Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Which is Worse???

Michael Jackson or Brett Favre???? I am so tired of both of them. Can the News find something else to dote on??? Brett Favre is retired again, or not or yes or not or maybe or Tractor news, is he or isn't he. He is done with Green Bay leave it alone for crying out loud!!! Then, Michael Jackson, drug addict, pedophile and still making the news!!!! Leave him die for God's sake....Let's hear some news, good news, like...Hey Jan how was Pluffy pluck or what ever her name is camp was??? Let me tell you, it was wonderful. Loopy yarn shop in Chicago is beautiful and Vicki is an awesome nice person. She has a really nice shop and she should be very proud!! Lexi Boerger was great, we learned a lot of really fun spinning stuff and I met some really great people. I paid way too much to park but had a great time in Chicago, Blue Man Group is a must see and I waited for 2 hours for pizza from a small little pizzaria called Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder, it was good!!! It was also Friday night??? See isn't that better than MJ and BF????

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jan
glad you had a super time! was looking forward to reading your latest blog adventure! You are an interesting and entertaining writer- take it from a retired English teacher who read more essays than is imaginable!!!!! Thanks again for the update.