Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Fishy thing???

I was so enjoying the warmer weather and have been diligently knitting on my fishy mittens. I have finished the body and am working on the thumb gusset right now. While I was knitting, out of the corner of my eye something flittered by, no flitter is a cute word. Zipped, maybe? Thinking maybe I had a floater, you know what floaters are right? It's loose stuff floating in your eye and if you focus on them, they are like a circus trapeze act. So back to the first day of Spring, I wore a flowered scarf and butterfly earrings, wow all I was missing was the Peace sign. I was celebrating Spring, the first day!!!! Guess what I killed a mosquito filled with blood last night!!!! I am now waiting for the memories of last years mosquitos to swell up and start itching, it got me or the dog???? It is March right??? What the heck are mosquitos doing out already, it ruined my whole Season. It is tooooooo early. On the upside I almost have my fishy mitten done!!!!

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Annie said...

noooooooo! oh, those sqitimoes last sumemr were just from hell. I know I had a basement and back yard full of the bloodsuckers!
Oh just thinking about it now makes me itchy.