Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Last time I saw Toy boy, he was head first in a knitting bag. His feet were sticking out with his new black loafers on? I think I saw the bag, hanging on a chair in my now defunct kitchen? Another male in my life, thrown aside, discarded with out a care? But Ken I do care!!! I just didn't need you at the moment, my joy was temporary. You were not being attentive, caring, not to mention, monagomous. Yes I saw the photos of you, leering at other woman, deep diving into the breassstttssss of another. Showing your "Treasure Trail" to unfamiliar females. And the touching...it just kept going on and on....!!! Meanwhile you grinned at me with that frozen smile of yours...daring me to make a comment. Taunting me with that "What are you going to do about it?" look.... And you expect me to care? You expect me to miss you? Well, it is that time of month again...no Toy boy, not that one, the one where I take you to the Fiber Fanatiks. Where you get handled and sometimes new clothes....you really are a whore. See, I miss you when I need you...at least for a good laugh!!!!

Sorry to say Toy boy may be in a box? Have you seen him?

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Remember my sewing room??

I just thought I would show you just how much I have busted my butt!!! This is the sewing room...now the show room. I am putting packed boxes into it, against my will but, they have to go somewhere!!! The showing is Sunday and I have the Sewing room and Living room done. You could say I am behind schedule. But I do have 1/2 of my office done, 1/2 of my bedroom done....and the kitchen is a disaster. The basement is a total wreck...and so am I !!!! Calgon take me away!!!!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Speak like a Pirate!!!

Tomorrow is "Speak like a Pirate" day!!!! No it isn't mandatory, but it is kind of fun. Let loose you mangie mongrels and shiver yer timbers. Have a good day!!! News flash!!! I have an open house on Sunday!!!! This is going to be ugly this week. I have a list of stuff to do, and, and, I need another year!!! Maybe I have been watching "Sell this House" too much. I am just so excited about moving that I don't want "Not selling" to steal that thunder. But aaarrrrrrrgggggg, I am pulling up mi boots and grabbing the ship by the wheel. I will be ready and mi crib is gewn to sell. Remember to Speak like a pirate!!! I miss knitting...

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Click on me!!! yes right here.

Check this out wenches!! Knit like a Pirate!!! Yer all know about Speak like a Pirate day...don't chew? Well September 19 is official Speak like a Pirate day with a link to Knit like a Pirate. Now mind you, I can't even think of picking up knitting needles, due to increased muscle mass in my upper arms from packing boxes. I would break metal sticks for knitting at this stage of the game. I have also made my knee go into spasms from trying to carry too much at one time, because why make two trips when you can carry it all in one and kill yourself....no need taking all the crap off of the stairway walls when you can wipe it out, carrying two huge garbage bags of yarn, fiber, yarn, and more yarn and fiber. I want to play, I miss playing. I want to knit a black wool hat for a Soldier, I want to knit a pirate bag...for speak like a pirate day. When in reality all I can do is pack schtinking boxes, and speak pirate, in a week...Oh and I have a wonderful story about dog hair, being in the last place you can think of...no kidding

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

This is how I go, when I go like this...

When ever I go anywhere and it isn't hot out, or freezing, this is my co-pilot. She is intent to see where I am going and how I am driving. She is great company. I have some photos of my stalking victims ex home. In the honor of privacy I am not putting them on the Internet. But now I can stalk them from the privacy of my own living room. They have impeccable taste and I found out the colors I have been bouncing around in my head, for the living room is actually the color they have painted!!! Ha!!! Anne, I won't have to paint!!!!! Also Peggy, is a watercolor artist and I have been ogling her work, she gave me a painting of some red hot chili peppers for a house warming present. How cool is that? I am putting them in my kitchen. I didn't box anything tonight...I was a slacker...besides it was Cheryls birthday so we went out for dinner. I will hit it hard again tomorrow....after work!!!

Monday, September 04, 2006

This is what you can find!!

There are many, many acronyms for cleaning. I think they are SPACE, CLUTTER, STOP, DROP and ROLL all the crap up and wiggle your nose and maybe it will go away. So in taking a break....me mum, did some modeling. Yaaa Vooolllll mum!!!! It's a funny thing, my mom sits in judgement, overlooking each box that is getting stacked up. She has this way of letting you know she "can't believe, all the things you have?" Where do you have all this STUFF? After unpacking this sewing room, to pack it up. I am, myself in amazement on the amount of items one can have in a 9x12 room? I never thought of myself as a good packer, but I must be. To have 400 boxes come from one room, and still be able to move, maybe my mom thinks I'm Houdini. On the other hand, my mom has clothes she wore when they used to go to cocktail parties. She is saving this for some reason and maybe she isn't telling us? As a family we don't want to open any of her closets, she probably still has her first communion dress somewhere. So let this be a lesson to me. It's easy to sit and watch someone haul box after box of crap out of a small room, but be careful of what is behind your own closed door.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Calgon take me away!!!

What the hell was I thinking? How did I think this would get moved from on place to another? Moving fairies? Little elves that come in the night and pack and dust meanwhile I'm dreaming of my new little shop? I already have plans for my sign!!! The boxes in that photo are nothing!!! I have more in my living room, and upstairs. The realtor lady said just get it ready to show! I have to move to do that. I have a system worked out...3 boxes, 1 garbage, 1 goodwill, 1 move. So now I have to run to Goodwill to get rid of a bunch of bags. Not even a dent.....I can see a wall in my sewing room...a wall that I will have to paint in order to sell....so see Annie, I still have to paint. Thank God the weather is holding out, it is cool and I am working up a sweat. I have polished off two pots of coffee and have the shakes. My phone is ringing but I can't find it. Peggy and Bruce, oh yeah, I am on first name basis with the condo owners I bought it from. I am sure they have me pegged as a stalker. Peggy did catch me outside the window taking photos? They get a reprieve from me this weekend they are out of town. They probably have the neighbors keeping an eye out for me. I rented a POD, which is coming Tuesday so anyone interested in lugging boxes, I get home by 4:00pm. Actually my son is coming to help move the looms. I told him, he should consider helping me a whole bunch because this will insure he won't have to do as much when I croak!!!! Well my break is over, back to packing.