Friday, July 31, 2009

Looking at someone else's life

In an age of internet communication and text messaginge etc, we have become a Planet of voyers. I am on Facebook and Twitter and started because it is supposed to be great to get your business name out there. Advertising is an expensive endeavor, so anything free or cheap is a great thing. Since I have been on Twitter, I have dealt with Hot Babes interested in me and Penile implants and more Penis stuff than I care to know about. I have found out that people I have on facebook, eat dim sung for lunch and McDonalds for dinner and go to bed late. I know what they are reading, listening too and watching on TV. I know one has herpes, another is pregnant and yet another has stomach ulcers. I am soooo tempted to write that I just had a bowel movement, does anyone care????? But I am sure someone would. I guess I thought it would be more of a vehicle to interact with other people, I guess I was mistaken. A comedian made a comment about the fact that, now adays we sit in a cafe across from one person and talk to people on the other side of the World. I know I have seen a number of people in Cafes not talking to each other but on the phone with someone else??? People TURN OFF YOUR CELL PHONES.....let's talk!!!!! I have a vibrate on my phone, I use it!!!!! Does anyone realize how rude it is to sit in a group of people and talk to someone else??? Excuse yourself and go outside.....I really don't want to stop talking to friends I am with so you can hear your phone....I also do not want to hear your conversation. We need to learn phone ettiquette. I understand there are situations like kids, Drs and husbands but really. I took the train from Chicago to the Airport and had to listen to Keneesha on her holla phone talking about some Ho that has a crappy body and shouldn't make no money and on and on and on for the WHOLE trip. I was a seat behind her and meanwhile someone else was calling and she kept telling them she will arrive in 5 min. she was in Chicago???? I pity the poor woman next to her. I don't want to hear her or anybody elses conversation. I don't need to know what you ate on Facebook...I want to have a conversation with a person, a real person that when I say, "how are you?" I mean it and will listen to the answer The picture of the statue is on top of MSOE, they are from a German artist that is depicting Men working. I think this one is watching us!!!! LOL

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Which is Worse???

Michael Jackson or Brett Favre???? I am so tired of both of them. Can the News find something else to dote on??? Brett Favre is retired again, or not or yes or not or maybe or Tractor news, is he or isn't he. He is done with Green Bay leave it alone for crying out loud!!! Then, Michael Jackson, drug addict, pedophile and still making the news!!!! Leave him die for God's sake....Let's hear some news, good news, like...Hey Jan how was Pluffy pluck or what ever her name is camp was??? Let me tell you, it was wonderful. Loopy yarn shop in Chicago is beautiful and Vicki is an awesome nice person. She has a really nice shop and she should be very proud!! Lexi Boerger was great, we learned a lot of really fun spinning stuff and I met some really great people. I paid way too much to park but had a great time in Chicago, Blue Man Group is a must see and I waited for 2 hours for pizza from a small little pizzaria called Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder, it was good!!! It was also Friday night??? See isn't that better than MJ and BF????

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pluffy Phlucket or something like that

Tomorrow I will be leaving to go to Pluffy Plucket or aka Lexi Boerger spinning class. Lexi spins anything she can put her hands on, newspaper, fabric, and so much more. We are staying at the Essex hotel and I am going with my SIL, Cheryl, she is going to do some sight seeing stuff and I am going to school. Saturday the shop will be open Lois is going to be here. Saturday evening we are going to dinner at Jakes on Halstead and then to see Blue Man group, we are in the poncho seats so this should be interesting!!!!! It is so fun to get away and then you appreciate home so much more. I love being home, all my toys are here, who would want to leave? Tomorrow on our way down we are going to stop at an old Pizzaria where right across the street, in a garage was the St.Valentines day massacre....just thought I'd let you know. LOL
So I got the shot in my foot for planter is soooooo much better but I tend to still baby it because I don't want it to hurt. I bought a new pair of shoes today.....supposedly they are the best for bad feet. They cost almost as much as my car but if they keep me from having sore feet, they are worth every penny. They are rocker shoes, and I am not wearing them till I come home because they supposedly work your whole body. They make you walk straighter and become thin and your blood pressure goes down and just kidding. So if you come into the shop and I am laying on the floor exhasted you know I have been wearing my new workout shoes...Have a great weekend!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Begere du France is here

As a shop owner, there has been little to make me go wooooowwww!!! I am so impressed with the new Company Begere du France. Their magazine/booklet is stuffed full of wonderful patterns for woman, men and children. Good patterns, to the point where I have 6 earmarked for doing. They're patterns that are for normal/average shaped woman. I am so excited to shove this book under someones nose and when they open the first page they go ahhhhhhh. Mission Accomplished, share the joy. I am not too thrilled with alot of thier yarns, it is lots of acrylic, but I am carrying their Superwash DK weight for some of the projects. One of the clever things they have done is put actual samples of the yarns on the inside pages, not photos but samples. You can see what you could substitute for the acrylics in natural fibers. You know how much I love natural fibers. They put this book out once a year and it is well worth it and sells for $15.00 which is inexpensive considering there are more than just one patterns you will love to I said it had me at hello!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Broken Glass

I am not a fan of broken glass/mirror, anything that slices through skin. The mirror broke in the shop and I needed to get it safely into the trash. I put some of the pieces into the garbage full well being aware it is in there. I carefully removed the mirror from it's resting spot all the rest of the pieces hanging on with a thread of hope. All is well I am loaded into the car to make the 50 ft. trek to the dumpster. I get the large mirror into the dumpster and pick up the plastic trash bag with pieces of broken mirror poking through the bag and being very careful, not to touch that spot, walk over the dumpster like I am carrying nitro glycerin bottles. I push open the lid of the dumpster and toss the bag into the trash but it teeters precariously on the edge so without thinking without a blink, I push it into the trash.....I know I cut myself, I can feel the artery gushing blood and I am afraid to look. It doesn't hurt but clean cuts don't. I feel woozy and can see the world spinning as I want to assess the cut that I must have on my hand. I am thinking where there is a clean rag to wrap my hand in .....I can feel the warm blood ........Ok, way to much drama, I got one of those paper like cuts that hurts like a son of a gun it is about 1/2" long......I hate glass.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Dog tired

Not sure if you can see the four little black paws that are conked out on the back of the couch, but he is there. Dog tired after a day of daycare. He was introduced to a new black lab puppy that is I think 10 weeks old and thought the drinking bowl was a swimming pool. When I picked him up, the girl at the counter said "Oh it's Lilies boyfriends mom?" Oh really??? My fur son has a girlfriend, not that I had any doubt, he must have ditched Madison the Pit bull mix??? and has fallen for his own type another little Westie. This is hysterical...furr kids!!!! But on the other hand they enjoy Iggy so much they offered me another day of daycare for 1/2 price, so he will now go on Fridays too. I highly recommend daycare for dogs, it is great socializing for them and exercise, swimming, chasing and just plain fun.

Friday, July 10, 2009

All good things must end

Last night was the last night of Book Club, we will never know what trials Martha was to endure or if Sandra would ever get over the lose of her husband. We started out strong, but try as we might, it is hard to hold the attention of several woman in a room full of fiber and knitting needles and be quiet. Our attention was limited, plus add the antics of a Westie Puppy not to mention his flautulance, that near killed us and brought us to giggles. We lost some and gained some but we always ate well thanks to Patty and her baking expertese. Due to lack of interest, Book Club has folded. Closing the book on "Knitting" I know the ending and it does seem like the unending book, it was a really a good read. Thanks to all that participated, it was fun. We finished the last night with a hamburger at Sobelmans on St. Paul ave. and Struesel cupcakes!!! If you came late you missed out....sorry!!! Iggy even had a little burger. Tomorrow is Passport Saturday, be sure and bring in your flowers to get a stamp and pick up the new yarn for the beret.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

I am a Mother in Law

I really do hate that word, I relate it to two terrible woman in my life. Well before I was married they were very nice, in retrospect almost too nice, behind that smile and comforting hand was a knife. Seriously two marriages and two bad MIL's. Further more, after the first one who's name was Sarah Jane, I said I would never marry anyone who's parents were still alive. I was not going to deal with that again, I married momma's boy and he had not left the teat. Then I met another arse, and his mother was so sweet and good to me, till we got married??? What is that about? I wish she would not have let me get to that step, but it started on the wedding day......of course never in front or around him. Turns out the two of them were like a gypsy traveling con show, one lied and the other would steal. But the scary part was she like to be called Settie???? Her other name was Jayne, the kicker came when I found out her real name was .....eeeeek eeeek eeeeek ( picture the shower curtain scene in Psycho) Sarah Jayne......just kill me now.
Well it is my turn, I vowed when I was going through life with them which by the way was short lived, that I would never be like that. I won't, I don't understand how it happens, My son and his wife, just got married July 2nd, in Copenhagen, Denmark. My head is still on right it is not pivoting and revolving around and I am not spewing green??? I don't feel any different, I don't feel she stole my son from me, he picked her? She is a very strong woman, she has her opinions and I like that in her, I know where she stands. She would not be the type to be intimidated, not that I would, but she is comfortable in her own skin. Best of all she is in Love with my son? They play well together, they have the same likes, and she comes from a wonderful family, that loves my son. She is not a high maintenance, how do I look person, she is a natural beauty. I am excited, I just wish there was another name instead of Daughter in Law, I think I am just going to call her my daughter, it is easier and that is how I want to treat her, not like it was some legal transaction, well it kind of was, but she loves me son, who could ask for more.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Happy Fourth of July******

That Iris is sticking it's tongue out at us!!!!
It's here the beginning of Summer, it is a beautiful day today and as far as I am concerned, it can stay this way. Problem is if it does we won't get any tomatoes or veggies? Ok we can have some warm days, as long as I can stay inside!!!! We had Village Spinning guild meeting last night and we showed off our Spin a PIcture yarn, each one was so great and looked just like the photos. We really have a good group. Not too much news here, I have some new yarns in, and they are selling good already. When will Michael Jackson actually die??? Sorry fans, but I am sick of Wacko Jacko....I like his music but he still was never aquitted of molestation he settled with a money agreement???? That is unacceptable. But let it go, we will be hearing about this and his idiot father for what will seem like forever. He is not the only person that had a bad child can't count how many adults have had horrible childhoods, yet they are not millionaires either. There were lots of child actors that lost thier youth to television, get over it. Ok my rant is done....I am now going to have a cup of coffee and relax!!! Don't forget to thank a Veteran for our freedom!!!!