Friday, September 26, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!!!

I love cake....I love birthdays!!!! It is the one time of year you don't have to share with everyone else....your special day!!! It is not Christmas or Easter it is your own special event. You may share it with others but not like a Holiday!!!! So last night when I was going to bed, knowing when I woke up I would be another year older...I got the giggles, how life changes!!!! When you are young you get a drink, go pottie and hop into bed with a favorite small toy to avoid getting caught. You get into Motherhood and you make sure everyone else has a drink, goes pottie and fall into bed exhausted. You go into menopause and you go pee, twice, take your pills, pee again, check to see if you turned off the water from taking the pills, go back to bed sit on the edge of the bed and forgot what you were going to do, wake up in puddles of sweat, then have an anxiety attack and lay awake, trying to figure out what woke you up, go pee and go to sleep one hour before you have to wake I go to bed after doing the watering and dewatering, put on my glasses to read, and my muzzle to breath and read a half a page and fall asleep, wake up three hours later and dewater again.....remuzzle....sleep....and wake up and I'm another year older.....!!! I can hardly wait till the next change. For those of you that share MY day Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

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