Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Oh what a tangled web we knit

Look at that mess of yarns, tangled around each other searching for it's soul mate. For whatever reason....I am having commitment issues. ( I can hear little giggles) Oh believe me this is nothing new....my history precedes me..but I am having problems staying with my knitting, spinning, working???? I am fluttering around like a moth in the flame? I have within reach of me....the dreaded Booby sock which is on the foot so it is not so cursed at this point. The new sock kit from Mountain Colors, Duet with the Cat Bordhi pattern that I have a question about,instead of two lace (there is that dirty word, I am getting three lace patterns) so it is on hiatus. A sweater that I started knitting last year and have found new short term interest in it. I may be preoccupied by my new WII fit....oh my gawd, you have to get this, it gets me fat arse off the couch and hula hooping and jogging, yes I said jogging. Tightrope walking and skiing, I just know I can take my numchuck and controller and meet me on the ski hill!!!! Dream on Janny!!!! I am doing fine after my loss, thanks to family, friends and customers. Maybe my life is out of sync...I don't have the same regime I have been doing for the last 10 years. This could be the problem? Not that I do anything on a schedule but when an animal owns you, you DO have a schedule, they like to fool you into thinking you're the boss, but we all know who the boss's really are. Now I am my own boss and am proving that I am floundering.....LOL, Joey would love that!!! Darn dog.....hahahahaha

On a another note, Irene stopped in the shop with her knitted bag from the Interweave Knits magazine, the reallly cool one with the Celtic braid going down the sides. It is to be felted but we couldn't help but notice, it looked like a one piece swimsuit, or a Sumi wrestler outfit. An ugly one piece, I might add, and try as I might I just couldn't convince her to step into it....believe me for a good laugh if I could have stuffed my body into it you would be gouging your eyes out about now. She is going to sew the bottom together and felt it lightly. I promise to show it to you when it is really done.

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Dragonfly said...

Oh, I wish she had tried it on!!