Monday, April 23, 2007

Soaking my head

I know I have been slow to post, but I have an mother is living with me. Ok she is older so you may think, what's the deal...hhhmmmm, that's what I would have thought. I was actually getting used to it, her being here and trying to make her do things that are constructive besides sitting in my recliner watching TV, and napping. That lasted about two days, and she is regressing, her problem is she falls, with no warning. She throws herself into chairs, bed, where ever she plans on sitting and she is going to hurt herself. Easter she cracked her Egg open and had three stitches, which meant a stay in the hospital. And then the social workers are called in to evaluate the situation and we all line up like suspects, in the accident. (Social workers evaluate all elderly falls) which is a good thing in some cases and they were very nice, but released her to us to take care of. Well to make a long story short, she fell again here and off to the hospital she went and they are re-evaluating her once again. I guess at my age, I knew we were going to face this situation some day, but maybe in my avoiding of bad situations figured it would take care of itself. There really is no way to plan for something like this, but when a friend or family member is going through it, sometimes, they may sound like they are hateful to thier parents and bitter, but this is a case where, until you walk in their shoes, be careful how you judge. I love my mom, she did the best job she could with us and she taught me to be strong, but, It is one heck of a hard thing to do and I only wonder what my poor son will have to deal with. I think, give me good drugs and keep me high and I won't care where I am!!!! So I am off to take a bath, with no one walking in the door, and soak my head!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Cast Away Cruise in the making

I have mentioned a knitting, crochet, spinning cruise on the Milwaukee river and Lakefront. I am trying to firm up those plans. So far it will cost around $20-25 for two hours of wonderful sailing. For that we get to bring on our own snacks and refreshments and it will include thier cleaning cost. I assured them we are pretty neat but it is a rule due to past experience and I totally can understand, it only takes one bad apple. So now I am awaiting a set of dates I threw at them to confirm and it would be about 5:00. There is room for 20 fiber crazed people. Can you imagine, a boat full of knitters, and snacks...oh my!!! So when it's a go, please get your name in and I will need a non-refundable (unless we can get someone to take your place) payment.
Life in general, my mom is doing much better and she is moving into a Senior Living Apartment May 1!!! If you happen to drop by the shop, she is letting me know she is upstairs by dragging her walker across the hardwood floors when she hears the front door Gotta love her!!!! Yes mom, I hear you!!! I worked on the Mosh Pit of cardboard boxes in the basement, for about two minutes....but I have to make a path for the new washer and dryer to be delivered Friday...oh yeah Friday!! Other than that, Oh yeah I made my mom crank a charity hat, on the knitting about whining...I asked her if she wanted some cheese to go with that whine. Once she got to cranking though she did like it and finished a barely fits over the grapefruit sized bump on her head, we really should name it the manitou!!!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Leaves and Tendrils

Cudos to Janyce for spinning and knitting this beautiful scarf. She used Northern Lights Camoflauge roving and I am not sure where she got the pattern from. It is so pretty, and she almost left it behind last night after Open Knitting/Spinning!! I had to open my big mouth and remind her...shoot!!! But she left cookies instead and so now I am torn. We had a good turn out and I appreciate everyone's patience as I holler up to my mom ( she is staying with me due to a need for supervision, a whole other story!) You have to walk!!! Then it sounds like she is moving furniture around upstairs which is only her walker which, had she been using it she would not have cracked her melon open and got two staples. And that is another story too!!! Then I get a grocery delivery (Peapod) and have to put the ice cream and food away so I can cook for the two of us!! thank you again for your patience!!! Now I am not being patient, my dryer took a dump? On one hand, when I get a new dryer I will probably opt to get a new washer and use the old one for "Felting" exclusively. Because as we all know if I get a new dryer the washer will be soon to follow, well at least the way my luck has been going anyway!!! So take a deep breath and exhale the bad and breath in the good.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Spinning in a new direction

Oh boy, I am having problems concentrating on projects at hand!! One of my customers saw my Barbie knitter and said she had one too and then when I got my new Addi Knitter, she had to try it....but not to be outdone, she found this really cool knitter and brought me one too!!!! Now, I think I have the greatest customers, they are truley good to me. They bring me snacks, chocolate, sheep, and knitting machines!!! I think we like to feed each others obsessions, problem is all my weakness are out in the open, I am vulnerable, they can see my addictions. Ha, who cares!!!! I am having a blast!!! So now back to the knitter, it is big, it can knit hats, (not for my size head, which is jumbo) it can knit purses, it is really cool!!! So my idea is...I have lots of yarn that I am going to donate to make hats for kids!! Key is, you can come in and pick some yarn, crank out a hat and finish it off by hand and voila, in a matter of minutes you have made a hat. Or you can bring in your own worsted weight yarn and make it to donate, but unless you are donating the hat, don't even think about cranking on my new knitter!!! So the other thing is, this project is on hold till I get that schtinking basement cleaned, that is where my "Other" yarn stash is!!! Oh the secrets behind closed doors!!! I did start organizing, now it looks worse, so with coffee in hand, I go down the stairs, put my coffee cup on the steps and get a running start into the Mosh pit of cardboard boxes. Boxes filled with yarn are virtually indestructable? But all the totes fight back!! Well, I am going to get my coffee right now, and relax in the recliner and think about how I am going to tackle the Mosh pit below!!! By the way have a Happy and Blessed Easter!!!