Saturday, August 02, 2008

Bar time!!!

If I was out drinking, it would be closing time right now....I am up blogging!!!! I went to bed....thought I was tired, but nothing. I tried a little tele....nothing....I read....the Wisdom of Menopause....boring.....I figured enough fighting this I am up and wide awake. I ate a bowl of cereal. I open tomorrow at 10....chances are I will still be sleeping....!!!
If I could go in my nightie I would be hanging out at George Webbs, right now, sipping coffee....!! I am thinking this is all part of the hot flash, menopause crap. I bet it wasn't a few weeks ago, I mentioned to someone that .....hhhhmmm I haven't had a hot flash for a while....whhhooooaaa I did not say I miss having hot flashes I said I didn't have any.....kiss of death. This is the souvenir that I brought back from Quebec. I have been having almost debilitating hot flashes....the nausea, the almost passing out kind....and the not sleeping. It's 2:00am Parents do you know where your children are??? I did some knitting and am watching saved movies and things on shopping channel....I promise.

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