Monday, August 04, 2008

My Knitting is done!!!!

I have my scarf done for the traveling scarf, and so does Lois. It actually knits really fast...I love my bag for my scarf too. Angela made me a traveling bag with material that looks like a tropical vacation and it's beautiful.
I worked in the endless mess of a basement and found an old rag rug that my grandma made, which sucked up water and has been fostering mold. Mold is one of my asthma triggers so it was a double surprise!!!! It must have fallen behind a box or something who into the trash and out with the bleach to clean the area. I wonder what other surprises I will find. I think that should be it. I have moved everything in the basement and am in the process of putting it back in some semblance of order? I have a new toy and I can't play with it till I get the darn basements done....tomorrow I will go at it again. I am close, but keep finding new ways to make it look less basementy.

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