Thursday, May 26, 2011

I'm back

Something was going on and I couldn't log in or post, but seems they fixed it. Why is it we always feel it is something we are doing wrong. We check and recheck our work and think what am I doing? Thing is we should just walk away and try again later, sometimes it works and sometimes not so good. There is going to be lots of things going on this Summer at the shop. First off, I am being a snoopy baby cam for a nest that a Robing built on my door wreath. I carefully removed it from the door where she would be disturbed often to the window box next to the door. I can spy on her through the window while she is being such a good mom in this cold dreary weather. When I first looked into the nest I was disappointed to find only one egg. Ms. Robin was getting all my sympathy for not being very fertile, until I did some research. I was amazed, Robins lay one egg a day, they do not start sitting on their eggs to begin the incubating till they are all laid. The average is 3-4 eggs, with sometimes laying 6, wow, that would be one crowded nest. When all of her eggs are laid, she begins the sitting, she has a bald spot on her belly to conduct the heat to the eggs better, a birds temp is 104', the cool thing is she will with her beak turn the eggs to heat them evenly. She leaves the nest for 10 to 15 minute intervals only during this time, she gets food and sometimes daddy brings her worms to eat. I have yet to see any man coming around. She, has been sitting through all of this stormy weather, but she is sheltered, and I do worry. So hopefully in about a week we will have some chirpy little baby birds.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Becoming a Parent again

No I am not pregnant, but my roomie is, well she isn't anymore, but she is happily sitting on her baby to be! Of all the places to build a nest, a Robin built one on a wreath on my shop door. Ok so she thought it was dormant because I was closed for a few days and come to think of it she is the bird that flew into the shop (the door was open) last week and promptly exited just as fast, wondering where the door went? So I didn't want her to fly into someone opening the door, or startle someone or even upset her, so I carefully moved the wreath to the window box. I peered into the little nest quickly and saw only one egg, so she is limited with motherhood. I was worried that she wouldn't go back to the nest but she has found it and is sitting on her egg, being a good mom. I can spy on her from inside the shop but she knows I am there, she sees me moving around. I am anxious to see the little baby hatch and grow. I was going to put a sign out saying Baby sleeping but I am afraid to draw attention to it and some idiot will have to go look into the nest, probably saying to their young child, "honey look, I'll take this wreath down so you can look at it. AAACCCKKK so you may look but don't touch. I am naming the baby "Apple" because they will be born in a wreath of pink apple blossoms.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Great start

I had a great start this morning, no rush coffee, looked forward to Art class, some photo taking and preparing to frame my Poppy painting. So I had my coffee, set up the camera for some photos, it didn't go so well but not a problem I'll change lens after I come home from class and won't have to rush it. I go for breakfast at George Webbs and it was good, not cheap though but good, took a sausage to Iggy who was acting weird before we left and seemed weird now, he gobbled the sausage and on our way. It is still cool enough to allow him to be in the car while I paint and then I can go to my mom's and hang some photos she has been wanting hung. I get to class and Iggy thinks he is going in, and he is not so I go in and do my thing, meanwhile poor Iggy had a bad accident, in the car. Needless to say I opened the door to "OHHHH MYYYYY Gaaawwwwwdddd" and he was cowering. I took him out immediately and he went again, I found a baby blanket from when he was a puppy and just covered it up so he wouldn't step in it. Forget stopping anywhere but home. Now my stomach is sick, but it is all cleaned up and he has gone again. So, I am not straying too far from home till he stops with the runs. I have some pumpkin for him and I will wait till this evening to give him that. Maybe it is a good thing to just sit here and knit for a while. or maybe nap, maybe we both are not feeling good! I just can't get the smell out of my nose.

Loving Frank

I just finished listening to "Loving Frank" by Nancy Horan. I really liked it, I can tell when I like a book by my can't wait to listen attitude. Frank Lloyd Wright has always interested me anyway, he is truly an architectural genius. He is also a jerk, but I think that came with the territory. This story is told from Maemas, his mistress's view and you can see why she fell in love with her and how he really loved her. She was a woman ahead of her time in a era when woman were supposed to shut up and raise the children. She was an independent thinker, I can relate to that. I really enjoyed listening to it and recommend it, of course you will know the ending.
I am working on Lucy Neatby's Paintbox scarf, it is holding my attention..score!! I love color gamps and have all of the yarn to weave one, I just need to find the pattern I am searching for to do it. The one I am knitting I plan on wearing, the one I weave I am planning on putting on my wall.
I have the framing stuff to frame my Poppy painting, but I need to try to photograph it first to see if I can make copies to print. I have a lot on my plate this week. Today is my Art class, I am working on a Matisse. Wed. is knitting at Fixx, Thursday is the Opening at Fiberwood Studio of the Fiber Art challenge "Changes" I will be there as will wine and snacks. You are invited!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Can you spot Iggy?

When I take Iggy to daycare twice a week, I am so happy to watch him walk into the back playroom. I am not so happy that he could care less about me but that his tail is wagging and they are doting over him. He loves it there, he plays with other dogs and chases balls, his most favorite thing. They do such special things and they have people working there that actually love the animals. Imagine my surprise when I walk into the daycare and Tia that works there says "I have a game for you to play" really, ok I can do that, she says "it's up here." I step up to the counter and there is a photo of four Westies, she says "can you pick Iggy out?" hhhmmm it was tough but I saw his collar. Their hair was all the same length and some are related, and they are so cute. I was so excited and then she gave me a photo of them. I asked her how she got them all to line up, she said they wanted me to kick the tennis ball...LOL Now you tell me where else do you get that kind of a staff. Gail is always keeping things exciting and has no problem stooping down to dog level and getting a face full of doggy kisses. I highly recommend Central Bark in Franklin on 60th and Ryan rd. It is always a surprise when you go there. One time they had a "banana bread cook off" the staff all made their favorite recipe and we tasted them and voted. It was a win win for me!! Cinco de Mayo, we had salsa and chips. They have birthday parties for their patrons and one time they had a "best listening dog" yeah we won't discuss that one. I just enjoy the whole crew over there, but this photo, warms my heart!! Thanks Central Bark
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Saturday, May 07, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

There has been a lot going on around here.  Classes are doing well and lots of students willing to learn new things.  The Fiber Festivals are happening all around us and I think we may be heading into Spring.  I just had to share this photo.  I opened Ravelry this morning and checked out a "Yarn Camp" in Rhinebeck NY and this is the first photo I saw?  Not a good early morning first glance it looked like a beard and a guys nose, then I won't even go there but ends up it is a llama fleece being exposed to show how beautiful it is...I think it could have been shown much nicer.
Hope you Mother's day if you are one is wonderful, if not you have or had one, so enjoy it either way.