Thursday, August 14, 2008

Doing OK???

I'm still here, I am avoiding what needs to be done but I am still here. I am cleaning house, cooking, and there it is glaring at me...defying me....taunting and snickering. She lays in wait....a mockery. She is beautiful and has an enticing quality.....I know this is going to be a love/hate relationship. So I pick her up I knit a row, one too many stitches. I rip a row, I knit again, it's Ok, I knit another, I am on a roll.....I knit 5 too many....I rip again.....knit, unknit, knit, unknit....How long do the Olympics last????? I am also doing ply split braiding since my basement is cleaned.
I am sitting here listening to the song of a Cardinal...probably calling her/his mate, for breakfast...or maybe a quickie, not sure about the personal lives of birds, but....I thought breakfast sounded good. I am back drinking coffee, only one cup, unless Lois brings powder sugar donuts...I can pound those babies down like a machine gun, but they must be washed with coffee. Powdered sugar, who invented that.....the unsnortable sweet treat that feels cold on your tongue. How many times have we inhaled while sneaking up on a coated sweet treat. My personal favorite is wearing it down the front of my shirt, like I am some sort of Coke head, advertising my addiction. When I went to the Church Festival I had on a brown top and just got my limp paper plate with a greasy hot funnel cake on it, with a mountain of powdered sugar and a gust of wind, I had sugar on my sleeves and so did the person next to me. I love funnel cakes. I love powdered sugar...I hate lace.

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