Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Burning Bridges

I wrote this long post about Organ donation or Marrow whichever, I deleted it because it is a family issue and not that you wouldn't be curious about the outcome. Then I deleted it, in a time when no one is accountable for what they do and there is no ramifications they wouldn't understand anyway, but, I just need to write this one statement, in case a so called family member reads this.
"He isn't that stupid that he doesn't know a vulture, if it circles like a vulture, squaks like a vulture, it's pretty much is a vulture." It is sad that you can burn bridges with family members till thier organs/marrow are looking pretty good to better your life. How Ironic?? So on that note, if you burn bridges, it's pretty hard to cross over them again, think about it?

Now I bet I really peaked your interest!!!!!

I took a spinning class from Judith McCuin Mckenzie last weekend, what a class. She is my spinning guru....she can do no wrong in my book. I learn so much from her and absorb and hang on every word. She lived in Turkey for a while and studied rug making and dying so she could restore rugs here in North America. If you ever get a chance to take her class do not hesitate.

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