Sunday, May 04, 2008

My name is Jan

My name is Jan and I am here to say that I am an addict....I thought that I had control, I thought that I could knit one wristlet, because we all know how it is to knit the second one. I thought I could stop....I thought with my attention span of a flea, it would not own me....!!! I was wrong, I have started my second wristlet.....I think of nothing else, one more row....another bead gently slipped more round....I don't want it to end, I do but I don't!!!! My life is consumed, how can that happen, there are dishes to do, I have a shop to open....once again the sun is shining brightly and my coffee is hot and I need to have breakfast .....but, the beauty of the shiny little beads, twinkling like stars in the dark sky has me hypnotized. I need to talk to Kim, she is the instigator....Ok so I know it's going to get hot out and the project of the month was to be some summer stuff but really can we sit on this pattern till Fall???? I think this rate I may have made 50 pair. Think of the possibilities, I love opalesence, beads, hhhhhmmmmm on white alpaca, maybe even handspun.....STOP ME!!!!! PLEASE

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