Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Oh what a tangled web we knit

Look at that mess of yarns, tangled around each other searching for it's soul mate. For whatever reason....I am having commitment issues. ( I can hear little giggles) Oh believe me this is nothing new....my history precedes me..but I am having problems staying with my knitting, spinning, working???? I am fluttering around like a moth in the flame? I have within reach of me....the dreaded Booby sock which is on the foot so it is not so cursed at this point. The new sock kit from Mountain Colors, Duet with the Cat Bordhi pattern that I have a question about,instead of two lace (there is that dirty word, I am getting three lace patterns) so it is on hiatus. A sweater that I started knitting last year and have found new short term interest in it. I may be preoccupied by my new WII fit....oh my gawd, you have to get this, it gets me fat arse off the couch and hula hooping and jogging, yes I said jogging. Tightrope walking and skiing, I just know I can take my numchuck and controller and meet me on the ski hill!!!! Dream on Janny!!!! I am doing fine after my loss, thanks to family, friends and customers. Maybe my life is out of sync...I don't have the same regime I have been doing for the last 10 years. This could be the problem? Not that I do anything on a schedule but when an animal owns you, you DO have a schedule, they like to fool you into thinking you're the boss, but we all know who the boss's really are. Now I am my own boss and am proving that I am floundering.....LOL, Joey would love that!!! Darn dog.....hahahahaha

On a another note, Irene stopped in the shop with her knitted bag from the Interweave Knits magazine, the reallly cool one with the Celtic braid going down the sides. It is to be felted but we couldn't help but notice, it looked like a one piece swimsuit, or a Sumi wrestler outfit. An ugly one piece, I might add, and try as I might I just couldn't convince her to step into it....believe me for a good laugh if I could have stuffed my body into it you would be gouging your eyes out about now. She is going to sew the bottom together and felt it lightly. I promise to show it to you when it is really done.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Squirrels beware!!!!

I have lost my companion and best friend. After a wonderful day yesterday Joey took a turn for the worse. I had to decide if she had the quality of life we all knew for her and that she loved. Anyone ever being in this postition knows it is the hardest thing you will ever do. Her favorite thing was chasing squirrels, so they better watch out because where ever she is she has dumped her seizures and is ready to run. She got her car ride, which she so loved and she did well. My dear dear Sister in Law Cheryl was with me and stayed with Joey. I appreciate all the great friends I have that have helped me through this and I can't tell you how much it means to me. Joey would have been 10 in July, she allowed me to go camping and she was my protection. Not many people could have put up with her sometimes but then again, not too many people can put up with me either. We were made for each other. She was spoiled and loved everyones pets and treats. I am closed today, Kim is going to teach the class tonight for me, while I lick my wounds. Thanks to everyone for being there for me and Joey!!! Joey go get em girl.....

Monday, May 19, 2008

I'm on a short leash?

I updating all of the wonderful well wishers, on Joey my dogs health. Her meds are kicking in...sort of? I think this is just buying time, but it is time I still need. I have changed her food to natural and I think I would strongly urge other pet owners to do the same...in reality how long could we live on McDonalds food? Basically dog food is the same type of garbage and we wonder why they get sick. She is eatting Buffalo food now, I can only say too late??? But my thinking is maybe it's an allergy to something. Her seizures are now only happening when she gets excited??? If you don't know I own a Cattle dog, Australian Cattle dog or Queensland Blue Heeler. When you say this and don't get excited, the two words cannot be put in the same sentence. Her life is comprised of knowing where I am, protecting anything that is a mile around me, which includes squirrels, rabbits and mostly other dogs!!! She never sits down while I am driving she stands on the middle council and is alert to the road. She barks when people come in the shop to let them know she is behind the gate by the back, and you are more than welcome to come and pet her. So she is a busy girl. So, she is on Valium to help her relax, well Cattle dogs are known to fight any sort of drug that is going to "control" them, because THEY are in control. So I split her pills into half and she gets 1/2 pill when she looks like she may be getting agitated. She is going to be weaned starting tomorrow? The phenobarbotal, is given twice a day at 7am and pm. This is crucial. I have not left the house since Wed of last week. It really doesn't bother me too much but I am sick of worrying. I am also sick of doing Freezer Foraging. So two Angels of Mercy kicked me out of the Shop and made me leave. Knowing quite well my baby was in good hands I was reluctant to leave but once gone, had a hard time going back. We are not out of the woods, I am just buying time. Sometimes her old self comes out, she came to bed and realized she didn't have her ragtag, Baby (stinky stuffed animal dog) so she left bed and came back with it gently in her mouth. I also got my morning kisses....these are the little glimpses that keep me hanging on. Thank you Angela and Lois for breathing space. Thank you for giving me the courage to go!!!!
As far as knitting, my tension is so darn tight that if I were to knit anything right now it would look like I melted it together. I am actually knitting on the Booby sock, I am to the heel, so now I should be home free. Maybe there will be turn for the good, maybe I won't have to face the inevitable? The old saying "you can't keep a good dog down?" or is it "man"? LOL!!! I am working on the Sheep in the City website and it is coming along nicely. Thanks again to all of you that are asking about my baby!!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Even though it is rainy and icky out and we still have to wear winter coats, I want to wish everyone a wonderful Mother's day!!! I wish you a little time to yourself. A nice meal made by someone else, restaurants count. Time to put your feet up and enjoy a nice cup of tea or coffee. Time to knit, spin or close your eyes and relax. Time away from the very fact we celebrate this day, and time to spend with the them. Time sure is a valuable word when you think about it.....? Time has lots of meanings....spend it wisely? Time slips away.....be on time.....time travel.....I think I need a cup of coffee. My son and his fiance have invited my mom and I over for dinner, so I don't have to cook!!!!!
Well my human child is doing well, my furry child Joey is not. I took her to the vet and her bloodwork is Ok, the thyroid has not come back yet, so my hope is that is what her problem is. Joey has never feared anything, she loves to ride and now she is having some kind of muscle spasm in her legs, that leaves her shivering and cowering. It happened twice Friday and Saturday she seemed better till we went for our afternoon walk and she saw another dog and she had one and then in the car she cowered and laid on the floor...all freaked out. She has been fine since, but I am worried sick. She seems drained from this and I keep skirting the fact that it isn't a Seizure....it has to be some kind of seizure, but until the thyroid test comes back I guess I just have to wait.
This is when owning an animal sucks!!!!! I am not a strong person when it comes to my pets. It makes me cry.....often.....

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I see dead people

I did it, I went to see plastic dead people!!!! My mom was really interested in seeing the exhibit and everyone that has seen it has given it an amazing review. I don't know if it was my dismay at peoples behavior, or worrying about pushing my mom into a display and having plastic dead person riding with her in her chair? It was my Mothers Day gift to my mom a day on a field trip. It started with buying tickets on line....hhhhmmm there is a 10% sur charge for that process so I called, that cost $5.00? So you should buy tickets ahead and pay more?? do I hear $$$$$$$$$$???? So I pick mom up early and we head off on our excursion. She has a light jacket and I put her cadillac walker into the car. (This one has a seat for her as she tires easily) We get to the museum parking and almost get T boned in the parking structure by 4 women zipping around the rows. I drop mom off and find a parking spot 50 feet away!!!! what luck!!! Now this is pet peeve of mine and old people and even though I harp on this everytime we enter a building, grocery, whatever, my mom walks into the door and stops, leaving me and my fat arse hanging on the threshold with a jam up behind me and the automatic door clicking open and closed. "Mom, move in and off to the side and then gape at will" Now that you read this you will notice tons of old people do this.....AARP requires you walk into building and stop!!!! Causing major rear ending behind you....Ok so we go pick up the tickets and we are early. We head towards the butterflies there is something really fun about butterflies flitting all around you and on your hair and fingers, except mom has seen the best there is in the world and she has been here before and so I keep going and make her go anyway. Oh I forgot to mention, we went on Monday!!! Free day!!!! 50 gazzilion kids and another 30 bazillion senior citizens. So here is our duo with a walker, with kids darting in between us and seniors stopping on a dime and tooting. I feared for their lives. I am not a crowd person....well not anymore that is. We leave the butterfly exhibit and one follows us to the security of double doors, with some coercing I get it back into the safety of 50 kids poking pencils at them. Off we go to the Body works show....I am not thrilled to do this, I am not a rubbernecker at funerals and take no interest in seeing bodies anywhere. I have been apprehensive but everyone assures me it is tasteful and not gross!!! So with walker and mom and myself we go to the line....our appt. was for 11:00am, we were there about 10:30 and that line was humongous, but here's a good thing to know, the off hour ie: 10:15-45 etc. were minimal. We enter and I must say it was interesting but the rudeness of people amazes me. I pushed my mom as close as I felt safe to the encased body and some woman steps in front of mom and stops, leaving my mom inspecting the seams on the back of her arse????? Do people not see that there is someone in a chair?? Then the people that have to point at the bodies and take the risk of just getting close enough to almost touch them, when there is clearly NO Touching!!!! I rented the little radios which I highly recommend if you can hear them above the loud talkers and kid's screaming!!!! Then we have the other old people, that paid to see this so they are going to push their way into the front like it's a free buffet, and move right in front of a person that is in a chair. What has become of manners? So I was pretty distracted trying to get mom to see the displays and not ram people with her chair and basically avoid wheel chair rage. There were in human beings defense three ladies that helped me lift moms front wheels over taped electrical cords on the floor....I tried getting over them with momentum and almost dislodged mom into a catapult forward into becoming part of the exhibit, so we had to lift the front legs. Three different ladies helped me, and two were foreigners, or spoke with accents. It was pretty exhausting, and pretty soon I began to smell the bodies (mentally) and found myself, well actually caught my reflection in a glass,making this scrunched up with disgust face??? very attractive. Was it a good exhibit?, yes, am I glad I went ????? without incident??? not really, it isn't my thing , but mom loved it, oh and the radios, she got to work them like a pro, but was losing interest until we came to the male genitalia, she whipped that radio on and listened intently!!!! I told her it wasn't a working model!!! So we went to lunch downtown and I took her home and I took a long nap and can still smell plastic people!!!! PS, I think we should all have to spend a couple days in a wheelchair to see what it is like to be disabled, just a little life lesson, so we can respect the view!!!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

My name is Jan

My name is Jan and I am here to say that I am an addict....I thought that I had control, I thought that I could knit one wristlet, because we all know how it is to knit the second one. I thought I could stop....I thought with my attention span of a flea, it would not own me....!!! I was wrong, I have started my second wristlet.....I think of nothing else, one more row....another bead gently slipped on....one more round....I don't want it to end, I do but I don't!!!! My life is consumed, how can that happen, there are dishes to do, I have a shop to open....once again the sun is shining brightly and my coffee is hot and I need to have breakfast .....but, the beauty of the shiny little beads, twinkling like stars in the dark sky has me hypnotized. I need to talk to Kim, she is the instigator....Ok so I know it's going to get hot out and the project of the month was to be some summer stuff but really can we sit on this pattern till Fall???? I think not.....at this rate I may have made 50 pair. Think of the possibilities, I love opalesence, beads, hhhhhmmmmm on white alpaca, maybe even handspun.....STOP ME!!!!! PLEASE

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Don't tell Kim

My name is Jan and I am an addict!!! I am addicted to "just one more row" maybe one more...I am not doing another row, well maybe this next one will be it. I will stop after this one....I can't wait to see what this one will look like? I'm so close.....I've got to stop and go to bed....I have to get dressed, today....sometime!!!!!
Kim has done it again, she has written this pattern for one of the patterns of the month with Misti Alpaca and beads and a stay in rehab!!! I was in love with the beauty of the beads in knitting, so I told her I would test it for her. So don't tell her I showed it to you.....I couldn't help it. I did all that in about 2 hours, my hand is killing me but I can't stop!!!! I mean it, I may open late today!!! Then I have become spoiled by her pattern writing, she is fantastic at detailing instructions for some of us, not so great knitters. The booby sock is on hold!!! The Chevron scarf is on hold, the Alice in Wonderland coat is on hold....life is on hold....someone help me.....I can't stop knitting!!!!!!