Thursday, September 25, 2008

Still Lacing?

Yes I am still knitting on the lace scarf.....when did the Olympics end????? Not much new here, I will be getting a bunch of new yarns in, hopefully before the Yarn Tasting party!!! I got a new toy in and sold out as fast, it was a pompom maker!!! It is so cool, so now everything will have pompoms on it!!! I am finally getting back into the groove after being gone a few days....I am trying to catch up on emails and there were over 100!!! Oh it's not that I am that popular it is for Erectile disfunction but they get disguised next to an important"I've been trying to get a hold of you!!!"" So foolishly I open it thinking it being a customer or an important mail!!!! I have something a little interesting to tell everyone. I have a friend that lives in Texas, they were on the cusp of the hurricane and came through unscathed, but he had made an interesting comment...the Mexican Army and Canadian Armies were there helping with the clean up aide...Now has anyone heard anything about that???? All we ever hear is how the US is going in to help other countries???? He seems to think it is a political thing....I found it interesting, so I thought I would pass it on, so we do get help from foreign countries. OK, I am off to get my hair cut.

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