Saturday, September 27, 2008

Eyes so blue

I was never one to be totally taken by any actors, but I always admired Paul Newman and his wife of many years Joanne Woodard. It really made a void this morning when I found out he had died. It's not like we were friends?? It's not like I "loved him"? He was just a wonderful role model for other actors and actresses with his anti Hollywood appeal. Of course he was old and this tends to happen in the life cycle, but for me, I am sad. I feel for the families of high interest people, how do they feel watching their beloved on the TV or movies over and over again and again and again. I know how hard it is to look at pictures of Joey without getting teary eyed, that face, those eyes, that sniffing, (Joey was my dog) I don't want someone to get the wrong idea there?? So life goes on and so will we, but we can still support his wonderful charities, by buying Salad dressing, he has done wonderful work with that for underprivledged children.
I had a great birthday Thanks to Angela and Lois for the party and for Mike and Danijela for the special dinner!!! Chris the jeweler made me the most beautiful Spider ring and you will have to stop in the shop to see it!!!
Have a good weekend!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!!!

I love cake....I love birthdays!!!! It is the one time of year you don't have to share with everyone else....your special day!!! It is not Christmas or Easter it is your own special event. You may share it with others but not like a Holiday!!!! So last night when I was going to bed, knowing when I woke up I would be another year older...I got the giggles, how life changes!!!! When you are young you get a drink, go pottie and hop into bed with a favorite small toy to avoid getting caught. You get into Motherhood and you make sure everyone else has a drink, goes pottie and fall into bed exhausted. You go into menopause and you go pee, twice, take your pills, pee again, check to see if you turned off the water from taking the pills, go back to bed sit on the edge of the bed and forgot what you were going to do, wake up in puddles of sweat, then have an anxiety attack and lay awake, trying to figure out what woke you up, go pee and go to sleep one hour before you have to wake I go to bed after doing the watering and dewatering, put on my glasses to read, and my muzzle to breath and read a half a page and fall asleep, wake up three hours later and dewater again.....remuzzle....sleep....and wake up and I'm another year older.....!!! I can hardly wait till the next change. For those of you that share MY day Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Still Lacing?

Yes I am still knitting on the lace scarf.....when did the Olympics end????? Not much new here, I will be getting a bunch of new yarns in, hopefully before the Yarn Tasting party!!! I got a new toy in and sold out as fast, it was a pompom maker!!! It is so cool, so now everything will have pompoms on it!!! I am finally getting back into the groove after being gone a few days....I am trying to catch up on emails and there were over 100!!! Oh it's not that I am that popular it is for Erectile disfunction but they get disguised next to an important"I've been trying to get a hold of you!!!"" So foolishly I open it thinking it being a customer or an important mail!!!! I have something a little interesting to tell everyone. I have a friend that lives in Texas, they were on the cusp of the hurricane and came through unscathed, but he had made an interesting comment...the Mexican Army and Canadian Armies were there helping with the clean up aide...Now has anyone heard anything about that???? All we ever hear is how the US is going in to help other countries???? He seems to think it is a political thing....I found it interesting, so I thought I would pass it on, so we do get help from foreign countries. OK, I am off to get my hair cut.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Back from Up North

I needed my fix of the Woods. I have friends that have a cottage in Crandon, WI on Lake Metanga. We went for boat rides and just sat around a fire and enjoyed the wonderful weather. It was wonderful!!!! What is it about Up North that is so calming?? People in Wisconsin use "Up North" as a term for anywhere 50 miles north of the city!!! No one know exactly where up North is? But we all know it's meaning....
What are you doing this weekend? Going up North...Oh that will be fun!!! Yep....
Typical conversation at any given table here. It is all encompassing, it's like a secret language and I got to go!!!
They have the most wonderful 7 month old chocolate Lab named Sam....Sam and I got into trouble....he wanted to sit in my lap, which, when Sam was little probably was an easy task but Sam is pretty big now and so instead he slinked unto my lap and ended up sleeping with his butt on my lap and head on my knitting.. He acted like no one could see him if his eyes were closed!!!!! So I got my puppy fix for a while.
I knit on my endless Wondercoat....and am on the last leg of it.....a huge feat!!!! Well today it is back to business!!! There is stock to be put out and new stock to put out!!!! What is this it's supposed to 80 today!!!! uh uh.....

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Puppy Pile

Can you see 6 puppies in the pile? Yep...I was visiting friends and they are babysitting one Chihuahua, but have 5 of their own and they all were piled on the couch...there is one way underneath the pile....his name is Coal....I just have to laugh at this photo!!! I made a dishcloth and did some spinning and dying and have been knitting on the Alice's Wondercoat and my lace scarf....
What's on your needles. It is getting cool and I love this weather. So it's time for the sweaters to come out and wool socks and all of the fruits of our talents!!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

The Diamond necklace

I was watching GMA this morning and saw a wonderful segment on a group of 13 woman, that pitched in and bought a $15,000, diamond necklace. It changed their lives...each month they got to wear the necklace and had rules like if anyone was going to Paris the necklace had to go with them....what they found most was it renewed their friendships and made them feel special. I was excited about the idea, of course I don't know who would want to spring for that kind of dough, but we can do it in other ways. We need to make ourselves feel special. I love to do little things for "Me", I am spoiled that way. It may mean as little as a new bar of handmade soap?? Or a new pair of earrings??? When I worked construction, I spent $100's of dollars on underwear. I know it sounds stupid.. but , I was wearing mens clothes, flannel shirts jeans, mens work boots, hard hat, leather gloves...but underneath all of that manly clothing, I had on lace underwear, real frilly sexy, underwear. Right next to my skin, I was all woman, it made me hold on to something very dear to feminenity. We need to do something special for us, I learned a long time ago, if you take the 30 minutes for yourself you are more capable of dealing with others.
In this GMA segway, the woman became closer through the necklace, and I think we become closer through our yarn.....look what knitter do for the World by knitting!!! How many of us have rushed to the aid of a family needing hats or Seaman or Soldiers....we don't wear the necklace but we do have a kindred Spirit....needles and yarn and our Love for our craft. .....Kneedles Unite!!! We all are Diamonds!!!!
no I am not done with the lace scarf.....

Saturday, September 06, 2008

GPS & Power shopping

So Friday night and I close in a hurry to go meet Patty and drive out to Jefferson for Sheep and Wool. Patty has one of those cars that still has an engine....a real engine that sounds like a car. I am not a car person but I know how great it used to be to step on the gas and move. For me actually it would be dangerous, I would be the jerk pulling out in front of everyone and getting major speeding tickets. So for me the 4 cyl. car was a saftey measure. So Patty also has GPS, which she has fondly named Lola. The free way is stopped and we take the backroads and get behind every slow driver out taking a scenic Friday night cruise. There is a detour and Lola tends to be a little slow on the detour....which is taking us a bit out of the way. So we get to our destination ....not much help from Lola I may add.
Power shopping at Sheep and Wool, we got to walk up and down the four aisles once and go 1/2 way back and the lights go out the doors shut and we got evicted. I have one bag and Patty has a bag... we scored some yarn and used the restroom and that was Sheep and Wool abbreviated into 45 minutes. Can't quite believe I was even there???? we power up Lola and off we go to a Fish fry.....We found the 5 o clock club with the help of Lola...good job Lola. Now can you get us a table??? One hour wait so we sit at the bar, where Patty gets a beer bath from the tarbender when the tapper runs out, he proceeds to joke about it and offers to buy either of us a drink, but shame on us for drinking coke, so he wouldn't buy a drink???? That my friends is an Ass...I'm sorry I would rather respect someone for drinking a soda than not buy them a drink because it is non alcoholic? So we get our table the food is good and plan to leave. Patty punches in HOME!!! Her home I assume....Lola tells us to go left, I say to Patty...hmmmm we came in straight ahead, maybe Lola knows a shorter way to the freeway? Lola again says turn left which is a right angle to the last turn. and once again....turn left...Patty makes the comment it feels like we are going around the block....uuuhhhhh alas...turn left again....right to the front of the dinner club....Lola gets shut off and we take our chances and risk our lives driving like millions have done before instinct!!!!!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Wearing a shirt backwards?

Yesterday I got up early, I had a lot of errands to run, because Monday is my normal closed day but it also was also Labor day, so the business I needed to do, I couldn't.
I will be officially retired from my "JOB" the old one, on October 1st, 2008. I had to go to fill out paperwork, so this was a real official day. I got dressed and left, looking fine, nothing spectacular, I didn't wear a black power suit or anything like that. From there I went to Office Max and stood in line to check out. I went to the Dump...I went to Gander Mountain and Walmart, i was on a I was leaving Wally World, empty handed I might shirt seemed to be crawling up around my neck...we are talking 4 hours after I put it it had become annoying. Now it had become apparant, I had it on backwards..oh yeah, pockets in the back and neckline open to the back, Thank God no tags in the front. Then I retraced my steps, sitting in an office with an Agent, discussing terms of retirement....signing important papers, looking senile???? Standing in line with the person behind me checking out wether I was coming or going? The dump just didn't I left it like that....I wore it backwards all day, because I could. I did not knit yesterday for fear of knitting backwards!!!! Next I will try inside out