Friday, September 12, 2008

The Diamond necklace

I was watching GMA this morning and saw a wonderful segment on a group of 13 woman, that pitched in and bought a $15,000, diamond necklace. It changed their lives...each month they got to wear the necklace and had rules like if anyone was going to Paris the necklace had to go with them....what they found most was it renewed their friendships and made them feel special. I was excited about the idea, of course I don't know who would want to spring for that kind of dough, but we can do it in other ways. We need to make ourselves feel special. I love to do little things for "Me", I am spoiled that way. It may mean as little as a new bar of handmade soap?? Or a new pair of earrings??? When I worked construction, I spent $100's of dollars on underwear. I know it sounds stupid.. but , I was wearing mens clothes, flannel shirts jeans, mens work boots, hard hat, leather gloves...but underneath all of that manly clothing, I had on lace underwear, real frilly sexy, underwear. Right next to my skin, I was all woman, it made me hold on to something very dear to feminenity. We need to do something special for us, I learned a long time ago, if you take the 30 minutes for yourself you are more capable of dealing with others.
In this GMA segway, the woman became closer through the necklace, and I think we become closer through our yarn.....look what knitter do for the World by knitting!!! How many of us have rushed to the aid of a family needing hats or Seaman or Soldiers....we don't wear the necklace but we do have a kindred Spirit....needles and yarn and our Love for our craft. .....Kneedles Unite!!! We all are Diamonds!!!!
no I am not done with the lace scarf.....

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