Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Scene of the Crime

It was 7:04am, the day was starting out a little on the humid side, but cool enough that it didn't matter. I was sitting out on my deck, having the usual cup of Sumatra coffee, black. Then I saw it, a flash out of the corner of my eye. Is it what I thought it was? Was there something in my coffee? Years of being elusive and only hoping to get a glimpse of it was there!!! It surely was a hit and run. I witnessed it, with great excitement I might add. Sucking the red juice from the feeder and moving in dartlike fashion to the next little sugar blossom. AAAAccckkkk it was just here again. My first hummingbird!!!!! I know for some of you this is mundane but darnit I have been buying these stupid fake flower sap suckers for years and have yet to witness a humming bird, plenty of ants, but no birds. So here I am in this raggety old nightshirt, sitting out and my hair is sticking straight up in the air from doing swirlys all night in my pillow, sitting sideways in my swing, cup of Joe in one hand and Suduka and pencil in the other. I actually watched it buzz around the feeder and have a slurp, then two and then gone. As I tried to get up for the camera, and lap top, the swing whipped out and the coffee spilled, I stepped in that and my raggety nighty was stuck in my butt. Please make a note, my deck is 20 feet up in the air, but level with all other Village dwellers. This is not for public viewing but I am most certain to sear the brain of the young girl that rents next to me, with visions of the most undesireable nightware and bra lessness she may ever encounter. I can hear her now making a mental note to self (never wear ripped oversize T-shirts with no bra, even if you think no one is looking!!! Ok for the record, I really have reached the age where I don't care what I sleep in as long as it's comfortable, the days of laying across the pillows with rows of picky lace and trussed up like a young spring chicken are looooooonnnngggg gone. Comfort I say and multi purpose!! That's another blog but back to the photo shot....So now I whip in the house, get my stuff and sit down propped and ready for the picture, one so I can be sure that I did see it and two to show you!!!! Hhhhmmm my foot is caught in the swing and buzz there it is again and the camera is somewhere between my lap and nomans land so I am groping for it and well the darn bird isn't sitting there going "cheese"? Gone again, so now I am on a mission, until then all I can give you is this empty feeder but I did notice an ant crossing the glass.....aaaahhhhhhhaaaaa I got it...Casper came back and I got it, not good but I was just folding this up and hit and run and he is on the left of the feeder!!!! I mean the other left!!! (right) Tra la la lalallalalalalala!!!!!! I do believe he was checking me out and took off!!!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Tango Lessons

I just wanted to let you know that I am giving free Tango lessons Wed. May 30th at noon and June7th at 6:00pm. Leave your dancing shoes at home and bring size 8 double points!!! It will be a good time!! I am also going to be closed Sunday May 27th, I need a little "Moi" time.....Ok I confess, I'm going shopping!!! Have a great Memorial Day weekend and Don't forget to Thank a Veteran!!! Signing off till after the Holiday!!! Have a good one!!!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Optimum Pleasure

Weaver, the Shop kids mom, has spun the Optim (Dove)!! You can't keep your hands off of it!! It is beautiful and this photo does not have feelavision!!!
We made purses outside yesterday in the 40' weather!!! That really stunk but the woman did a great job, check out the newsletter for the photos!! The link is on the sidebar!! So today is Monday my day off and I'm still doing store stuff? Ok so I'm going to clean my house right now....maybe?

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

May showers brought May flowers

That and an account at Home Depot helps!!! I was all ready for the Art show this weekend!! The flowers were planted the weather was good, shelves stocked and I sat and spun the weekend!! Kim helped me work on the basement yet another Monday and it is looking a basement!!! I think we removed at least two dozen boxes and it's still full!!! I still think it is one of those cruel jokes the shop fairies are playing on me!! But it is looking better!! Thank you Kim for keeping me on task!!

The shop kids stopped by and were playing with the "Dog Yarn shop" dog!!! She, meaning the dog is not normally in the store but due to a construction job on my upstairs, she was a nervous wreck and the kids calmed her down. So shop kid #1 is giving the evil eye and Joey the shop dog is showing #1 up with two glowing eyes, while the shop girls are so confused as to what is going on!!
As I said I got some spinning in and I chose to spin some Optim, which is Merino and is wonderful. This color is Chanticlaire, isn't it wonderful!!! It needs to be washed and set and then I will pet it for a few months!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Hey, Hey....uh Hey, uhm....can you say sugar buzz????

So here it is Nino de Mayo and we have cake!!! Do we have cake....cake, coffee, and Sparkling Grape Juice!!! Everyone brought cakes!!! I have a headache from sugar and guess what we are doing it all over again tonight!!! Pizza and cake!!! So I don't normally type in shorthand but I would if I could today!!!! I have got a lot of things done....and then there is the crash landing!!!
Man I crashed hard, but today is another day and I have been perusing the cakes..with some intrepidation!!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

When it's time to move!!

I guess you know it's time to move when you have to sit in the bathroom with an umbrella? That is my son's girlfriend sitting in the bathroom of their apartment. There is an apartment above them and apparantly someone left the water running. They actually are looking for a condo downtown. Today is Cinco de Nino day....and then right after I posted that name, it occured to me that it translated into fifth of Nine? So to be correct today is Nino de Mayo day, but whatever today we "Eat Cake", which I am on my way to go get right now. Well my sample platter!! Hey newsflash, I am with the help of a friend cleaning the basement!!! We emptied about 12 boxes and donated a few to Value Village. Now I have a mess on three floors!!! Basement, Shoppe (they were installing the air conditioner into the wall but it didn't fit between all the conduit and window and gutter and....and) So they are coming today to patch the hole in the shoppe wall. Boxes from the basement are making their way to the upstairs or living quarters, and now I have to empty them, will it ever end??? The only boxes I love to see are shipments, I will never move again, they will zip the bag and carry me out of here and the rest is up to .....whoever gets stuck with it!!!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Cinco de Nino

We were sitting at Open knitting Wednesday and realized we needed to eat cake!!! Not just ordinary cake but Wedding Cake, sugar buzz cake...toothachy sweet cakes!!!! Alas!!! We are calling it Cinco de Nino celebration!!!! I actually went into a bakery and asked if they had sample platters I could buy and they said,,,,"They are free!!!" then I felt a little guilty asking for wedding cake samples and they are giving them to me for I did what any guilt ridden scammer does and bought $20.00 worth of various bakery items!! I do hope they don't go to waist, er I mean waste!!! So this is the invite, come sample cake, it is from 10am till 1 ish!!! Unless we are so buzzed up we go till 4ish!!! Or until the cake is gone and we lay exhausted on the shop floor, still knitting relentlessly on our backs!!! Oh and trust me there will be no weddings under this roof!!!! So no need to worry, we just want to "Let them eat Cake!!"