Saturday, May 03, 2008

Don't tell Kim

My name is Jan and I am an addict!!! I am addicted to "just one more row" maybe one more...I am not doing another row, well maybe this next one will be it. I will stop after this one....I can't wait to see what this one will look like? I'm so close.....I've got to stop and go to bed....I have to get dressed, today....sometime!!!!!
Kim has done it again, she has written this pattern for one of the patterns of the month with Misti Alpaca and beads and a stay in rehab!!! I was in love with the beauty of the beads in knitting, so I told her I would test it for her. So don't tell her I showed it to you.....I couldn't help it. I did all that in about 2 hours, my hand is killing me but I can't stop!!!! I mean it, I may open late today!!! Then I have become spoiled by her pattern writing, she is fantastic at detailing instructions for some of us, not so great knitters. The booby sock is on hold!!! The Chevron scarf is on hold, the Alice in Wonderland coat is on is on hold....someone help me.....I can't stop knitting!!!!!!

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