Friday, March 27, 2009

How annoying can I be?

Do you really want to know??? Someone is driving me crazy, he is getting to the point the playpen isn't quite enough for him and the back door area is too far away from the center of attention. So whining and barking is his new agenda. On the other hand I am getting my new loom today and getting rid of the two big ones I have. So is everyone ready for the snow???? Do you think we will really get any????

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Stupid games

I have a Ds Game thingy? Yeah that is about as much as I know about it. I bought it to do Brain Age, to keep my mind active. I use it mostly in the Powder room if you get my drift. But it has been upgraded to a new spot, my hand.....alot. I first bought this detective game with two detectives called Curious something, and then found it has some really icky puzzles, the ones you skipped over in school such as...My sister is blank years old if I add three of my years to her and blah blah and I would be half her age how old are we???? hhhhhhhmmmm I don't care, I hated those problems then and guess what still do!!! But I stumbled on to a new game, Millionaire something, now I am sure these names can be found at Best buy, just ask for uh, do you have Curious "I don't know?" and Millionaire detective game???? I'm sure they will know what you mean. Ok so this second game is a search game, you get a room and you have to find objects, you can use a flashlight, if your batteries aren't dead and this Xray gun to see below the surface, at one point you have to blow and i mean really blow on this game to remove amazes me that when I am sitting by myself on the couch a 55 year old adult, blowing on my Pink DS game, I don't even question my sanity? Can you imagine riding a bus and playing and all of a sudden you see someone blowing on their hand held game.....cuckoo cuckoo, yet I do it with vigor, it says it so I did it.....So I think I will do just one search and end up with Carpal tunnel from doing 50, I am addicted....Unlike my WII, I don't think I will overextend my knee ski jumping, which by the way I am thinking the Igster is old enough that I might be able to put the base on the floor to start playing again.....hahahahahahahahahha enough I have a game to play with.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Fishy thing???

I was so enjoying the warmer weather and have been diligently knitting on my fishy mittens. I have finished the body and am working on the thumb gusset right now. While I was knitting, out of the corner of my eye something flittered by, no flitter is a cute word. Zipped, maybe? Thinking maybe I had a floater, you know what floaters are right? It's loose stuff floating in your eye and if you focus on them, they are like a circus trapeze act. So back to the first day of Spring, I wore a flowered scarf and butterfly earrings, wow all I was missing was the Peace sign. I was celebrating Spring, the first day!!!! Guess what I killed a mosquito filled with blood last night!!!! I am now waiting for the memories of last years mosquitos to swell up and start itching, it got me or the dog???? It is March right??? What the heck are mosquitos doing out already, it ruined my whole Season. It is tooooooo early. On the upside I almost have my fishy mitten done!!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ban photos of knitters!!!!

Yes you read that right!!! I say there should be a ban of photographing women knitting!!!! Think about it? Can you say double chin, chin, chin? We look down when we knit, we look into our laps. I was looking through the photos of Sheep in the City and when someone was diligently knitting, even thin woman.....hhhmmm not a flattering photo. (I do try to pick photos of a kinder side) So unless we figure on how to knit up in the air, we will be unphotographic. So I here by suggest that when a knitting photo is to be taken, we Raise our needles!!!!! Hold your needles high in the air and more double chins!!!!! So when this catches on around the World, we as knitters will understand the reason, knitters are holding thier needles high!!!! It will be the universal knitters picture pose!!!! Now for those flappy arms????

Monday, March 16, 2009

Guess what Iggy can do????

Yep, he has finally mastered the stairs. Only because his cousins were here and he would not be outdone by two little cousins. He is flying down the steps, but it looks like his hinder may go over the top if he doesn't keep moving. I made corned beef and cabbage and had the family over, and the cousins came too. There was a lot of barking, and excited peeing???? So now I have to put the gate up in the shop to keep the Igster out of the shop when I am not paying attention. He has had quite an eventful day!!!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

My Mentor

If I learned anything about spinning ever!!! It has all been because of Judith Mckenzie McCuin. She is a wonderful teacher, and has the kind of teaching technique that keeps you wanting more. For me, we all know my attention span, I will sit and listen to Judith like a sponge,Yeah I know me, but if I love something, I go full blast into it.... I hang on her every word, she leaves me wanting more. If ever you get a chance to learn from her you are learning from the Best!!! I hope Judith is having a wonderful St. Patty's day with all of those Mc's in her last name!!!! Maybe she is Scottish????
On another note, I am starting to sort through piles....I know I know, don't be alarmed I still have a few piles but they are shorter!!! I found stuff I knew was on my desk, I just didn't know where. I think I am avoiding doing my taxes, so I will do anything even icky stuff in order to keep from doing the worst job???? Enjoy the warmer weather.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Book Club drama

Last night was our first book club meeting. We are listening to a book called "Knitting" . I have heard it before and liked it alot and most knitters have not heard this one. It was a busy day and I had a puppy that was restless. Not to mention as we were all sitting around knitting, concentrating on the speaker, precious Iggy filled the air with a gagging odor, that made Kim's eyes water, and stiffeled little giggles to abound. Then he made more noise than anyone has heard out of him, digging in his bed, chewing on a plastic bottle, grunting and whatever noise he could make to distract us. It's my fault I am feeding him whole foods with lots of fiber, which is proving to be too much fiber so the vet suggested, I start adding more adult food. I'm hoping by next month he will have a better digestive tract!!! Sorry Ladies???
On the great side, Patty made home made Cinnamon rolls that were, wonderful, I actually had some for breakfast today!!!! Thank you Patty and thanks for everyone that came and shared the book...see you next month.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Burning Bridges

I wrote this long post about Organ donation or Marrow whichever, I deleted it because it is a family issue and not that you wouldn't be curious about the outcome. Then I deleted it, in a time when no one is accountable for what they do and there is no ramifications they wouldn't understand anyway, but, I just need to write this one statement, in case a so called family member reads this.
"He isn't that stupid that he doesn't know a vulture, if it circles like a vulture, squaks like a vulture, it's pretty much is a vulture." It is sad that you can burn bridges with family members till thier organs/marrow are looking pretty good to better your life. How Ironic?? So on that note, if you burn bridges, it's pretty hard to cross over them again, think about it?

Now I bet I really peaked your interest!!!!!

I took a spinning class from Judith McCuin Mckenzie last weekend, what a class. She is my spinning guru....she can do no wrong in my book. I learn so much from her and absorb and hang on every word. She lived in Turkey for a while and studied rug making and dying so she could restore rugs here in North America. If you ever get a chance to take her class do not hesitate.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Whew!!!! What a ride!!!!

Where to begin??? If you didn't get to Sheep in the City, you missed a great time!!! There was something going on all the time and no fires!!!!! Everything went smooooooth. The only glitch was my first night in a hotel??? Not used to the finer things in life apparantly I was freezing in my room, I woke up at 3am and was cold, me cold....I went looking for another blanket and resorted to pulling up the germ encrusted bedspread, (actually they are duvets and mine was a fresh one, that't my story and I'm sticking to it.) so time to get up and I want to shower so I go turn on the timer heater in the bathroom and run the hot water, and sit on the toilet where it is warmer. Then I walk around the room looking for something warm, go back into the bathroom and decide to shut the door and take a nice warm shower, now mind you, that timer has been running on the heat lamp for about 10 minutes. So into the shower I go and start to shower and off goes the heatlamp which of course was my only source of light too!!! I step out of the shower and got a surprise drop, the floor was lower than I thought but it was dark so who knew. While after all of that I was over by the door looking for heat directions and low and behold it has an energy control, you have to put your room key into the light switch by the door to make most everything work!!! So with icicles hanging off of me, I figured it out!!!