Friday, April 13, 2007

Leaves and Tendrils

Cudos to Janyce for spinning and knitting this beautiful scarf. She used Northern Lights Camoflauge roving and I am not sure where she got the pattern from. It is so pretty, and she almost left it behind last night after Open Knitting/Spinning!! I had to open my big mouth and remind her...shoot!!! But she left cookies instead and so now I am torn. We had a good turn out and I appreciate everyone's patience as I holler up to my mom ( she is staying with me due to a need for supervision, a whole other story!) You have to walk!!! Then it sounds like she is moving furniture around upstairs which is only her walker which, had she been using it she would not have cracked her melon open and got two staples. And that is another story too!!! Then I get a grocery delivery (Peapod) and have to put the ice cream and food away so I can cook for the two of us!! thank you again for your patience!!! Now I am not being patient, my dryer took a dump? On one hand, when I get a new dryer I will probably opt to get a new washer and use the old one for "Felting" exclusively. Because as we all know if I get a new dryer the washer will be soon to follow, well at least the way my luck has been going anyway!!! So take a deep breath and exhale the bad and breath in the good.


Weaver said...

I had a great night and even got a lot of knitting done! Thanks to you! Homemade marshmallows next time, I promise!!

Anonymous said...

HA! I can't believe myself, my 15 seconds of fame on the blog, and I had to wait four days to read it!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you, thank you!