Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Last time I saw Toy boy, he was head first in a knitting bag. His feet were sticking out with his new black loafers on? I think I saw the bag, hanging on a chair in my now defunct kitchen? Another male in my life, thrown aside, discarded with out a care? But Ken I do care!!! I just didn't need you at the moment, my joy was temporary. You were not being attentive, caring, not to mention, monagomous. Yes I saw the photos of you, leering at other woman, deep diving into the breassstttssss of another. Showing your "Treasure Trail" to unfamiliar females. And the touching...it just kept going on and on....!!! Meanwhile you grinned at me with that frozen smile of yours...daring me to make a comment. Taunting me with that "What are you going to do about it?" look.... And you expect me to care? You expect me to miss you? Well, it is that time of month again...no Toy boy, not that one, the one where I take you to the Fiber Fanatiks. Where you get handled and sometimes new clothes....you really are a whore. See, I miss you when I need you...at least for a good laugh!!!!

Sorry to say Toy boy may be in a box? Have you seen him?

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