Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Wearing a shirt backwards?

Yesterday I got up early, I had a lot of errands to run, because Monday is my normal closed day but it also was also Labor day, so the business I needed to do, I couldn't.
I will be officially retired from my "JOB" the old one, on October 1st, 2008. I had to go to fill out paperwork, so this was a real official day. I got dressed and left, looking fine, nothing spectacular, I didn't wear a black power suit or anything like that. From there I went to Office Max and stood in line to check out. I went to the Dump...I went to Gander Mountain and Walmart, i was on a I was leaving Wally World, empty handed I might shirt seemed to be crawling up around my neck...we are talking 4 hours after I put it it had become annoying. Now it had become apparant, I had it on backwards..oh yeah, pockets in the back and neckline open to the back, Thank God no tags in the front. Then I retraced my steps, sitting in an office with an Agent, discussing terms of retirement....signing important papers, looking senile???? Standing in line with the person behind me checking out wether I was coming or going? The dump just didn't I left it like that....I wore it backwards all day, because I could. I did not knit yesterday for fear of knitting backwards!!!! Next I will try inside out

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