Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Look what I got!!!

I want to Thank my fellow Team Cheese members for thier support. I want to Thank Franklin for generating the really cool Knitting Olympic medal. I want to have another party .....kind of a post Olympics, in a couple of weeks, and on a Saturday when we don't have to go to work the next day...yeah...sounds like a plan.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Gotta love her!!!

I have mentioned to my family, just how much I laugh at the Windex crows commercial...where the guy is in his backyard and doorbell rings and he goes through the patio doors to answer it/cuts back to the crows one says" hey want to do something funny? " closes the patio doors and the guy comes back and walks into the glass doors, the crows start hysterically laughing and it makes me just laugh out loud. Soooooo, my sister-in-law was home alone and she went upstairs to take a shower, as she was putting on her robe, she heard the doorbell, a sound she is not real familiar with I may add, (everyone uses the back door.) and she headed down the stairs to see who was visiting and answer the door. As she rounded the bottom of the steps, she saw the crows on TV laughing hysterically....the crows got her too!!!! Well OK maybe you had to be there...I have only seen that commercial once. Only because I want to!!!!

Saturday, February 25, 2006

My Vacation..

Day One- I went to Weavers Guild meeting, cleaned house
Day Two-Cleaned house somemore made Italian sausage in Tomato sauce..(make note of this tomato sauce) Had the Olympic Party and a good time was had by all.
Day Three-Talked on the phone, did pretty much nothing, did some knitting...good day!!!
Day Four-Planned on getting new faucets for the bathroom and kitchen, took mom to Motor Vehicle and out for dinner. Went to Krosha to knit with the group.
Day Five-Went to the washtubs in the basement to get water to rinse paintbrushes and noticed something orange in the sink? hhhmmmm looks like spagetti sauce....sure is spagetti sauce, but I rinsed the dishes upstairs? Ok get the Liquid Plumber and pour down sink..now you know when this started!!!! I used my super duper Pampered chef grease mop to take the grease off of the top of the sausage and of course with very hot water rinsed the mop....that was Sunday. Ok so pour more grease cutter down the drains. make note:grease mop is in garbage and I use paper toweling to sop the grease from here on.
Day Six-I have plans to visit a friend so pour more junk down the sink and I leave very early. While I am out, my mother volunteers me to do some of her friends mending..the friend calls me and I don't commit...I seethe!!! Come home the sink is still plugged and now the pipe is leaking. Off to the hardware store to buy pipe and fittings and more s*#@t. I have the piping done by 8:00pm but the plug is still there.
Day Seven-Up early pour more junk down the sink, go to the hardware store. Buy faucets one for the bathroom too. The one in the kitchen has decided to spring a leak on the cheap ass chrome covered plastic...why not!!! I also buy a 30' long snake to shove into the crappy drain. I come home and empty all the junk from under the sink take the cleanout apart I cut the tie wraps on the snake and it is spring loaded and whips me in the face..oh the words out of my mouth...let the games begin....I proceed to shove the snake deeper and deeper into the bowels of the sewer pipe. I think it is reaching out to the road by now so I slowly pull it back wiping off the black unknown crap that is hanging on it. I have this nasty thing by the neck and out the back door it goes into the snow...just in case it has to make another appearance. Mission accomplished, now the faucet...that is a breeze. I am done...skip the bathroom faucet for now...my back is killing me.
Day Eight-Run water down my clean drain and trust I can wash clothes....I do, it drains I'm back in business. I am making lasagne and I fear an orange wash tub again...It all seems Ok!!! Life is good, I need to go back to work for rest!!!
I did some spinning today....

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Hell day!!!

Did I mention I was on vacation? Did I mention that just because I wasn't going anywhere I didn't want to have to do plumbing all week. Or unvoluntary sewing for someone else that I don't know? The day started out Ok, except I knew my drain was plugged and put some stinking Liquid Plumber down it before I went to bed. Put more down before I went to Madison, did some visiting and got a call from a friend of mommy dearest. Hi Jan your mom said you could sew these pants for me....did she now? hhhhhmmmmm maybe mummy can sew them for you....steam rising off of Jan....I will call you back...later!!!! I came home to a still plugged sink. So off to the hardware store where I bought all kinds of "better" liquid to throw down and I did and then I heard the water piddling on the floor...sure enough I rotted the pipe...dammit. So trip #2 to the Hardware store...Hi Jan...back again? Yup!!!! So now I am buying pipes and glue and fittings....oh how exciting...oopss trip #3 Jan we close in an hour...I will be done by then...I hope...and I won't be back...till tomorrow.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Vacation day one!!

Ahhhhh Vacation....I got to use a gift certificate for an hour massage today....need I say anymore....!! Pancakes and coffee for breakfast, after a night of singing and partying with the other Olympians. The greatest thing about having women for company, they bring good food and help clean up!!! Oh yeah and they left all of the food for me....for vacation!!! mmmmmm home made biscotti. Tomorrow I am the plumber, I have a bunch of leaks to fix...what an extreme.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Todays Aquisitions

So my intentions today were not to buy yarn. It wasn't my fault....I just wanted to "look?" Janyce was the one that made me. What could I do? We were coming home from Wisconsin Handweavers meeting and had a little lunch and I could hear undertones of....yyyy......aaaa....rrrr....nnnnn....!!! I said No!! I am absolutely not going to buy any yarn, no way Janyce you can't make me. So we ventured into Fiberwood Studio and as I approached the counter I put my hand on a hat someone knit, out of a pretty blue....Alpaca? No it is Merino. It is so soft and wonderful and as I breathed a heavy sigh, and my fingers softly caressing the yarn and my eyes possibly glassing over...Barb grinned and pointed over to the shelves filled with Malabrigo, in beautiful colors that made me drool....my hands were running from one skein to another, and then, there it was....A warning sign..."Touch at your own risk!!!" Oh no it was too late...what could I do, as I was dropping skeins, and my plastic, running to the checkout. Barb was calmly smiling as she asked...Debit or Credit, Jan? Dammit Janyce!!!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Buddy Squirrel meets Precious

You may be a tad squeamish but just keep in mind...It IS a stuffed squirrel..The real ones are in the back yard. I am thinking that my little Joey, alias Precious, for obvious reasons, was a little bored last night while I slept. I know I had no reason to sleep and after a wonderful night of chatting and knitting with the women, there was no walk in the itinerary and somebody must pay!!! It was little Buddy. Buddy is only one day old, and Joey has a fierce hate for squirrels. Her Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Scott brought her Buddy on Sunday. Immediately she was soaked with dog spit (Initiation). Then she did the welcome shaking to break the neck? Buddy got to sleep with me and Joey last night and I heard one faint squeak and then I fell asleep. Little did I know the demise that would become Little Buddy , as I dreamed of Carrot Cake and Apple Pie. I woke up to a pile of stuffing and two little arms laying side by side and a plastic squeaker gently laid next to Buddy. I never invested in Medical school for Precious, but maybe I should have, it's like she surgically painstakingly removed the arms. I think we are going for a walk tonight!!!

Sunday, February 05, 2006

There is a faint resemblence here, with my new hair do? Not to mention the skin color of concrete grey. I live in a cold area? After sleeping on it, it doesn't look so bad...without my glasses! You know how when you have little children and they cut thier hair? Well my son, has a mother that cuts hers....and he chastises me, like a child that I am. When he was little, I always wanted to give him a mohalk haircut. This idea did not sit well with the rest of the family members, or him for that matter. So I threatend him that if he ever cut his own hair, I would give him a mohalk. He never cut his hair...ever!! I do though...cut my hair that is....I can' t help it...I needed a trim or change or something. I have learned though to never try to fix it yourself. It will only get worse....and shorter!!!

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Helping Hands

I am knitting at top speed, in attempts to finish the color chart hat. I want to end it before opening day of the Olympics, so it is just great to have little helping hands (paws) that reach into the knitting and helps me to attain the right tension on my stitches. Well maybe he is helping me count, because this little paw keeps tapping the knitting as if to say...1...2...3...4...? I didn't see anything connected to the paw, just the paw. I can just imagine, how fascinating this constant movement of the needles and yarn jumping about must be to a cat. Needless to say I can not sit down that I don't have a grey cat on my lap. He is wherever I am and lending me a helping paw. Oh yeah I cut my hair? I who normally have stick straight hair, have developed crinkle cut french fry hair...under my top hair? Does that make sense? This could get hairy? Ok the hair on my neck is now curly and the covering hair is straight. I being in the throws of menopause, read this too is some wierd curse of the "Changes". Could I have any more symptoms? Am I the test pilot for every stinking malady of this age? I have constant hots and not the good kind. I have developed allergies I didn't have before, I have weight gain...not that I don't eat but? I have night panic attacks, skip the sweats...I am on HR drugs but sometimes I need to up the dose, but don't and just as I thought maybe I was leaving the Menses...I got curly hair? What the heck is this? If it was all curly or all straight it would be different but, what do you do with curly under hair? So I cut it....now let me tell you when I say I cut it I do mean the naked stylist. Take a shower, wash your hair and cut it all in one easy swoop. I do (did) have long hair. Oh and it's winter and I have my heavy coat of hair, very thick. Can you see where this is going? I look like the sphinx, or Rosanna Rosanna Danna...hhhmmm the kid on Dutch boy paint with dark hair is more like it...what was I thinking?

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Splash of Color

This is the time of year we need color!!! Sunshine, and color, so due to a lack of color and winter blahs, I began to knit a really colorful hat!!! Check this out. It is fun and bright. Guess what is looking at me right now? It is hanging on the back beam of my loom, which is a good word for it...Looming.... about whispering for me to "finish me" ! It's the crippler, I am sorry to say I have lost all interest in it and can't even bear to wear it, if 'it' were finished. All I need to do is weave in the ends and put buttons on it. AAAhhh the buttons, my brother is going to make something from deer antlers of some bones or something natural. Until i get the cool buttons, it is hanging lifeless over there....