Friday, September 01, 2006

Calgon take me away!!!

What the hell was I thinking? How did I think this would get moved from on place to another? Moving fairies? Little elves that come in the night and pack and dust meanwhile I'm dreaming of my new little shop? I already have plans for my sign!!! The boxes in that photo are nothing!!! I have more in my living room, and upstairs. The realtor lady said just get it ready to show! I have to move to do that. I have a system worked out...3 boxes, 1 garbage, 1 goodwill, 1 move. So now I have to run to Goodwill to get rid of a bunch of bags. Not even a dent.....I can see a wall in my sewing room...a wall that I will have to paint in order to see Annie, I still have to paint. Thank God the weather is holding out, it is cool and I am working up a sweat. I have polished off two pots of coffee and have the shakes. My phone is ringing but I can't find it. Peggy and Bruce, oh yeah, I am on first name basis with the condo owners I bought it from. I am sure they have me pegged as a stalker. Peggy did catch me outside the window taking photos? They get a reprieve from me this weekend they are out of town. They probably have the neighbors keeping an eye out for me. I rented a POD, which is coming Tuesday so anyone interested in lugging boxes, I get home by 4:00pm. Actually my son is coming to help move the looms. I told him, he should consider helping me a whole bunch because this will insure he won't have to do as much when I croak!!!! Well my break is over, back to packing.

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Betty Phuket said...

wasn't there a horror move starring Donald Sutherland that had to do with pods? Well if you start acting like an alien I'm telling. I don't know who, but I will!

Good luck. I think the stash bash will be great this year.