITC, her boothmate met Molly from channel 4 Morning Blend and she invited me and John Loeffelholz (a male knitter) to be on the Television show Tuesday the 22nd, to talk about SITC..can you say, I am nervously going to eat another 20# of food or do diet tea for the next week and use packing tape to get rid of my jowels.  Then I thought maybe the camera can be mounted on the ceiling, so I can look upward and loose some chins.  Then, I got another email from Nicole, Lake Effect Milw. Public Radio UWM, and we are doing an interview on Monday, which should air Tues....I am so thrilled that we are finally getting the publicity we deserve.  This is going to help our attendance by leaps and bounds so if you are waiting for the last week before you register...move it....We are on a roll.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Getting Old

So now that I am feeling better, I am able to process things better too, well sort of.  I have done quite a bit of TV watching and most of it was stupid garbage and I sat there judging America and their taste in entertainment, like Rock Star wives, Tiny divas etc. One thing that did catch my eye and or my sense of wow, is a commercial for depends, one shows a woman, my age walking away from a shop, camera pointed at her rear, advertising "Depends" and how they now look like regular panties.  Then shortly thereof, was a good looking man in a bookstore I think, giving a sexy eye to the camera and walking away, once again the camera zooms to his butt and then the commercial for "Depends".   So I know that incontinence is  a serious problem but how does this fit into the dating scene?  Can you imagine meeting someone you like or are attracted to and they grab your butt and " they grab a bunch of pampers?  I have a cpap machine and the first time I put it on my head, I was sitting on the edge of my bed and I could see my reflection in the window, giggling to myself I realized my days of sleep overs are done!!  Not that it has been an option but if it were in question, it was answered at that moment.  Now add to that incontinence and then of course erectile disfunction, which of course there is a pill for, and then you get the diapered man chasing after you with an erection that is lasting longer than his bladder?  Oh the advantages of youth, but I would not change a thing honestly.  I am smarter, more self confident, self assured and content than I was when I could undress with the lights on!