Saturday, August 30, 2008

Long time...

A fiber artist friend of mine at Harley fest!!!!

It seems like a long time since I checked in...I have been fighting with my computer...oh yeah they work great when they work but we are having a lace problem, if you know what i mean. But if you got the newsletter, I think I covered most everything??? I am getting lots of new knitters in the it Harley fest....don't think so. I can say one thing I am glad my bedroom is facing away from the highway, they are rumbling constantly on Hwy. 32. I have had some shoppers from Michigan and Ohio that were taking a break from the festivities. That was nice. I had to laugh, they are getting $250.00 for rooms at Days Inn in Racine for this festival.....the couple said the ceiling is falling in and duct tape is holding the ceiling fan cord to the wall???? Nice...had i thought of it sooner I could have rented my home out and made a mortgage payment with the money. I could have put a cot in the shop, one of those air beds...and who cooks....I can eat junk for a couple of days...heck I could eat Lobster for the money they are paying. I guess nothing ever meant that much to me to pay that kind of price to fight the crowds....I say this while I am kicking back and playing on my laptop!!!!

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