Wednesday, September 06, 2006

This is how I go, when I go like this...

When ever I go anywhere and it isn't hot out, or freezing, this is my co-pilot. She is intent to see where I am going and how I am driving. She is great company. I have some photos of my stalking victims ex home. In the honor of privacy I am not putting them on the Internet. But now I can stalk them from the privacy of my own living room. They have impeccable taste and I found out the colors I have been bouncing around in my head, for the living room is actually the color they have painted!!! Ha!!! Anne, I won't have to paint!!!!! Also Peggy, is a watercolor artist and I have been ogling her work, she gave me a painting of some red hot chili peppers for a house warming present. How cool is that? I am putting them in my kitchen. I didn't box anything tonight...I was a slacker...besides it was Cheryls birthday so we went out for dinner. I will hit it hard again tomorrow....after work!!!

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