Monday, September 04, 2006

This is what you can find!!

There are many, many acronyms for cleaning. I think they are SPACE, CLUTTER, STOP, DROP and ROLL all the crap up and wiggle your nose and maybe it will go away. So in taking a mum, did some modeling. Yaaa Vooolllll mum!!!! It's a funny thing, my mom sits in judgement, overlooking each box that is getting stacked up. She has this way of letting you know she "can't believe, all the things you have?" Where do you have all this STUFF? After unpacking this sewing room, to pack it up. I am, myself in amazement on the amount of items one can have in a 9x12 room? I never thought of myself as a good packer, but I must be. To have 400 boxes come from one room, and still be able to move, maybe my mom thinks I'm Houdini. On the other hand, my mom has clothes she wore when they used to go to cocktail parties. She is saving this for some reason and maybe she isn't telling us? As a family we don't want to open any of her closets, she probably still has her first communion dress somewhere. So let this be a lesson to me. It's easy to sit and watch someone haul box after box of crap out of a small room, but be careful of what is behind your own closed door.


Lois said...

I still have my hat like that! It's actually hanging on one bedpost of the bed. Jeff put it there when I wore it home and it's been there ever since! I wanted one like yours but it was too big for my head so I had to get the kid one, not as impressive but, still as funny when the 2 of us walked across the street to you singing the valkre fight song!

Spiderlady said...

I may have to keep it, the hat that is...we sure had a good laugh at that one!!! I bet Jeff puts it on every once in while and he too does the Ya Voooolllllll!!!! Oh no I am getting an image....Hey see there are advantages to having a big head!! How's Robin Hood coming along?

Lois said...

The vest patterns has some problems and I had to put it aside for a time out. I'm helping Kim and Kim this weekend in their booth at the sheep and wool thingy so I'll get back to it on Mon. I'm tired and I've had a weather headache sortof on and of the last few days. Good luck with the packing. Maybe I can help you some next week.