Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Getting Old

So now that I am feeling better, I am able to process things better too, well sort of.  I have done quite a bit of TV watching and most of it was stupid garbage and I sat there judging America and their taste in entertainment, like Rock Star wives, Tiny divas etc. One thing that did catch my eye and or my sense of wow, is a commercial for depends, one shows a woman, my age walking away from a shop, camera pointed at her rear, advertising "Depends" and how they now look like regular panties.  Then shortly thereof, was a good looking man in a bookstore I think, giving a sexy eye to the camera and walking away, once again the camera zooms to his butt and then the commercial for "Depends".   So I know that incontinence is  a serious problem but how does this fit into the dating scene?  Can you imagine meeting someone you like or are attracted to and they grab your butt and " they grab a bunch of pampers?  I have a cpap machine and the first time I put it on my head, I was sitting on the edge of my bed and I could see my reflection in the window, giggling to myself I realized my days of sleep overs are done!!  Not that it has been an option but if it were in question, it was answered at that moment.  Now add to that incontinence and then of course erectile disfunction, which of course there is a pill for, and then you get the diapered man chasing after you with an erection that is lasting longer than his bladder?  Oh the advantages of youth, but I would not change a thing honestly.  I am smarter, more self confident, self assured and content than I was when I could undress with the lights on!

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