Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Click on me!!! yes right here.

Check this out wenches!! Knit like a Pirate!!! Yer all know about Speak like a Pirate day...don't chew? Well September 19 is official Speak like a Pirate day with a link to Knit like a Pirate. Now mind you, I can't even think of picking up knitting needles, due to increased muscle mass in my upper arms from packing boxes. I would break metal sticks for knitting at this stage of the game. I have also made my knee go into spasms from trying to carry too much at one time, because why make two trips when you can carry it all in one and kill yourself....no need taking all the crap off of the stairway walls when you can wipe it out, carrying two huge garbage bags of yarn, fiber, yarn, and more yarn and fiber. I want to play, I miss playing. I want to knit a black wool hat for a Soldier, I want to knit a pirate bag...for speak like a pirate day. When in reality all I can do is pack schtinking boxes, and speak pirate, in a week...Oh and I have a wonderful story about dog hair, being in the last place you can think of...no kidding

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Betty Phucket said...

Janny, me thought yur were packing. Me thinks yur didn't get to yur sewing room arg. So when yur set sail to yur new place you be strong enough to climbs the mast to the crows nest to stay the course. Where's might yur be storin' yur treasure chest. 16 men and all. Argh