Sunday, September 14, 2008

Puppy Pile

Can you see 6 puppies in the pile? Yep...I was visiting friends and they are babysitting one Chihuahua, but have 5 of their own and they all were piled on the couch...there is one way underneath the pile....his name is Coal....I just have to laugh at this photo!!! I made a dishcloth and did some spinning and dying and have been knitting on the Alice's Wondercoat and my lace scarf....
What's on your needles. It is getting cool and I love this weather. So it's time for the sweaters to come out and wool socks and all of the fruits of our talents!!!

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camillaknits said...

OMG... how cute are they? I want one. Don't you think 'Clementine' needs a shop dog? I keep threatening to take the cat, but she's bitchy. Those passed out babies are so stinkin' cute. Arrgh. Now I'm excited and need more meds. This tonsillectomy is kicking my 'arse'. C