Friday, March 13, 2009

Book Club drama

Last night was our first book club meeting. We are listening to a book called "Knitting" . I have heard it before and liked it alot and most knitters have not heard this one. It was a busy day and I had a puppy that was restless. Not to mention as we were all sitting around knitting, concentrating on the speaker, precious Iggy filled the air with a gagging odor, that made Kim's eyes water, and stiffeled little giggles to abound. Then he made more noise than anyone has heard out of him, digging in his bed, chewing on a plastic bottle, grunting and whatever noise he could make to distract us. It's my fault I am feeding him whole foods with lots of fiber, which is proving to be too much fiber so the vet suggested, I start adding more adult food. I'm hoping by next month he will have a better digestive tract!!! Sorry Ladies???
On the great side, Patty made home made Cinnamon rolls that were, wonderful, I actually had some for breakfast today!!!! Thank you Patty and thanks for everyone that came and shared the book...see you next month.

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