Monday, August 11, 2008


Doing the Happy Dance....tap o tap o tappity tap!!! Let the Playtime begin!!!! Woooohooooo!!! The basement is done....good enough done!!! Work areas ready to go and I am rather happy with the results!!!! It still looks like a basement but it's MY studio, My creative spot and there is no water down there and no carpeting to worry about and my butt is draggin.....
I took my usual Money Monday trip to Lowes and looked at paint for the floor...uuhhhh that will be a no to the painting of the floor. I thought that epoxy stuff would look cool but I opted to splash dye on the floor to add color and I will paint the wall with colors galore!!! No actually I got white for the ONE wall I choose to paint. But anyway, I have a table top and counter top and work area and I even mended some clothes today, oh yeah I was busy. I can't find my black serger thread , but a trip to Joannes will solve that. Did I knit today? Oh sure about three rows six times.....I made better headway in the dungeon. My feet hurt, my legs hurt but my face is smiling. I have a zillion plans for creativity....I have been writing it down to keep me I am brewing myself a nice cup of coffee and a sit outside....Later.

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