Saturday, September 06, 2008

GPS & Power shopping

So Friday night and I close in a hurry to go meet Patty and drive out to Jefferson for Sheep and Wool. Patty has one of those cars that still has an engine....a real engine that sounds like a car. I am not a car person but I know how great it used to be to step on the gas and move. For me actually it would be dangerous, I would be the jerk pulling out in front of everyone and getting major speeding tickets. So for me the 4 cyl. car was a saftey measure. So Patty also has GPS, which she has fondly named Lola. The free way is stopped and we take the backroads and get behind every slow driver out taking a scenic Friday night cruise. There is a detour and Lola tends to be a little slow on the detour....which is taking us a bit out of the way. So we get to our destination ....not much help from Lola I may add.
Power shopping at Sheep and Wool, we got to walk up and down the four aisles once and go 1/2 way back and the lights go out the doors shut and we got evicted. I have one bag and Patty has a bag... we scored some yarn and used the restroom and that was Sheep and Wool abbreviated into 45 minutes. Can't quite believe I was even there???? we power up Lola and off we go to a Fish fry.....We found the 5 o clock club with the help of Lola...good job Lola. Now can you get us a table??? One hour wait so we sit at the bar, where Patty gets a beer bath from the tarbender when the tapper runs out, he proceeds to joke about it and offers to buy either of us a drink, but shame on us for drinking coke, so he wouldn't buy a drink???? That my friends is an Ass...I'm sorry I would rather respect someone for drinking a soda than not buy them a drink because it is non alcoholic? So we get our table the food is good and plan to leave. Patty punches in HOME!!! Her home I assume....Lola tells us to go left, I say to Patty...hmmmm we came in straight ahead, maybe Lola knows a shorter way to the freeway? Lola again says turn left which is a right angle to the last turn. and once again....turn left...Patty makes the comment it feels like we are going around the block....uuuhhhhh alas...turn left again....right to the front of the dinner club....Lola gets shut off and we take our chances and risk our lives driving like millions have done before instinct!!!!!

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