Saturday, March 14, 2009

My Mentor

If I learned anything about spinning ever!!! It has all been because of Judith Mckenzie McCuin. She is a wonderful teacher, and has the kind of teaching technique that keeps you wanting more. For me, we all know my attention span, I will sit and listen to Judith like a sponge,Yeah I know me, but if I love something, I go full blast into it.... I hang on her every word, she leaves me wanting more. If ever you get a chance to learn from her you are learning from the Best!!! I hope Judith is having a wonderful St. Patty's day with all of those Mc's in her last name!!!! Maybe she is Scottish????
On another note, I am starting to sort through piles....I know I know, don't be alarmed I still have a few piles but they are shorter!!! I found stuff I knew was on my desk, I just didn't know where. I think I am avoiding doing my taxes, so I will do anything even icky stuff in order to keep from doing the worst job???? Enjoy the warmer weather.

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